Charles Bans Destro

Destro was arguing against the Pro-Chechen sentiment at LGF.  Destro crossed into anti-American territory to make his point, but those sentiments are common at LGF. Charles however was mad that he was called out for his Pro-Islamic sympathies.

Here is the sequence of comments that got Destro banned.

No Jihad2

Destro Banned

Destro Banned 2 Destro Banned 3 Destro Banned 4 Destro Banned 5 Destro Banned 6 Destro Banned 7 Destro Banned 8 Destro Banned 9 Destro Banned 10 Destro Banned 11 Destro Banned 12 Destro Banned 13 Destro Banned 14 Destro Banned 15 Destro Banned 16

Charles showed his intellectual cowardice in banning Destro. He should have been honest and admitted he supports Islamic terrorists. Destro called out the dishonesty at LGF and was banned for it. Although I do not agree with some of Destro’s points, he was one of the few at LGF who was anti-Jihad, although from a  Leftist perspective.

The banning of Destro shows Charles Johnson is an intellectual lightweight who can’t debate.

Update: In another blow for Charles Johnson’s claims that Islamic terrorism was not a motive, the Uncle of the bomber says otherwise.

An uncle of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects says he had a falling-out with one of his nephews because of the man’s increased commitment to Islam.

Ruslan Tsarni says he grew concerned about Tamerlan Tsarnaev when he told him in a 2009 phone conversation that he had chosen “God’s business” over work or school. Tsarni said he then contacted a family friend who told him Tsarnaev had been influenced by a recent convert to Islam.

Charles will ignore this.

Destro: “Now go back and worship your imaginary baby killing sky god.”

I am no fan of Destro but he gets kudos for his smack down of Muslim Brotherhood supporter Curious Lurker. She posted an anti-Russian thread full of bigotry. Destro came on to point out her and Pro-Bosnia Liberal’s anti-Orthodox Christian rants. After back and forth, he goes after her Islamic religion.

Destro Good

Destro maybe an anti-American jerk, but when it comes to Islamic Imperialism he is spot on. Bravo Destro, very well done!

(Hat Tips: Poteen and Eclectic Infidel)


The polls are closed and the votes as tallied by have a healthy margin of error that even Dan Rather would envy. No tracking of individual votes is possible. The polls could have been set up to block by IP address but that creates undesirable side effects – for example, every McDonald’s in Culver City might be inadvertently blocked by a single corpulent wifi vote. With those caveats out of the way, let’s proceed.


The Buzzsaw Award 2012 MF HORN

THE BUZZSAW AWARD is for intrepid and pithy flouncing, and is hereby awarded to right_wing2, aka MF Horn, who quietly kept his LGF account alive through The Great Purge, until resurfacing on 3 November 2012. His flounce survived for 6 hours and garnered a mere 7 downdings before Mr. ThinSkin was alerted and deleted it. It’s preserved in all it’s glory here courtesy of The BRC. Congrats.

The 2012 Irish Rose Award DARK FALCON

THE IRISH ROSE AWARD is awarded to those sycophantic echo-chamber lizards possessing the thickest calluses on their lips. It takes a lot of suckage to earn this one, and it was a close race between Dark Falcon and Gus_802, both well deserving of this ignominious award.

lizard buttkissBefore we proceed with the formal award, we’d like to point out that Destro was in the running. This full-blown piece of anti-American crap got exactly ZERO votes. Anti-semite lizard Curious Lurker was a write in candidate who deserved to be included on the ballot, but she’s got nothing on the two front runners.

Dark Falcon, winner of the 2010 Irish Rose Award, is the mountain lion of this category once again. Dork climbs the LGF ladder rung by rung, gets smacked down, apologizes and repeats, over and over. Dork, you’re the epitome of a sycophantic suck up of the worst kind, and you deserve every last steaming chunk of This Glorious Award. You’ve held onto your crown of awesome, so kudos and congrats go to you, The Electrolux PosterboyDark Falcon.

The Johnson Award

THE JOHNSON AWARD – Really, who gives a Chuck, but before we move on to our final Award, we should mention some awesome that happened in 2012 on Diary of Daedalus.
The Ruse and Fail of Little Green Footballs was requested by the late Andrew Breitbart via direct communications with The BRC in fall of 2011. It resulted in the most extensive and detailed monograph on Charles Johnson & LGF ever posted on the internet to date. Perhaps the best smackdown came last June as a stand-alone report.
Revisiting Rathergate ripped apart Charles’ specious claims that he’d discovered and exposed the Killian Documents Forgery by creating the “throbbing memo” that eventually brought down Dan Rather. (Hint: He didn’t.)

This brings us to the final award of this auspicious occasion. A Most Prestigious Award was created to recognize those sentients from Beyond The Valley of Diary of Daedalus who chose to expose and mock the hypocrisy of Charles Johnson elsewhere in the blogosphere. Without further adieu, we are proud to present THE MILYO.


Awarded To One Most Deserving for the Following Excellent Reasons:

  • He introduced Charles Johnson to Pajamas Media (and Pamela Geller) and explained his stunned amazement at Charles’ penchant for unwarranted backstabbing.
  • He stuck Charles Johnson with the nic “The Magical Jazzy Ponytail.”
  • He beat Charles Johnson in the #TwitterWars of 2011 and got him to whine about being blocked.
  • He exposed Twitter links between Charles Johnson and some nefarious characters, eventually forcing Johnson to delete his own tweets and direct messages, and to abandon his former persona as @Lizardoid.
  • He participated in an interview on Blogmocracy Radio, without pretense and with cordial nonchalance, and referred to Charles Johnson as “fuckface.”
  • He passed away unexpectedly on 1 March 2012, yet Charles Johnson continues to attack him.

THE 2012 MILYO AWARD is hereby bestowed upon the late


First Runner Up Goes to Robert Stacy McCain

Congrats to all who stalked, mocked, monitored, nominated, were nominated and voted for the 2012 LGF Awards. Rock on, y’all.

[Update: Poll results may be viewed here.]

America hater Destro accuses Palin of racism

Any mockery of Barack Obama is viewed as racist at LGF. Anti-American poser Destro accuses Sarah Palin of racism. He claims that using the phrase  “shuck and jive” is a dog whistle.

It seems Destro is trying his hand at being a Race Detective!

Charles Johnson Abandons Israel. Again.

Israel Prime Minister Binyyameen Netanyahu is fully aware of the current threats that his country faces from the arab world, and he also understands that the Obama administration is waffling in its support of Israel. To make his point clear, he used a graphic to explain to the lesser minds of the U.N. the dangers of allowing Iran to obtain nuclear weapons. Indeed, many muslim nations are scared to death of the scenario.

Little Green Fartballs responds with this idiocy:

For Johnson to allow an LGF Page that compares Netanyahu to a inept character in a Road Runner cartoon is offensive behavior that should be condemned by every Jew and Gentile on his piece of crap blog – and elsewhere.

Hand me your breath – I’ll hold it for you.

Little Green Footballs is no longer the Weekly World News of the blogosphere. It has become a disgusting mouthpiece for radical Islamic extremism.