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Recently, Jim Hoft / The Gateway Pundit revealed what most of us already knew: Fact Checkers are biased rumpswabs, and he posted several examples in a post entitled

Bogus Fact-Check Site Used by Google Lists All Conservative Outlets as “Low Credibility” – But Lists All Far Left and Liberal Mainstream Outlets as High Credibility

Fact-checking is an imminent necessity because “you’re not intelligent enough to adequately read, research and or rationalize for yourself,” the socialist arbiters of truth proclaim, “so, you must rely on us to filter out the ‘fake news.’”, is a fact-checking [site] that prides itself as “the most comprehensive media bias resource in the Internet,” despite being run by an owner who was previously exposed for misleadingly claiming to be a journalist.

Besides his own site, he lists several other prominent conservative websites rated as “untrustworthy” including Breitbart, Daily Mail, The Federalist and Project Veritas, He follows up with the ratings for a handful of left-wing sites, and as expected, the reviews are all positive. But Hoft missed one.

Fun With Statistics: Little Green Footballs vs. The Gateway Pundit

Just for fun, let’s take Google Trends for a spin and compare two related websites with related origins.

That’s Little Green Footballs on the left, Gateway Pundit on right. Charles Johnson’s LGF dates to 2001, Jim Hoft’s GP to 2004; one is a success story, the other is, um, just a story. So what’s Alexa have to say these days? Let’s start with Gateway Pundit.

Not too shabby. Hoft is in the high competition range, with Certified Metrics. Now for Johnson.

Unusual traffic increase for a site that’s been dropping in rank steadily for over a decade according to previous Alexa ratings for LGF. This graph uses Estimated Metrics, and since Johnson’s been caught manipulating his traffic stats before, there’s no doubt he’s still perfecting his methods. That’s one helluva jump in just three months.

He’s still got some catching up to do, as his *ahem* traffic is a whopping 3/1000ths of Hoft’s. Congrats, Charles.

Charles Johnson thinks he’s “f**king funny.”

You’re not funny, Charles, but this is:

[Source: 9 September 2020.]

“Hey, Alexa. How can I make my traffic stats suck even more?” – Charles Johnson


Last time we checked, the blimpcycle was riding an oddly shaped spike in April and rose to a higher than expected rank in May. LGF is now at about the same level it was in January. BTW, Charles, in the past 90 days, Jim Hoft’s Gateway Pundit has gone from #9,588 to #1,066. Sucks to be you.

In July 2008, Little Green Footballs clocked in at about 15,500 on Alexa website rankings.

Tweets From Someone Who Is Definitely “not in a blog war with anyone”

From the Department of Never Before Posted Archives:

It’s been almost a year since we saw this:

Of course, the reason we do a lot of “screen-shotting” is because Charles has a tendency to make stuff disappear, perhaps more so than any other blogger on the web…

In any case, between then and now, we’ve seen the self-identified blog pacifist post endless threads taking unprovoked shots at Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, Andrew Breitbart, Hot Air, and Gateway Pundit (just to name a few).  So, already we can see that CJ’s statement there is pretty ridiculous.

As far as we’re concerned, however, teh Johnson has had to be a lot stealthier when it comes to the warfare.  After all, he’s on record that he doesn’t visit our site. But for some reason, he knows an awful lot about what goes on.  Let’s see what kind of things he’s done in the past year on offence and defense, and in reaction to us.

Bogus “tweet counters”. When we spread the word that Johnson’s the numbers used in his “retweet” boasts had nothing to do with retweets, he held a private thread, sent desperate messages to, and eventually posted this:

(It didn’t work, and the “tweet counter” remains busted to this day).

Last saved as a draft file by Chen Zhen on 8 January 2012 and it’s never seen the light of day.


For most people, the OK sign means, “Okay.” When the universal symbol for well being is misconstrued and coopted to imply a white-supremacist neo-nazi meme, it often defaults to “Charles Johnson is a flying asshole.”

Saw this hit piece recently:

Then I saw this response.

Then I saw this:

Which led me to this:

Which includes this:

And I laughed, because it obviously stands for The Washington Post. Maybe it stands for WordPress, War Pigs, or Wanker Pumpers. Charles Johnson retweeted all of that inane garbage because it’s in his Truth Serum.

Then I saw this.

Whoa. That’s way too close for comfort, Charles. Design some more little green virtual glass buttons and update your avatar.


The 10th Anniversary of Charles Johnson’s Famous On-Line Meltdown


10 years ago today, Charles Johnson went Scooters.

By 1 September 2006, Charles Johnson had become so overbearing on his own successful blog that a number of Loyal Lizard Lappers had had just about enough of the petulant bitch and dared to voice their opposition to King Lizard. It resulted in the “cleansing” of Little Green Footballs of all those who disagreed with his points of view no matter how trivial. The purge continued for several years afterwards until Charles got what he wanted: A ControlBlog where he was The LGF Thinkpol Oberführer. Read the rest of this entry »

Within Striking Distance: Charles vs. Charles

Every so often it’s kinda fun to ask Ms. Alexa how Little Green Footballs is faring in the blogosphere, and she always responds with, “Heh. This is too funny. Check it out.”

So we download, screencap and graphically enhance recent results (without altering the easily verifiable statistics) and post them here for chuckles.  We also post them here for Charles’ benefit, because he doesn’t check Alexa and doesn’t read here. So let’s go.

Alexa 151107 Stats 1

Yeah, Little Green Footballs, despite being run by a self-described code minkey, loads slower than 2/3rds of the rest of the world’s websites. He’s got it so crammed with adverts, pop-ups and unnecessary code that scrolling through comments, let alone trying to navigate through his spazblog, sucks big green donkey Johnsons.

Here’s his traffic profile spanning the past 6 months:
Alexa 151107 Stats 2

Interesting. Not sure what bumped the LGF traffic in late May 2015; perhaps it had to do with the GOP Presidential race, and that the entire world wanted to read Charles Johnson‘s vapid assessment for amusement.

There’s no point in comparing Charles Johnson‘s Little Green Footballs’ stats with Breitbart, AtlasShrugs, Ace of Spades or GatewayPundit because Little Green Footballs flatlines at the bottom of the graph. (We’ll bet that even Leo Sayer‘s fansite gets more traffic, but we haven’t checked.)

Instead let’s try this comparison between LGF and GotNews.
Alexa 151107 Stats 3

So here’s the gist.

Alexa 151107 Stats 3c

CCJ/GN is trending upward and catching up to CFJ/LGF, and CFJ/LGF is trending downward and catching down to CCJ/GN. It’s like matter and antimatter converging, and once it happens, they’ll exchange clothes, shoes and recipes, and start all over again.

Have at it.

We’ve seen this story before.

We’ve seen this story before. The media can’t wait to blame white people en masse for an atrocity perpetrated by a lone psychopath, whose father abandoned him and whose mother is apparently a basket case.

Charles Johnson can’t wait to put the blame on someone who had absolutely nothing to do with it.

Harper photoshop

Remember your honkification of George Zimmerman, Charles? We do… as if it matters.

And btw, Charles, Jim Hoft‘s got nothin’ on you. At least he never tried to redefine the word “bogus.”

Breivik Influences graph

Did Charles Johnson inspire Chris Harper Mercer? Update: Sick picture put at LGF and Mercer was not a Republican!

LGF is in full celebratory mode this evening. 26 year old Chris Harper Mercer committed a terrorist shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon. Witnesses report he asked people to stand up and state their religion. Those that answered they were Christians, were shot in the head.

The gunman who opened fire at an Oregon community college was forcing people to stand up and state their religion before he began blasting away at them, survivors said Thursday.

A woman who claimed to have a grandmother inside a writing class in Snyder Hall, where a portion the massacre unfolded, described the scene in a tweet.

“The shooter was lining people up and asking if they were Christian,” she wrote. “If they said yes, then they were shot in the head. If they said no, or didn’t answer, they were shot in the legs. My grandma just got to my house, and she was in the room. She wasn’t shot, but she is very upset.


Kortney Moore, an 18-year-old student at Umpqua Community College who was also in the room, told Oregon’s News Review that the shooter was indeed on the hunt for Christians.

Charles Johnson is ignoring the reports of Christians being killed. Instead, Mr. Toot has a post attacking Jim Hoft and tweeted this out.


Witnesses to the shooting are now Rightwing Conspirators. according to Charles. The question I have is, why is he downplaying the reports of the shooter’s motives?

Could it be that Chris Harper Mercer was a lizard in good standing over at LGF? Could he have been a follower on Twitter? I am asking these questions because Charles Johnson bashes Christianity everyday on his blog and in his hateful tweets. It’s very possible that Charles inspired the shooter. This would not be the first time LGF influenced a mass murderer.

Update: This sick picture was posted at LGF and got 9 updings.


Hat Tip: Swamprat

In a huge blow to Charles Johnson, It turns out that Chris Harper Mercer, was not a Republican!

Thursday’s horrific mass murder at Umpqua Community College in Oregon has everyone looking for answers and motives to how a young man became a monster–and some are jumping too quickly to conclusions.

Naturally, the media and other liberals have claimed the shooter, Chris Harper-Mercer, a 26-year-old, biracial man, was a Republican

At one point in his life, Mercer tagged himself as a Republican on his dating profile. Within hours after the shooting, CBS, Raw Story, Mediate, Heavy, The Daily Beast, and scores of Twitter users pounced all over this apparent revelation.


However, Red Alert Politics has discovered Mercer was in fact not a Republican or Democrat. He was a registered in Oregon as an Independent.

Oregon is a closed primary state, so registered Independents can not vote in the primaries of either party.

This is  a huge blow to Charles Johnson’ narrative that this guy was a Conservative or Libertarian.  What is still unknown is whether Chris Harper Mercer was registered at LGF or followed Charles on Twitter? Thus he potentianlly could have been influenced by the anti-Chrsitian rhetoric espoused by Charles into committing action against Christians. Charles needs to answer these questions.