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Awesome content you got there, Charles.
You still have a few weeks left to compile a new

Little Green Footballs Magical Jazzy Calendar.

DO IT (or we will).

The Pre-Banned List – A Retrospective (and Gus_802 is a liar).

So El Gusano Pobre complains about being blocked by people “who I never even interacted with.” Hunh.

A quick search through the BRC Archives suggests Gusano may be telling the truth, but he had access to one and he certainly used it. More than one account on that list whose owners never Tweeted to @Gus_802 were instantly blocked from reading his Tweets directly. Did he keep a block list? No. He kept the link and undoubtedly contributed to it.

That list of Twitter accounts was compiled by Furious Burkha in 2012, and comprised those contrarians she deemed unworthy, their followers, and those they followed. With a bigoted algorithm like that I’m amazed that the list didn’t morph into thousands, but then again, she was never the sharpest bulb in the LGF Crayon Box.

Here’s the Pre-Banned List in full regalia [or click here].

[h/t @Gus_802, Furious Burkha and The BRC.]

There’s No Racism At Little Green Footballs And Here’s Proof. OH WAIT…

Listen up, Whitey. We’re Comin’ Ta Gitcha.


Charles Johnson’s Little Green Footballs is a hive of racism. Don’t let anybody fool you.

Curious Lurker reminisces about the old LGF

With the descent of LGF into an obscure blog full of unemployed losers, it’s hard to believe there was a time it was a powerhouse. 10 years ago at this time, LGF was a premier news aggregation website and one with political influence. That was the due to the diverse collection of commentators and views. Charles embarked on a purge in the hopes of gaining acceptance from progressives. Today he is viewed as a clown on Twitter and gets nothing but ridicule.

LGF’s resident Islamist, Curious Lurker condems any thought of LGF being better in the past.

Bad Old Days

Supporting the 2nd Amendment is racist

The Race Detective taught his minions very well, they see racism everywhere. Our favorite Jihadi apologist Curious Lurker in response to Stanley Sea’s anti-gun rant, states that the racist mask is coming off!

Guns are racist

Being pro-2nd Amendment is now racist!

Charles Johnson’s Resident Apologist For Radical Islam: CuriousLurker’s 1st Comment on Little Green Footballs

Image By Curious Lurker of Little Green Footballs

CuriousLurker’s own avatar as it appears on Little Green Footballs

[The following is a Guest Post by Internet Septic Tank Engineer, BRC Master of The Archives, originally posted downstairs.]

A commentator’s first posts at LGF are usually fairly truthful I believe (unless it was one of us, then we lie like a rug).

08252503 36091 251 CuriousLurker Sat, Apr 3, 2010 4:13:21pm:

Curious Lurker 1st Post April 2010

[Look at what she’s become since – a rabid propagandist and defender of jihad – courtesy Charles Johnson & his Little Green Footballs. Related posts here. – Briareus]

Charles Johnson Hides Behind Curious Lurker To Disparage Dr. Ben Carson

Furious Burka 1

Isn’t it interesting that Muslim Apologists always seem to find pedants to justify, yet contradict, their own scripture? Look at the first paragraph. To paraphrase: “Most of you don’t believe in crap, but Dr. Ben Carson is an ignoramous.” All Dr. Carson did was offer his opinion when asked, and never once did he attempt to define or criticize Islam, despite what Curious Lurker insinuated.

Her second paragraph cements it: “If you disapprove of the tenets of Islam, that’s your problem not mine.”

Well yes and no, missy. When the tenets of Islam allow and encourage muslims to ignore established law and deliberately violate the same under the cloak of shari’a, to enslave women and children, and to kill and maim with impunity, then we have a problem.

Curious Lurker proceeded with some cut ‘n paste, adding her own bold and italics highlights:

Furious Burka 2

“Muslims are generally obliged to abide by the laws of the land…”

No contradiction there, but she’s got a problem with a woman she’s never met. Then there’s that strawman law that will compel Curious Lurker to submit to daily inspections to make sure she shaved her unibrow, pits, legs and upper lip while forcing her to guzzle more Coors Light than a high school surfer on a 3-day suspension. No law forces anyone to do that (at least not in this country).

Furious Burka 3

Yeah. No contradictions. Follow the law of the land unless you don’t want to, and a brain surgeon is a bigot because he doesn’t agree.  Pheeew.

Now go shave your upper lip, enjoy some pork ribs, pound down a few brewskis and drop your own thinly veiled racist bigotry.

Or you can move to… well, you know.

Another Slow Day In The Swamp.

“They can’t deal with external reality, so they’ve created an alternate one, the walls of which no amount of logic or reason can penetrate. They can’t afford to let anything over the wall because it’ll cause their carefully constructed fantasy to collapse, then they will collapse, or so they fear.” –Curious Lurker on Radical Islam

Believe it or not, that’s currently the most up-dinged comment at the swamp, and yeah, it’s cherry picked and out of context. Furious Burka was referring to the attendees of a rally in support of Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis, not radical islam. Some, and perhaps all, of the several hundred attendees appear to be members of a Christian evangelical sect (The Salt And Light Brigade, based in Hebron, Ohio) and those are the people that the lizard-lappers at Little Green Footballs focus on. Here’s the post as it appears:

Furious Burka on Christianity

Like the title says, it’s become amazingly difficult to find much of interest in The Marsh Of The Echoes. Since I already had the BRC wet suit on, I set the WayBack Machine for 2009 and took another plunge.

Charles on Labor Day 2009

By that time he’d already turned the corner and had driven LGF over the precipice at high speed, but didn’t realize that it was about to go into freefall. A couple of months later he would cut his own parachute with his petulant tome “Why I Left The Sane.”

And as they say, “the rest is Mockery.”

Curious Lurker chimes in on Garland attack

The resident Islamist of LGF chimes in on that attack on the Draw Mohamed contest in Garland, Texas. Rather than condemn the failed terror attack, she lashes out at the anti-Jihadi movement and plays the victim card.

Garland Texas

No condemnation of the attack, just a “us poor Muslims” rant to gain sympathy.

LGF Hyperbole, Bollywood, a UK Sikh Sit-In, DownDings, Stalking & A 2011 Kos Flounce.

Sikh 1
Loyal Lizard Lapper “electrotek” posted a page on LGF about a non-story from Wolverhampton, about 17 miles NW of Birmingham in the heart of England. Here’s the background.

There was a Bollywood movie released recently about the founder of the Sikh religion, Guru Nanak, entitled “Nanak Shah Fakir” and it offended some due to a Sikh tenet that his image is never to be shown. In fact, the movie was banned for just that in India and elsewhere. About 50 Sikhs showed up at a screening at the Wolverhampton theater and conducted a non-violent sit-in protest that resulted in the theater owners cancelling the movie and refunding tickets.

Now let’s talk about what “electrotek” posted. The theater where the movie was scheduled to be screened is part of a 14-theater cineplex dubbed “Cineworld Wolverhampton,” a large venue for sure, but I doubt all the theaters hold the same capacity of moviegoers, and I also doubt that a Bollywood film would attract a substantial crowd. “Electrotek” copied, edited and augmented the headline from the website Express & Star, which claims that 100s were evacuated due to the protest. Compare that to The Guardian’s report that the screening was merely cancelled and dozens were turned away. So either 24+ people or 200+ people in Wolverhampton didn’t get to see a movie about a guy who died over 450 years ago, there was no violence, no one was murdered or maimed, and a handful of loudmouths successfully censored a movie in a country with no 1st Amendment Rights. BFD.

Note that the Sikhs are not Muslim, nor are they Hindi or Buddhists, but look at how “electrotek” described the protestors. Now look at this. Here are all 7 comments for that page (at the time of this post) and look who gets downdinged: the sentient one.

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