“Reap The Whirlwind.” – Charles Johnson

Judge Neil Gorsuch was nominated and approved to serve in the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals by a unanimous vote of support. Why is his nomination to the Supreme Court any different?

Yeah, Charles. Let’s “reap the whirlwind.”

But let’s talk about this instead. You want to ‘splain your one degree of separation from convicted felons?


Johnson => Rauhauser => Kimberlin

Johnson => Schmalfeldt => Kimberlin

Johnson => Barrett Brown => ????

Yeah, this crap has been going on for a long while. You erased the entire history of your own @lizardoid Twitter account to hide it, and that means what?

It means that you’re a complete mess, Charles.


What a coward. [Updated]

Charles is crowing that today Barrett Brown will be sentenced.


Charles is pissing on Barrett Brown, knowing his target can not respond. This is the act of a coward.


[Update: For those who are new to the story, Charles Johnson courted Barrett Brown, and asked for help in doxxing people, as BB had serious connections to Anonymous. CJ had no idea who he was messing with until DoD exposed BB for what he was. The LGF reaction was hilarious, and BB was quickly banned, only to show up later in Diary of Daedalus’ comments section to flip off LGF.

IMO, both CJ and BB are delusional egomaniacs, but there’s a difference. Charles Foster Johnson lies.

Our Barrett Brown Archives are here, and here.



A Cowardly Shot Part 2 – Johnson Lied Again

[This post’s been sitting in the cellar for a while, and it’s a tad overripe. Good enough reason to post it.

As a continuation of This Post there seems to be some history being swept under the Little Green Throwrug regarding Charles FF Johnson and his working relationship with Anonymous and Barrett The Incarcerated. Our job is to pick at Little Green Scabs, and a quick dip into The Swamp turned up this:

Barrett Brown & CJ

On 22 January 2010, Vanity Fair published a long rambling diatribe by Barrett Brown, essentially announced his partnership with Johnson to win the internet:

“Aside from taking issue with the conduct of many online pundits, Johnson is far more alarmed by the failures of the orthodox news media to provide reasonable and accurate analysis to the citizenry at large.  […] As such, Johnson and I have decided to channel our concern and general crankiness over this issue into a productive response.”

Robert Stacy McCain, having been in the boxing ring with both Johnson and Brown, posted this on 10 September 2013:

Barrett Brown was a selfish, arrogant famewhore and, after Charles Johnson “parted ways with the right” in late 2009, Brown saw in this a potential opportunity to jump on a bandwagon that would enhance his own gloriousness, and used his blogging access at Vanity Fair to promote a proposed collaboration with Charles Johnson that would eventually become “Project PM.” Eventually, however, Brown’s wretched habits — Barrett is one of the most shameless bullshit artists ever to walk the Earth — made this collaboration impossible. By December 2010, Johnson and Brown had a falling-out, and Barrett recorded a YouTube video describing their abortive partnership:

“Obviously, it was a mutually beneficial working relationship. We had certain shared goals, you know, we said nice things about each other. We had sex on the beach. We wore condoms, though. I’m just kidding — it was barebacking. . . . Charles Johnson is not being very factual. He’s deleting comments. He’s deleting his own comments. It’s really a little much.”

That video was later deleted, but clearly Barrett Brown bore a grudge against Johnson so that, four months later in March 2011, he solicited a hacker to knock Little Green Footballs offline.

Here’s the thing: It took only five minutes for the hacker to accomplish this criminal mischief, merely to satisfy Barrett Brown’s grudge. […]

No matter how much you hate Charles Johnson — and I hate him like God hates sin — this vindictive hacker attack incited by Barrett Brown was entirely unscrupulous. Besides being an all-purpose douchebag, what had Charles Johnson done to deserve that, except to have once befriended Barrett Brown?

Yet who but a douchebag would ever be Barrett’s friend? Oh wait…


Right. Meanwhile check out these, Charlie fans:

A cowardly shot at Barrett Brown

However one feels about Barrett Brown, he puts his money where his mouth is. Charles is a coward who hides in a secured environment and tries to silence his critics.

The 61 year old chicken knows that Brown is in jail and can;t respond to any attacks. In a punk move, Charles attacks Brown on Twitter.

Barrett Brown has many friends, even people who may not agree with him. Charles has only a dwindling band of sycophants and is an object of ridicule.Brown actually stands for principle while Charles is a cowardly smear merchant.

[Update: Barrett Brown Archives here, oh yeah, and here.]

Umm….Incoming! [UPDATED]

I don’t think anyone here would’ve expected that our fun little blog get a tweeted link from a recent Polk and Pulitzer awarded journalist anytime soon, but that just happened.

And even though Greenwald’s tweet doesn’t make mention of LGF or Johnson specifically, CJ -ear to the ground and extremely reactionary when it comes to “Mighty Glenn”- of course assumes that it is meant as a direct shot across the bow, and…. immediately loses his shit:

lgf 43290 a greenwald dod

The thread includes a nice rant, featuring anecdotes about Barrett Brown, George Duke, Serbians and Muslims, Pam Geller, and Timothy McVeigh!

But as we’ve seen as of late, Johnson’s true passion when it comes to flinging poo across the ‘webs is within the domain of the twitterverse:


Popcorn time.

UPDATE I: Yes the graphic in question (originally seen on DoD here) was a “corrected” version of the original ThinkProgress version, as we felt that TP had omitted LGF’s presence in the Breivik manifesto based (presumably) on Johnson’s turnaround. The LGF references are most definitely in the manifesto.

UPDATE II: Anyone may confirm the stats in the graphic by downloading Brevik’s Manifesto, scraping it into MSWord, then doing a simple search/replace for the phrases “Little Green Footballs,” “LGF,” and “Charles Johnson,” and tallying the numbers. We did exactly that.

Regarding The Last Gasp Charles Magical Ponytail Johnson Defense, here’s the full story from Daedalus, who was there.

UPDATE III: The original graphic, with Brevik’s verbatim endorsements of Charles Johnson, is here.

Charles continues to attack Barrett Brown

Barrett Brown is in currently in prison and Charles Johnson takes advantage of his inability to respond. He calls Barrett Brown’s fans supporter creepy. Then Charles calls Barrett Brown a backstabber even though it was he who betrayed Brown.

Charles is a coward.

[Update: Here’s BB prior to his arrest.]

Charles goes on a twitter rant about Greenwald’s support of Barret Brown

Barret Brown exposed Charles as a backstabbing two face snake. When his name is mentioned, Charles on a hostile diatribe. Glenn Greenwald is raising money for Barret Brown’s defense. This sends Charles on a hate filled Twitter rant.



Charles is mad that Barret Brown exposed him to the world as what he really is.