Just Another Day for Gusano.

Gus has a thang going on and somehow he’s Tweeted to thousands, follows thousands, and thousands follow him since he joined Twitter in January 2011. Let’s break this down.

Let’s assume Gus joined Twitter on 31 January 2011. Between that date and 17 July 2017, Gus posted 449,000 Tweets according to his own Twitter Account. That’s about 2,490 days according to this calculator.

Now let’s run the math. 450k Tweets / 2,490 days = 180 Tweets per Day. Assuming a 4 hour Twitterday, that works out to an astounding rate of approximately 45 Tweets per hour average, and it includes the two times he claimed to have quit Twitter.

If Gus is indeed following 3,450 as his Twitterfeed claims, that means he’s reading over 860 Tweets Per Hour. Dude’s amazing.

It’s no secret that Gus is unemployed. He turned down three legitimate offers, and this blog offered to help him out with his medical expenses via a PayPal account. He declined all assistance and chose to gripe instead. So what are those little retweeted things on the lower left of his Twitter homepage? I dunno, Babs, but I do know this. Gus seems to take pride in it.

Gusano, you’re almost as entertaining as Charles Johnson.

The final countdown!

Mr. Toot is harping about the launch of the new LGF front page as if the world is awaiting this historic moment.

LGF Front Page

The world will stop for the launch of the new LGF. Well actually, it will be us at DOD mocking him!

Dr. Matt insults Charles without realizing it

This comment by Dr. Matt is just priceless and ironic!


Dr. Matt just described Charles Johnson perfectly!

Flashback! [Updated]

The graph made amended by The Boiler Room Crew that documents how many times Charles Johnson and Little Green Footballs were cited in Anders Breivik’s manifesto still leaves a sting. Charles is tweeting his article attacking Greenwald for linking to the graph produced by the BRC.

Charles keeps claiming it was a fake graph, but any person who scans Breivik’s manifesto can see that LGF and Charles were cited in his work. No amount of denial by Charles can change the facts.

[Update: The BRC did not create the original bar chart of Breivik’s influences, but modified the one dispersed by Think Progress which omitted Charles Johnson and LGF from the tally. Here is a pie chart using the same figures provided by Think Progress, previously posted here:

Breivik Influences graph

There’s no question that Charles F. Johnson was No.3 on Breivik’s Admiration Hit Parade after Robert Spencer and Bat Ye’or. Breivik’s Manifesto may be safely downloaded as a .pdf  here:

Click to access breivik-manifesto-2011.pdf

Download it, click “select all,” copy it into MSWord and do a word search.



The polls are closed, everyone’s been disenfranchised, and it’s time to announce the results. Grab a beer or another adult beverage of your choice with a fistful of cake and enjoy Our Gala Event.

Nominees for The 2013 LGF Awards were difficult to select, as Little Green Footballs, once a bright beacon of sentience in a disturbed world, is now a dim yellow porch light that even the moths make fun of.

Charles Johnson is now a big-boned petulant parody of himself, a wide pantload on the internet highway, and he’s succeeded in relegating and reducing his cut ‘n paste “News Aggregator” website to a slow-loading advertisement for Amazon subscription services featuring MediaMatters retreads. Even the most deranged and entertaining liberal lizards (like LVQ) wandered from The Swamp out of sheer boredom, leaving behind a homogeneous self-reinforced gaggle of little green pea brains with the average mental acuity approximately equal to the value ratio of Malawian Kwachas to U.S. dollars.

So let’s roll out the faded green Cheetos-encrusted ‘Dew-stained carpet and welcome the winners of The 2013 LGF Awards.


Prior winners of The Buzzsaw Award for intrepid flounce-worthy snarkage were:

2012 – Rightwing_2 aka MF Horn

2011 – No Awards. Fire in the Boiler Room, archives preserved. Internet Septic Tank Engineer chews up paper copies for security reasons and flees to Bolivia with couch cushions. The BRC destroys sensitive records, saves foosball table and keg chiller.

2010 – Cato “Do It Now” The Elder

This year, due to a dearth of Proper Flounces, we expanded the category of nominees to include those who, while preserving their coveted membership at LGF, provided just the right amount of contrarian snark. The Winner of the 2013 Buzzsaw goes to

2013 The Buzzsaw Award

Yeah, THAT Killgore Trout, once a fawning sycophant, known across the internet for his infamous racist Midnight Run smear, backstabbed by LGF monitor lizards Iceweasel & Jimmah, Killgore garnered a mere 23 percent of the DoD popular vote, more than enough for the win, given that the 2nd slot was won by no one at all. No one came in at 21%, followed by the snarkage of “not_sure” at 19%.  Good goin’, douche, your dreams have come true.


Some great suckups won The Irish Rose Award in past years whether they liked it or not, including Dark Falcon (2012) and Dark Falcon (2010). In our recent poll, Dark Falcon was unexpectedly unseated. Alouette, aka Viscious Babushka, gave the winner a run for his *ahem* money, yet even she didn’t make the cut, and Curious Lurker wasn’t even nominated (sorry Furious Burka).

Therefore, The 2013 Irish Rose Award goes instead to Mr. Pitiful, Nowhere Man, Mister Morose, Debbie Downer’s Male Counterpart, He Who Blames Everyone But Himself For His Own Troubles That He Broadcasts To The World Via Twitter & Little Green Footballs, and The Sultan Of Suckage:

2013 The Irish Rose Award

Congratulations, Gus. We love ya, man.



Yeah, Charles won it again. At 1:1 odds, at least you didn’t lose any money on the bet, even if you didn’t count on this moronic TwitterFail:


The Top Ten Most Popular Posts on Diary of Daedalus for 2013.
10. The Little Green Footballs User’s Guide
9.   I just can’t even.
8.   Another Grim Milestone for LGF: 16000+ Banned
7.   Introducing the CHUCKMEME
6.   Another Blow for Charles Johnson’s credibility
5.   Charles Johnson Defends Anjem Choudary
4.   Rebel Without A Clue: Alouette Takes On #TGDN
3.   Charles “Burner” Johnson Settles It
2.   LGF By The Numbers: Pick ‘em and flick ‘em
1.   “We have the coolest first lady ever. Just… holy shit.”

Since we’re in retrospective mode, on Monday, 20 May 2013 at 8:59:52AM Pacific Standard Time, Little Green Footballs’ 10,000,000th comment appeared and was promptly deleted. Why? Because the BRC counts and Charles Johnson doesn’t.



The Milyo Award is a recent addition intended to recognize those who participated in the mockery of Charles Johnson above and beyond the call of doody outside the realm of Diary of Daedalus. The obvious contender in 2012 had no close competition, so The 2012 Milyo was awarded, posthumously, to Andrew Breitbart (1969-2012).

In 2013, there were very few players who took precious minutes out of their daily schedule to occasionally mock Icarus, Barry, The Big Guy, The Corpulent One, The Magical Jazzy Ponytail for his blatant propaganda, personal smears, and astounding ignorance of junior-high-level history. There is one who still remembers the character assassinations, the underhanded allegiances, and the general rumpswabbery of Charles “Fuckface” Johnson, and who was more than willing to contribute to the laughter.

The 2013 Milyo is hereby awarded to

Robert Stacy McCain

Honorable Mentions: Doug Ross, Jim Hoft, Pat Dollard & Dan Riehl

Thanks to all for playing, and remember, Charles, we’re not laughing with you.  We’re laughing with all those who are still laughing at you. Keep up the good work. Kudos go to Daedalus – and the Mothership.

Voting is Open for The LGF SuperSuckers of 2013


THE IRISH ROSE AWARDIrish Rose Award 100: We love this one, as it gives due recognition to the greatest lizard-lapping suck-up sycophant of the year. No one’s ever topped the drooling puppy-eyed vicious loyalty of Paula “Irish Rose” Connell. Think Thank you Charles and you’ve got the gist of it. Suck like a Hoover. Blow like a hurricane.

For those who don’t remember, the IR Award image is, um, a disgusting interior view of this, and everyone listed in the Poll below deserves mockery; however, it is our duty to vote for the Cram of the Crop, and in fond memory of Cato the Elder, “Do it.”

A Call For Entries: The 2013 LGF Awards Awards

Yep, it’s that time again, and before 2013 fades to a small brown note in the symphony of life, let’s take a moment to review the thin content and slovenly talent of what’s left of The Swamp.

Stalkers and lizards alike look forward to this auspicious occasion with both amusement and dread. Lizards worry that they might be named and become fodder for mocking, both on and off Little Green Footballs, and stalkers root for their favorite ditzoids while enjoying copious amounts of beer and cake. So here are the categories:

THE BUZZSAW AWARDBuzzsaw blank100: Traditionally, this award goes for the best flounce of the year.  This year we’re going to expand the field of candidates to include those few daring and intrepid lizards who deliberately sat/stepped/stomped upon the LGF eggshells, who eschewed updings and who contradicted the gangrenous group-think hive-mind so prevalent in The Swamp.

THE IRISH ROSE AWARDIrish Rose Award 100: We love this one, as it gives due recognition to the greatest lizard-lapping suck-up sycophant of the year. No one’s ever topped the drooling puppy-eyed vicious loyalty of Paula “Irish Rose” Connell. Think Thank you Charles and you’ve got the gist of it. Suck like a Hoover. Blow like a hurricane.


THE JOHNSON AWARDThe Johnson Award 100: Prestigious as it may sound, it is anything but; it always goes to The Magical Jazzy Ponytail himself. It serves to illuminate and preserve the most inane post/comment/tweet composed by (as the late Andrew Breitbart fondly referred to him) “Fuckface,” so nominate your favorite clusterchuck here.


THE MILYOMILYO AWARD 100: This Award was added last year for the purpose of giving kudos to he/she/those whose efforts exemplified the highest quality of Johnson smackdowns, pwnage and shutuppery outside of Diary of Daedalus. This could be a tough one as Little Green Footballs drifts even further into obscurity and the blogosphere continues to ignore Charles Johnson.

Post your Nominations in the thread below, or send them to https://diaryofdaedalus.wordpress.com/contact-the-cast/ and we’ll compile the lists of finalists for voting.

Oh, and one more thing. We noticed that Charles dusted off his famous CalendarCamera and captured the essence of LGF. It’s a Little Green Fatblog featuring a bunch of pricks.

The Photographic Artistry of Charles F. Johnson

Charles, we’re not laughing at you. We’re laughing with everyone else who’s laughing at you. They just happen to be laughing with us.

Charles defends The NSA’s unauthorized use of data

The Obama Loyalist is fast at work trying to spin the latest revelations about the NSA’s spying on Americans. Rather than being angry about the violation of Americans’ rights, he claims the story is no big deal because an audit uncovered it.


Charles Johnson tries to spin any bad story about Obama into a positive.

Gus shows his anti-Catholic colors

LGF is an anti-Catholic blog. Posters like Aloutte, Happy Warrior and others trash Catholicism on a daily basis. Gus is part of the Catholic hating crowd and displays his bigotry by mocking confession.

Gus insults Catholics

Gus would never dare insult Islam in this manner and Charles would ban him if he did.

Mongolian Neo-Nazis relabel as Enviornmentalist

Mongolian Nazis

There are 2 causes Charles is passionate about; anti-Nazism and Environmentalism. What would Charles do if Nazis began to support environmentalist causes? Well he faces that dilemma with a  group of Mongolian Nazis, who have embrace environmentalism.

A Mongolian neo-Nazi group has rebranded itself as an environmentalist organisation fighting pollution by foreign-owned mines, seeking legitimacy as it sends swastika-wearing members to check mining permits.

Tsagaan Khass, or White Swastika, has only 100 or so members but it is one of several groups – others have names including Dayar Mongol (Whole Mongolia), Gal Undesten (Fire Nation) and Khukh Mongol (Blue Mongolia) – that are linking nationalism and resources as foreign firms seek to exploit the mineral wealth of the vast country, landlocked between Russia and China.

Based in an office behind a lingerie store in the Mongolian capital, the shaven-headed, jackbooted Tsagaan Khass stormtroopers launch raids on mining projects, demanding paperwork or soil samples to be studied for contaminants.

“Before, we used to work in a harsh way, like breaking down doors,” the group’s leader, Ariunbold Altankhuum, 40, told Reuters. “But now, we have changed and we use other approaches, like demonstrations.”On a patrol to a quarry two hours’ drive from the capital, members wore black, SS-style Nazi uniforms complete with lightning flashes and replica Iron Crosses.

They questioned a mine worker about paperwork, opting to return in a week’s time, when the owner had returned.

“Today our main goal is to save nature. We are doing things to protect the environment,” Altankhuum said. “The development of mining is growing and has become an issue.”

Poor Charles, what is he to do? If he dopes not support the Mongolian Nazis, billions will die. If he does, billions would still die at the hands of these Mongolian Nazis. This must be Charles Johnson’s toughest decision.