@Gus_802 has a Rump Roast

Live at Electric Loserland – Icarus’ SPOO Solo

Update: Mighty fine reviews on the YouToobage.

Charles Johnson on Afghanistan & Neocons

What utter hypocritical bullshit, Charles.

LGF Traffic – Soaring to New Depths

After a suspiciously steady two-month increase, it appears that some of the bought bots have bailed and the aberration is in correction mode. He’s still trending downward – he was at #414,056 on January 1, an average drop of 11.7K per month. Compare that graph with this rocky road and it’s obvious that something was tweaking his stats.

[Source: https://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/littlegreenfootballs.com#section_traffic]

Who does Charles @green_footballs Johnson interact with most on Twitter?

Chirpty.com has the answer with a free infographic, and they even provide a list:

2021-08-01 Charles Johnson’s Top Twitter Interactions via Chirpty.com

Those are the twitteroids Charles Johnson interacts with the most, by “liking”, retweeting, and/or communicating with. Some unsurprising names on that list, yet some are oddly missing. So how many people blocked the magical jazzy ponytailed Twitterpest? (Hint: There are more than a few.)


FYI – Added new archive category for Jim Hoft / Gateway Pundit. Fun stuff.