Bad Craziness from the top

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  1. rightymouse says:

    Donkeys are the crazy ones. They sure love being told what to do by their masters.

  2. rightymouse says:

    My head hurts….

  3. rightymouse says:

    Excellent montage of Fauci speaking out of both sides of his mouth.

  4. rightymouse says:

    Twitter bots….

    • Bunk X says:

      lol. stealin’ it

      • Octopus says:

        I received a loud, beeping warning on my phone earlier, proclaiming the dire nature of the threat posed by Delta Variant. People here in Studio City are running around outside with masks on, driving in cars by themselves with masks firmly in place, and yesterday I saw a gal at the mall with two masks on her dumb face. I would bet anything she’s been vaccinated. 😂

        • rightymouse says:

          I see people driving around here in Ohio with masks on and I roll my eyes. Same thing when I’m in the grocery store. The mask mandate was lifted last month and there’s NO WAY I’m going back.

          • Bunk X says:

            Saw a young woman walking alone in the morning breeze through the open parking lot, and wearing a mask and a face shield. And gloves.

  5. rightymouse says:

  6. rightymouse says:

    This is weird…. 🙄

  7. rightymouse says:

    My head hurts again…

  8. Bunk X says:

  9. Octopus says:

    He just lacks the humor gene. 😢😂

  10. Octopus says:

    Chonky Jeopardy: “What would a big fat dumbass say about people wondering about an Olympic gymnast quitting after a couple of sub-par events?”

  11. Octopus says:

    It tried to make a joke, again. Nobody laffed. 😢

  12. Bunk X says:

    BTW, as long as we’re doing some housekeeping, if there are any links to delete/add in the blogroll, lemme know your preferences – what to keep, what to dump.

  13. rightymouse says:

    Spot on!! What a bunch of wussies!

  14. rightymouse says:

  15. rightymouse says:

  16. rightymouse says:

    Awwwwwwwwww!! 🙂

  17. dezzez says:

    Chick-fil-A Has fewer than 2700 stores worldwide, McDonalds has over 37000.
    LChick-fil-A is making a hell of a lot more money store for store.
    Streak is intact fatass!

  18. dezzez says:

    Chuck is one of those idiots that sees half an equation and pretends to know the answer, the man is one of the most inept imbeciles I have ever encountered

  19. rightymouse says:

  20. rightymouse says:


  21. rightymouse says:

  22. rightymouse says:

    Going to get hair and toes done this morning. Been a while.

  23. Bunk X says:

    Cool. FB just suspended me for 3 days for posting a USNI story about the USS Bonhomme Richard arsonist. It was for my two-word comment: “Hang him.”
    No option to retract or delete.

  24. rightymouse says:

    Fatass assshole.

  25. rightymouse says:

  26. rightymouse says:

    Hypocritical bitch.

  27. rightymouse says:

  28. rightymouse says:

  29. Octopus says:

    Maher has the Idiot Fascist Left howling for his scalp, again. 😂