Charles Johnson & POTUS’ Pecker

No we don’t, Charles, but we do remember this:

Jump to Bottom, indeed. Coulda been your cork, yeah?

BTW, it’s been 30 days and @viciousbabushka is still suspended from Twitter. 😀

29 Comments on “Charles Johnson & POTUS’ Pecker”

  1. Bunk X says:

    • rightymouse says:

      Bunk – how is sis doing since her fall???

      • Bunk X says:

        Last time I spoke with her she was confused about where she was, what the schedule was and talked about having to walk back to her “apartment.” Doctor said surgery was done and that she was due to be discharged early this week. Waiting on news…

  2. rightymouse says:

    My last day at work is tomorrow, then off to Thailand on Friday!!

  3. rightymouse says:

    Fatso retweeted this glurge. America is a melting pot and a country of incredible opportunity. Economic equality is obtained by striving for a two-parent home, a decent education and getting out of Democrat controlled hell-holes like Baltimore. Democrats don’t seem to be interested in helping the impoverished. In fact, they use poor people for their own gain.

  4. rightymouse says:

    Heading out to get some lobster risotto for dinner. Eat your heart out. 🙂

  5. Octopus says:

    A classical pianist with extreme libturd proclivities retweeted Chonky’s begging bowl links, and even posted them to her FB account! Now the loot’s going to come rolling in, as the campaign kicks into high gear. We need to watch his GoFundMe now, to monitor his new riches and fame. Pianist Pianist Pianist LOL!

    Note: Page the Pianist chipped in a twenty, and Anonymous forked over a pump-priming $100. 😂

  6. Octopus says:

    More herd-thinning in Alaska. It’s like they don’t understand that if it had been a fun day-hike to visit the bus where McCandless died, he’d have hiked to safety himself when he ran out of food.

    • Bunk X says:

      I read it when it was on the kids’ reading list, also saw the movie. Guy had everything going for him and threw it all away.

      Reminded me of the bear whisperer who pitched his tent en la encrucijada de los osos and done got ate by “Mr. Chocolate.”

      • Octopus says:

        I still can’t believe the way he talked to the grizzlies, like they were naughty children, or puppies. He was doomed from the git, but what’s worse is he dragged his girl into it. They both got eaten by the hangry old beast.

  7. Octopus says:

    No impassioned tweets about the unceasing carnage of black-on-black turf wars in our cities, many of them multiple murders and drive-by terrorist acts? In Democrat-run cities, almost exclusively? How many were killed in Chicago this past weekend, Fatass?

    Only 9? And 39 wounded? And not a “white supremacist” on the list of perps? Shocking!!1!