Greatest @Green_Footballs Tweet of 2011

[This post by the legendary ChenZhen has been sitting silent in the bottom of the DoD drafts folder for years for unknown reasons, but since it’s the 6th Anniversary of Charles Johnson’s Johnson TwitterFail, we might as well turn it loose. –Briareus]

In light of Johnson’s recent, um, friskiness in the Twitterverse, and the fact that we kinda skipped the DoD awards ceremony this year, I’m going to go ahead and declare what would have been the winner anyway.

To be fair (not that we need to be), the tweet came during Johnson’s hilariously desperate attempts to defend and excuse Rep. Weiner while he was dealing with the bombshell that Breitbart delivered (in retrospect, perhaps we can assume that the fact that it was AB played a factor in the intensity of CJ’s efforts).

Frustrated, and convinced that he was fighting the good fight, he even added the trending hashtag to ensure that as many netizens outside his swamp saw this as possible:

223 Comments on “Greatest @Green_Footballs Tweet of 2011”

  1. minnowredux says:

    ….except for one “small” detail Charlie….

  2. Octopus says:

    How interesting, that Chunky decided to jump on this particular bone of contention. No, Fatass — nobody thinks that’s your wang. Maybe you do, I don’t know — you’ve convinced yourself of oodles of craziness, since your moronic conversion in 2009.

  3. Octopus says:

    I spent an hour tonight trying to show my wife and elder gal who this Puddles guy is, and what he’s all about. I’ve been enjoying his artistry for years on the Youtube, like some of youse, but they had never heard of him and were surprised by his appearance on AGT. There are so many Puddles cover songs out there, but I really like his Bowie.

    • Octopus says:

      That’s the ticket.

      • Octopus says:

        Every time I watch Puddles, I have to go back to this one with Hawt Haley:

        GrrrrRRAAAOOOOOWWWW!!! 🙂

        Haley should be a superstar in America and elsewhere. Just sayin’.

        • Octopus says:

          My face! 😆

        • windbag says:

          This is perhaps my favorite of his. She is so delicious looking. I like this song anyway and love the arrangement.

          • Octopus says:

            She is “national treasure” quality, imho. I’ve liked her since she was on “Idol,” years ago. One of the sexiest voices out there, not to mention her sultry looks. Right up there with my girl Rihanna. 🙂

      • ISTE says:

        Well, you are listening to a singing clown and I am listening to….. Nightwish!!!!

        Going to be a long night here. LOL

        • Octopus says:

          Dogs, licking my heart. It’s all I see when I listen to Floyd’s “Animals.” See and feel their tongues, licking and licking.

        • Bunk X says:

          Awesome and absurd at the same time. Bozzio vs. Wackerman with ridiculous drum sets.

    • Bunk X says:

      Dang. I could never play guitar and sing at the same time.
      IIRC, “Wish You Were Here” was a tribute song to Pink Floyd founder Syd Barrett. His story was sad and bizarre at the same time.

  4. minnowredux says:

    Is Reza Aslan a US citizen? Inquiring minds would like to know.

  5. Octopus says:

    Oh, I hate the white man. Oy, I hate this pale fuck.

    For every young white kid in the early 70’s who had to sit and listen to this ozwepay while stoned on teh weed, and then see him quoted extensively in hippie-oriented rags for the next decade. Sorry! 😆

  6. Octopus says:

    Some say Kate Bush is an alien creature sent to Erf to teach us about love, music and other stuffs. I don’t know. I was introduced to her music in the Nineties on alternative radio and it made me wonder about the meaning of musics.

  7. minnowredux says:

    Allah only lasts 8-minutes in London. For now.

  8. Bunk X says:

    The missus and I are finally up to Season 5 on Breaking Bad. The cartel kingpins just went splodeys.

  9. rightymouse says:

    Weiner, Weiner, Weiner, LOL!

    • rightymouse says:

      That was at the height of Fatso’s delusion that his switch back to liberalism would reap rewards beyond anyone’s imagination.

  10. rightymouse says:

    Someone hacked Weiner’s Twitter account/tweetdeck. He couldn’t POSSIBLY have tweeted a pic of his dick on purpose. 😯 😆

  11. rightymouse says:

    Oh, yes. Sing Kumbaya, Fatso. That’ll slow ’em down. Idjit.

    • Arachne says:

      Says the man unnerved by kids near a mosque making a finger gun at him back in the day.

      • Octopus says:

        The idea that the terrorists have this ingenious plan to “sow division” and whatnot, when all they really want to do is slaughter people. Should the news networks refuse to cover the carnage, Fatass?

  12. rightymouse says:

    Sez a guy who probably still owns a gun even though he said he got rid of it for the benefit of the limp-wristed bozos on his website.

    • Octopus says:

      Chunky’s Actual Message: “Yeah, I got nuthin’.” 😆

    • dudebro says:

      Will liberals ever realize that Trump ONLY posts those tweets specifically to get them bat shit crazy? How many more CNN anchors and their paid shills will Trump trigger?

      • Bunk X says:

        It seems obvious. Trump tosses chum to keep them busy while his boat has sailed on. He’s several steps ahead, and the MSM hasn’t figured it out yet.
        Can’t wait until Maddow has a career-hobbling meltdown. It’s only a matter of days.

      • Octopus says:

        He was fantasizing quite heavily about blasting someone to pieces with his shotgun. What a wierod. 😆

  13. Octopus says:

    The weather in Mexico is very, very hot. 🙂

  14. Octopus says:

    Again with the same garbage from last night?

  15. Octopus says:

    Yes, he does. He’s in charge of coordinating terrorist attacks and then covering them up. It’s a lot.

  16. Octopus says:

    The insanity at Evergreen College is the same as just about every college, but slightly more intense. Very slightly.

  17. Octopus says:


    The Streak is a mighty, living thing. 😆

  18. Octopus says:

    Meanwhile, Joy is followed closely by Chunky and Gus, and about ten viewers on TV. The difference is rather stark.

  19. Octopus says:

    Remember when Chunky was crowing that the Kushner “treason” was going to bring down Trump once and for all? Yeah…that was a hoot. We declared the anonymously-sourced story a nothingburger immediately. Suffice it to say, as the story has died on the vine of nothingness, The Streak remains intact.

    Many chuckles here, including Chunky’s slavish retweet of Olbie’s insane plea to have Kushner arrested. 😆

  20. Octopus says:

    CNN eager to prove it’s still “relevant” despite dumping Kathy Griffin? Stay classy, you guys.

  21. Octopus says:

  22. Octopus says:

    Shaddap, you old hag. Nobody cares about your mushy, meaningless platitudes except other mush-brained losers. Gus retweeting your glurge is about the apex of your current and future political relevance.

    • rightymouse says:

      I’m about 2/3rd’s through the book ‘Shattered’. She should fade into the sunset and enjoy her Golden years as a grand-mother. There’s no way she can run without another failure. She’s done. Even the Democrat Party has to be sick of her.

      • Octopus says:

        She is incapable of letting it go. Without politics, her whole existence slips into a cosmic void comparable to certain depictions of Hell. She will attempt to resurrect her career, at least in some capacity where she would be able to sell influence. Unless she has another stroke that renders her mute, for which ears across America are devoutly praying.

        • rightymouse says:

          Her political instincts suck and her campaigns are fraught with internal insanity. She needs to just fade into the sunset.

  23. windbag says:

    Good tune for a Sunday night.

    • Octopus says:

      Nice, mellow tune. I think the style of wearing your sportcoat inside-out might just catch on, too. 🙂

  24. Octopus says:

    I suddenly want to see this movie! Which kicked major ass at the box office, btw — despite the “Wymmen Only” screenings in certain cities.

  25. Octopus says:

    At least there are still people out there who are unafraid to speak the truth.

  26. Octopus says:

    You’ve been saying this for nearly a year, Fatass, and yet Trump continues to get shit done and troll you libturds like a herd of rented mules. Who’s losing their minds, here? It’s not Trump. It’s you socialist-pacifist-dhimmicrat ozwepays. 😆

    • Pakimon says:

      Check out the time stamp.

      7:22 AM?

      Since when is Chunkles up that early?

      I imagine a particularly loud, noxious and robust “brown note” emanating from his large backside roused him from his uneasy slumber.

      Or was it reptiles coming to clamp onto his penis and thrash about wildly.

      The world of Jazzy ponytails is frightening indeed… 😆

      • Bunk X says:

        He reset the SwampClock to Eastern Standard Time a while ago. I’m surprised he didn’t revert to GMT, but few in the UK read LGF any more.

    • Bunk X says:

  27. Juan Epstein says:

    “I don’t think terrorism is an issue”

    -CJ before the fall.

  28. Octopus says:

    Monsters, and those who run cover for monsters.

    • Octopus says:

      Monsters 2 — Kid-Stabby Boogaloo

      • rightymouse says:

        What is it exactly that liberals are afraid of when it comes to calling these killers Islamic terrorists? It can’t possibly be religion? Liberals hold their collective noses over other world religions, so I don’t understand why Islam is treated differently. If Christians around the world were stabbing, shooting & blowing up people daily in the name of Christianity, liberals would be going out of their minds calling for our heads.

        • Abu penis penis penis lol says:

          Sorry for the belated response: agreed. Great post. 😀😀😀

        • Bunk X says:

          Name two countries in the world that have Freedom of Religion.
          [Hint: There’s only one.]

        • Two reasons: 1) Leftoid illiberals and the Islamists both share an intense hatred and antipathy to Judeo-Christian civilization and philosophy, as well as America and the West, in general.
          2) The Leftoid illiberals KNOW that any disparaging remark toward Islam or the pedophile prophet will get them killed. They are cowards, plain and simple.

          • Bunk X says:

            There’s only one continent with no muslims. Let’s give them Antarctica.

          • rightymouse says:

            I’m going for giving them their own planet. What’s the farthest one from earth?

  29. rightymouse says:

    Fatso’s daily rant # ‘whatever’. Reminds me of the liberal squawking about global warmening/climate change. Where’s the BEEF??? 🙄

  30. Dwells38 says:

    How many of those murderers had been admitted to Britain and/or became known as potential jihadist suspects to the British intel services in the 8 years since Mike Savage was banned from England?

  31. Dwells38 says:

    @jcredfearn @realDonaldTrump Many people are mentally ill but not dangerous. That does NOT describe Donald Trump.
    12 minutes ago
    @jcredfearn @realDonaldTrump Sorry, I’m not going to stop pointing out that Donald Trump is dangerously mentally ill.
    13 minutes ago
    @wekatweets @realDonaldTrump Not Donald Trump.
    20 minutes ago
    @realDonaldTrump 3/3 it matters BIG TIME that Donald Trump is apparently mentally ill – because he can quite litera……
    25 minutes ago
    @realDonaldTrump 2/3 these kinds of problems deserve support and kindness. But they shouldn’t have the ability to l……
    25 minutes ago
    1/3 Pointing out that @realDonaldTrump is apparently mentally ill is not disrespecting people with mental illnesses. People who have …
    25 minutes ago

    What a pathetic joke. Chunky thinks he’s going to start a meme that the President is mentally ill. Hence his tweeting it over an over ad nauseaum And this after years of claiming his own brain was controlled by conservatives for eight years otherwise he would have been a proper moonbat all along er something.

    Right Chunko. So mentally ill he beat the Demoncrap’s “Rock Star” candidate, a former FLOTUS who had the DNC, the Soros thugs and the MSM all working to defeat him.

    • Octopus says:

      Deep down, Chunky knows it’s not “normal” to flip positions on EVERY issue overnight, and go from rabid conservative anti-islamofascist to rabid moonbat just like flicking a switch. That’s what crazy people do. He went nuts, like many a spurned suitor before him. No more exercise, no more leaving the house, no more of any kind of healthy interpersonal relationships. Just spends every day in the bunker, tweeting glurge from morning until late at night. Eventually, they’ll have to come to his house, remove a wall and take him to the hospital. 😦

  32. Bunk X says:

    • Bunk X says:

      • Octopus says:

        Except us. We care deeply, Chunky. When we stop caring, then you’ll truly be alone in the world.

    • Octopus says:

      Lydia’s a plant. 😆

      I suspect there are hundreds of such creations out there, befouling the Twitterverse.

  33. Octopus says:

    This young girl that stole NSA documents and provided them to The Intercept turns out to be a fanatical Bernie-bot afflicted with all the usual moonbat mythologies, including rabid Trump Derangement Syndrome. The kicker is her actual real name: Reality Winner. No, that’s not a joke. Or is it a joke so cosmic, we can’t even comprehend the infinite hilarity?

    • rightymouse says:

      I’m guessing there are going to be more leakers arrested. Also, the dripping out of the White House seems to have slowed down a LOT!

  34. Octopus says:

    Speaking of reality winners, Gus was really on one last night:

    Fuck you can;t do this.
    3 hours ago
    Whatever man. Tulsa!
    3 hours ago
    Way down Texas Way.
    3 hours ago
    Whatever man.
    3 hours ago
    3 hours ago
    Steel up.
    3 hours ago
    Oh damn.
    3 hours ago
    Choo choo!
    3 hours ago
    6/5 D-Day Negative one.
    3 hours ago
    I’m not scared of Che.
    3 hours ago
    4 hours ago
    I am fucked up.


    “Fucked up nice” is one way of putting it, you filthy waste of oxygen. Let the cat out. 😆

  35. Octopus says:

    Teh Warmening™

  36. Octopus says:


    Blockety-block. Right, Fatass? 😆

  37. Octopus says:

    Meanest joke ever? 😆

  38. rightymouse says:

    Milo’s book is back on Amazon! I’ve pre-ordered my copy. 🙂

  39. Octopus says:

    We don’t have enough musical theater around here. How about a little revenge tune, from “Once Upon A Time’s” epical musical episode?

  40. Octopus says:

    It’s going to be interesting to see if the BLM liars latch onto this story.

    • gizbot7 says:

      Oh boo-hoo. Can’t have the truth being known now can we? Other than the 600 beheadings in one day (that’s a lot o-work for one man) there was nothing on that billboard that was not true according to history and their own “holy” book. So really, what’s their ish?

  41. Trump is Teh HORROR!- Chunky McDumbth, #1Olberdouche Fan Boy. says:

    LOL! Normally I would call off limits for even an adult child of criminal politicians. But Chelsea has shown herself to be a rather nervy and mouthy twat on Twitter. And a presumptuous and money grubbing cow for peddling psychobabble based solely on her name. And the irony is that she claims the book is supposedly for those who wanted to speak up but were told to quiet down. Aside from the logical fallacy that everyone who wants to speak up is a victim, she seems to exclude ACTUAL victims if they’re speaking up to her father saying “NO. I don’t want this. Get off me. You’re hurting me. OW!!!”

    Oh well, you better put some ice on that.

    • Bunk X says:

      Trump’s family, no matter how young, is fair game, but Chelsea is out of bounds. Got it.

      • Octopus says:

        Chelsea needs to be driven from the public square by any means necessary. Who’s got a horse-whip?

  42. rightymouse says:

    That’s some awesome projection, Fatass. POTUS is anything but lazy, incompetent & stupid. But those adjectives describe your sorry ass perfectly! 😆

    • Octopus says:

      Incompetent, lazy and flat-out stupid…yep, that’s the projection again. 😆

      Buggered code, no job, and wrong about every issue since 2009. Got it all covered, Fatass.

    • Bunk X says:

  43. rightymouse says:

    Ummm..Fatso. You may want to watch your language re: POTUS. There’s ‘free’ speech and then there’s ‘hate’ speech. Also, you’re making yourself look like a total asshole. How are those donations lately? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Jerk.

    • Bunk X says:

      LMAO. I just saw that story and immediately thought of Charles FF Johnson.

      • Octopus says:

        “Chunky Hit Hardest.” 😆

        The guy who crows about blocking everyone who isn’t in lockstep with his far-left idiocy is going to have trouble jumping on this bandwagon, even with the mini-trampoline provided for fatties by Media Matters.

        • dwell38 says:

          Because insisting the POTUS must read your every unhinged and baseless insults and personal attacks isn’t stalking or anything, right?

  44. Octopus says:

    An article on non-belief that I agreed with, for a change. I’m tired of the endless Christian-bashing. I’m really tired of the tip-toeing around Islam from “edgy atheists.” I’m also peevish about Jews being lefties, but that’s a can of worms topic for another day. 🙂

    • Some of us Israelites are not Leftoids, but dyed-in-the-wool small government Lockeian/Hamiltonian/Madisonian Constitutionalists. You’d be surprised at how many ex-Libtards are of the tribe these days.

  45. Octopus says:

    I knew Londonistan’s Mayor Khan had a sketchy past regarding ties with terrorists, but I didn’t realize the extent of this dossier. Good grief, people! Gain a small clue, about the fact that you’re at war with a hostile ideology seeking to destroy you.

  46. Octopus says:

    Even Piers Morgan can see Khan is a shady character, and kudos to Piers for calling him out:

  47. windbag says:

    Why the hell would Baptists be screaming “Allah, Allah” while stabbing someone? This whole Protestant Reformation thing has gotten out of hand.

  48. Trump is Teh HORROR!- Chunky McDumbth, #1Olberdouche Fan Boy. says:

    LOL! Like the hateful coward he is Crapper goes to Australia and tells some of his lib friendly pals there that Trump’s a crook and a traitor and at least 10, maybe 100 times worse than Richard Nixon!! Pretty much par for the course given he was put there by Obungle to fabricate lies and then pretend they’re national secrets. He’d love to tell ya the details but then he’d have to kill you. Take it from him this is super serious stuff and you should NEVER question the CIA or any US Intel boss even when…ESPECIALLY when they were placed there by a creepy internationalist commie Preezydunce who’s parents and grandparents were commies. And who used to claim to be a foreigner. But that was just to sell books to libtard chumps. What’s more American than that??

    Seriously I hope Trump tweets something withering about this. Crapper is clearly a bitter and vindictive partisan fucker who is still angry that Trump is not kow-towing to the creepo shadow government and their ham-fisted, transparent insinuated threats. And Crappo is going to find out too how much more popular and trusted Trump is than his sorry has-been and cowardly ass is.

  49. Trump is Teh HORROR!- Chunky McDumbth, #1Olberdouche Fan Boy. says:

    “We reject the McCarthy-esque witch-hunting which has taken place,” the letter reads. “Simply crying racist has become sufficient to destroy credibility and empower accusers. This has been accompanied by vigilante action against those dubiously accused of racism, and this behavior has not been reined in by the administration.”

    The authors of the letter claim that the protest efforts of the students have evolved into “criminal activity” including “verbally and physically harassing and even physically assaulting other members of the student body.”

    Mmm hmmm. Sho sounds a lot like some fancy White Devil talk to me.

  50. Trump is Teh HORROR!- Chunky McDumbth, #1Olberdouche Fan Boy. says:

    ICYMI: Attorney General Jeff Sessions Threatened to Resign
    59 minutes ago

    Threatened, offered. What’s the diff? We understand your idea of libturd journalism doesn’t require any accuracy or honesty.

  51. Trump is Teh HORROR!- Chunky McDumbth, #1Olberdouche Fan Boy. says:

    CNN comically tries to pretend they are not partisan propagandists merely fabricating whack off material for deluded lefturds like Chunky. And who still can’t accept that their crooked old statist bag who knee-capped their preferred fake socialist and then botched the election herself, didn’t win.

  52. rightymouse says:

    Fatso’s Twitter glurge. Garbage in. Garbage out. What an effing joke.

  53. Octopus says:

    Here’s a blood-boiler about a douchebag envirotwat teacher who tries to bully a skeptical student into accepting Teh Warmening. Naturally, the NYT takes the side of the idiot teacher. This story really irked me — they think they know so much, and they don’t know jack shit about climate history. 😡

  54. Octopus says:

    I don’t know whether it’s more “Lord Of The Flies” or “Children Of The Corn” up at Evergreen State Mental Institution. The bat-wielding vigilantes, though…it’s a nice touch, you have to admit. 😆

  55. Dwells38 says:

    @Skrameesma Oh man. You mean I have to wake up early again? Can we move the capital to the west coast, please?
    4 hours ago
    What time does Comey start destroying the Trump Horror tomorrow?
    4 hours ago</blockquote.

    Wow. Apparently dipshit didn't know all night that Comey's submitted testimony vindicates Trump. Poor Fatso Chunk. The last to know as usual.

  56. Octopus says:

    There’s that mindless Christian-bashing I was talking about yesterday. The Left is consumed with it.

    • Octopus says:

      Like the Moderate Muslims do, taking Islam back from the crazy-killing Islamists…no, wait. Never mind. Christians suck!

      • Especially when they shout “Christ is King!” as they shoot, stab and run over non-believers, right, Charlatan.
        God almighty, you are pathetic.

    • Trump is Teh HORROR!- Chunky McDumbth, #1Olberdouche Fan Boy. says:

      Chunky is so sad for Teh Christians.

      So sincere. Like Kathy Griffin.

  57. Octopus says:

    You enormous, jiggling pile of hypocrisy and unmitigated bullshit! 😆

    Remember when Chunky McDumbth used to post the fire-breathing pic of Gore all the time, mocking Teh Warmening and whatnot? And now…well, he’s Gore’s cock-holster. Yeah, I said it.

    • Trump is Teh HORROR!- Chunky McDumbth, #1Olberdouche Fan Boy. says:

      GORE: Yes. Well, I don’t have a private jet. And what carbon emissions come from my trips on Southwest Airlines are offset. I live a carbon-free lifestyle, to the maximum extent possible.

      My guess would be that someone who flies so much that they ENDORSE A SPECIFIC AIRLINE is probably not living carbon free. Or even trying. As a rich person his whole life I don’t see that he needs to be getting on jets at all. Wouldn’t the promotion of video conferencing be a no-brainer? But you never hear it from these climate high priests. They prefer the offset scam. And the delicious irony of making it their business to FLY all around the world in CO2 burping jets to expensive locations, staying in top flight hotels where they play grab ass and chase the help. And sip champagne at sumptuous luncheons while amusing each other with audacious lies. All supposedly offset by a hippy planting a tree somewhere or some $s diverted to “studying” the very scam that’s not happening.

      • Arachne says:

        There’s no way that fat slob is flying Southwest. Notice he says “I don’t own a private jet.” Qualifier is OWN. Doesn’t say he never uses them. Also could be he or a corporation LEASES one. A lot of corporations do this. That way another company deals with all the paperwork, maintenance, salaries, etc.

        Are there selfies of Southwest passengers with selfies with Gore on the plane? At the airport?

  58. Octopus says:

    Speaking of cock-holsters, this alpha male was recently spotted in the ranks of UN delegates, no doubt preparing to vote on a condemnation of the US/Israel for something or other.


  59. rightymouse says:

    James Comey is SUCH a drama queen. 😆

    • Octopus says:

      Looks like a rat. Testimony a nothingburger. Left incensed about…something. 😆

  60. dezes157 says:

    After a week of screaming how Comey was gonna be Trumps undoing, when all was said and done and the testimony was over, Old Chuck dodged like a bowl full of jello and this is the best he could do.

  61. Octopus says:

    Talk about weak sauce! 😆

    • Octopus says:

      More weak sauce — Fatass posted this page of tripe, signifying nothing. Oh, the peevishness….IT BURNS!!1! 😆

      Deep Thoughts, by Hack Flabby:

      There was a lot to parse in today’s Senate testimony by former FBI director James Comey; he reiterated that Donald Trump asked him to pledge loyalty not to the country or the Constitution, but to Donald Trump.

      Comey stated quite explicitly that Trump had simply “lied” about the nature of their conversations, and that he began making detailed notes about his meetings with Trump because he was concerned Trump would lie about them. This was eye-opening stuff; he directly accused the president of lying on numerous occasions.

      And he repeated his statements that Trump had “suggested” to him that he make the investigation into Michael Flynn’s Russian connections go away.

      Right wing media are all crowing that Trump never explicitly ordered Comey to drop the Flynn investigation, but let’s face it — when the president of the United States calls you into the Oval Office, tells everyone else to leave, and then makes a “suggestion,” that’s a little bit more than just a casual remark, wouldn’t you say?

      But I think one of the most telling and damaging points Comey made was that even after being informed there was absolutely no doubt Russia had mounted a huge effort to interfere with and undermine the credibility of the US election process, Donald Trump never even asked what was being done to prevent further interference by Russia. He was completely incurious about how to stop this from happening again.

      Was this because Trump’s enormous ego simply doesn’t let him care about much else but constantly feeding it? Or is there a deeper, more sinister reason why Trump had no interest in this vitally important subject?


      • dezes157 says:

        Even worse,Trump never asked Comey about big foot and global warming!

      • dezes157 says:

        Way to go Chuck, after all your mindless hyperbole, you post someones else’s whiny dimwitted screed that is totally devoid of logic.

        • Octopus says:

          He posted it as his own…”think piece?” 😆

          Oh, Dear Fatass. You do bring the entertainment.

  62. Trump is Teh HORROR!- Chunky McDumbth, #1Olberdouche Fan Boy. says:

    Comey says Trump never even asked him what was being done to prevent further Russian interference
    3 hours ago

    1.) Trump has repeatedly called it out as complete bullshit fabricated by his Demoncrap enemies. Which it clearly is.
    2.) Preezydunce Obungle claimed it was completely stopped before the election because of a stern words phone call with Putin on the Bat Phone. I mean the Red Phone. LOL!!!!

    This latter is per even the pro crooked Shrillery NBC Fake News.

    The Obama administration had never used the cyber line before, officials said. Several intelligence officials told NBC News the use of the system communicated just how serious the situation had become.

    “It’s a dramatic step to pick that ‘phone’ up and use it,” said Ret. Adm. James Stavridis, the former head of NATO.

    Did the message work? “Look at the results,” said an Obama administration official. “There was nothing done on Election Day, so it must have worked.”

    He meant that the nightmare scenario officials feared didn’t occur: An attempt by Russia to manipulate the voting results or throw them into question.

    Yeah this reporting is ridiculous. “Nightmare scenario” !!!!! OMG OMG OMG !!!!! But hey, it’s NBC Fake News.

  63. Trump is Teh HORROR!- Chunky McDumbth, #1Olberdouche Fan Boy. says:

    Doctor Door Matt weighs in on Chunky’s butt hurt post!

    Dr. Matt
    Jun 8, 2017 • 11:57:01am
    Kasowitz is direct from Central Casting for the role of “scumbag lawyer working for the mob”.

    — Dr. Matt (@DrMatthew) June 8, 2017

    OMG Doctor Door Matt!!! You’re right!!

    5. Lawyers with Kasowitz’s firm have represented a number of high-profile clients, including celebrities Robert De Niro

  64. Trump is Teh HORROR!- Chunky McDumbth, #1Olberdouche Fan Boy. says:

    Putin explains why the whole thing is complete bullshit and even Obungle doubted it and gave no evidence. But kept his mouth shut since it was a Demoncrap pet lie. BTW Me Again! Kelly was totally out of her league and especially pathetic as a flip-flopped now batshit moonbat NBC Fake News non-journalist in a cocktail dress. Next stop: CNN Real Crime Murder Mysteries Uncovered (airs every other month on the 2nd Sunday at 11:45pm).

    Vladimir Putin said that Barack Obama changed his position on the alleged Russian interference in the US presidential election after two had a talk.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Russian President Vladimir Putin said that former US President Barack Obama changed his position on the alleged Russian interference in the US presidential election after two had a talk.

    “We have talked about it with former president Obama and with several other officials. No one ever showed me any direct evidence. When we spoke with President Obama about that, you know, you should probably better ask him about it – I think he will tell you that he, too, is confident of it. But when he and I talked I saw that he, too, started having doubts. At any rate, that’s how I saw it,” Putin said in an interview with NBC News anchor Megyn Kelly.

    The president added that today’s technology was such that the final address could be masked and camouflaged to an extent that no one would be able to understand the origin of that address.

    Putin: US Citizens Misled by Information on Alleged Russian Meddling in Election
    “And, vice versa, it is possible to set up any entity or any individual that everyone will think that they are the exact source of that attack. Modern technology is very sophisticated and subtle and allows this to be done. And when we realize that we will get rid of all the illusions. That’s one thing. The other thing is that I am deeply convinced that no interference from the outside, in any country, even a small one, let alone in such a vast and great power as the United States, can influence the final outcome of the elections. It is not possible. Ever,” Putin said.

    “The Constitution of the United States and the electoral legislation are structured in such a way that more electors can vote for a candidate who is backed by fewer voters. And such situations do occur in the history of the United States. True, isn’t it? Therefore, if we were to discuss some kind of political and social justice, then probably that electoral legislation needs to be changed and bring a situation where the head of state would be elected by direct secret ballot and so there will be direct tabulation of votes that can be easily monitored. That’s all there is to it,” Putin said.

    “And there will be no need for those who have lost the elections to point fingers and blame their troubles on anybody,” the president said.

  65. Trump is Teh HORROR!- Chunky McDumbth, #1Olberdouche Fan Boy. says:

    I would like to know what Chris Wallace is smoking and the phone number of his dealer. I saw him say this on FNC this afternoon right as I turned the TV on and it was a pregnant pause afterward as it was painfully obvious the old guy’s fallen ill to Trump Derangement Syndrome. Brett Baier spoke next and just ignored it. Even Dana Perino discounted it and she’s no Trump fan. Hemmer and Bream just smiled on.

    Aside from the complete vindication of Trump, several things came out today that make Comey look like crap. That he leaked his memos for one thing saying he did this after Trump Tweeted about there being a possible tape. He’s supposed to be the guy who never leaks (according to him, of course). And if there IS a tape then could he not rest assured that it would corroborate what he’s saying? Too everything re: the investigation gets leaked except the fact that the POTUS is not being investigated. Allowing Trump’s media enemies to fabricate stories from no name sources. And his written memos, why did Comey still have them? They were automatically government property even if they aren’t classified or about national security. Comey used the term defamed which is a legal term. Yet Trump merely stated his opinion about Comey. Mainly that he thinks he’s a nutjob and a showboat. Which he apparently is.

    And Wallace seems to forget but those who don’t hate DJT’s guts have not forgotten the following:

    Comey was such a stickler for FBI process in the email investigation they didn’t even record the Shrillbeast’s testimony. And it wasn’t under oath. They didn’t search her house which is standard FBI. Her accomplices were treated like innocent witnesses. When they were actually her lawyers (plus the IT guy who broke federal law), they were all given immunity not intelligently used as leverage before they talked. And he agreed to a deal that they all got to destroy their computers. Nothing suspicious there. He clearly personally intervened to prevent Shrillery from being indicted. That she still lost the election is no fricking wonder. He just gave her the best chance she had given the legal pickle she put herself in. He also never said word one until now about Lynch’s clear collusion with the Shrillbeast’s campaign. We’re worried about Russian media trolls when one big fat troll was heading up the DoJ? Comey said he was worried about that. What tipped you off there Sherlock?

  66. Trump is Teh HORROR!- Chunky McDumbth, #1Olberdouche Fan Boy. says:

    A typical ghoulish and sick LGF denizen. In a comment seemingly about a series of garden pics. But pictures 3 and 4 show a Planned Parenthood style abortion re-enactment in a planter. Guess that’s big yuck yucks for the progturd crowd. And the fact that baby doll parts were used when these sickos are always claiming anything not yet born is just a clump of cells is most telling.

    In case this doesn’t come thru as a link it’s in the Bob Cesspool post from the other day, #108

  67. rightymouse says:

    Looky here! Reality Winner’s ‘GoFundMe’ is kicking ass with traitor libs! Hey! Fatso! Ur doing your ‘GoFundMe’ campaign wrong!!

  68. Dwells38 says:

    Oopsie. I saw this comment to an article about Chris Matthews throwing in the towel on the Russian collusion narrative due to Comey’s testimony which is remarkable enough.

    But it’s pointed out below Comey may have perjured himself.

    Bill Reynolds
    4 hours ago
    One thing that Marc Kasowitz (President Trump’s personal attorney) said at his press statement was this:
    “Although Mr. Comey testified he only leaked the memos in response to a tweet, the public record reveals that the New York Times was quoting from these memos the day before the referenced tweet, which belies Mr. Comey’s excuse for this unauthorized disclosure of privileged information and appears to entirely retaliatory. ”
    It appears Comey lied because he told Sen. Collins that it was AFTER Trump’s tweet that he needed to get the memos out. If, in fact, the New York Times had already quoted from the memos THE DAY BEFORE Trump’s tweet, then Comey LIED UNDER OATH.
    If Comey LIED UNDER OATH, will he be arrested and charged?

    • Octopus says:

      When You’ve Lost Chris Matthews…well, you still have Fatass McDumbth, keeping The Streak alive! 😆

      4/4 for it.
      44 minutes ago
      3/4 this happy horseshit? Only their own pre-brainwashed loser viewers. Nobody who isn’t already solidly in the batshit camp is falling …
      44 minutes ago
      2/4 trivial points to distract from things like James Comey’s incredibly damaging testimony. Weird because who are they fooling with …
      44 minutes ago
      1/4 It’s weird when right wing media do that thing where they deliberately take things out of context, and focus on insignificant, …
      44 minutes ago

      “Incredibly damaging,” indeed. He might end up in jail yet, for perjury. Comey, not Trump. 😆

      • Pakimon says:

        From the tone of Chunkles’ tirade tweet, the only thing “incredibly damaging” was the massive stinging butthurt inflicted on his immense ass. 😆

  69. Octopus says:

    Everyone gets it but Chunky. 😆