Charles Johnson loses a hero

Charles will be in mourning today as a Leftist icon has died. Cuba’s communist dictator Fidel Castro, a man who took peoples property and bushiness, is at last dead.

HAVANA (AP) — Former President Fidel Castro, who led a rebel army to victory in Cuba, embraced Soviet-style communism and defied the power of 10 U.S. presidents during his half century rule, has died at age 90.

With a shaking voice, President Raul Castro said on state television that his older brother died at 10:29 p.m. Friday. He ended the announcement by shouting the revolutionary slogan: “Toward victory, always!”

Castro’s reign over the island-nation 90 miles (145 kilometers) from Florida was marked by the U.S.-backed Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961 and the Cuban Missile Crisis a year later that brought the world to the brink of nuclear war. The bearded revolutionary, who survived a crippling U.S. trade embargo as well as dozens, possibly hundreds, of assassination plots, died 10 years after ill health forced him to hand power over to Raul.

Castro overcame imprisonment at the hands of dictator Fulgencio Batista, exile in Mexico and a disastrous start to his rebellion before triumphantly riding into Havana in January 1959 to become, at age 32, the youngest leader in Latin America. For decades, he served as an inspiration and source of support to revolutionaries from Latin America to Africa.

His commitment to socialism was unwavering, though his power finally began to fade in mid-2006 when a gastrointestinal ailment forced him to hand over the presidency to Raul in 2008, provisionally at first and then permanently. His defiant image lingered long after he gave up his trademark Cohiba cigars for health reasons and his tall frame grew stooped.

“Socialism or death” remained Castro’s rallying cry even as Western-style democracy swept the globe and other communist regimes in China and Vietnam embraced capitalism, leaving this island of 11 million people an economically crippled Marxist curiosity.

Castro finally got his wish, he died and will be burning in hell. Charles will be weeping and knows he will suffer the same fate.

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  1. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    Commie creeps on CNN are using an all red background and the two male hosts are wearing faithful red ties with their suits. And their entire color on screen scheme has gone red and black.

  2. rightymouse says:

    Good riddance! Communism is the the scourge of the earth right up there with radical Islam.

  3. Arachne says:

    Oh, to be in Little Havana today!
    Perhaps Colin Kaeperdick could stroll through with his t-shirt. And get the shit pounded out of him, since he’s so full of it.

  4. Octopus says:

    Ding dong, the bearded son of a bitch is dead. YAY!!

    Hope the Left doesn’t have too big a sad today, with the election results, and now this. WAAAAAHHHH!!

  5. Octopus says:

    Today is Teh Game, and we are very hyped up, even though we fear this is not our year. Going into the shark’s mouth in Columbus, where we haven’t won in 16 years. Our QB’s hurt, and the Wolverines haven’t been nearly as good on the road as they have been at home this year. Urban Meyer has the Deep South Buckeyes loaded with SEC-quality talent, especially in the trenches where these games are won and lost. It’s a huge task ahead, for Harbaugh and his men.

    All excuses aside, this game is very important to both schools, both for this year’s bowl picture and the winning of the recruitment war. A number of major prospects are on the fence between these two and other schools, and could decide based on what happens today. A win here would be as big for Harbaugh as Bo’s win over Woody’s team in Bo’s first year.

    Time to reverse the polarity!

    • rightymouse says:

      We’re on the way back home and can’t live stream without going through major pain on the cellphone.

  6. pineapple says:

    Get a load of little limp wristed putz from up north…. jeez.

    “Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has praised Communist dictator Fidel Castro as a “legendary revolutionary” and “remarkable leader” after the former Cuban leader’s death Friday night.”

  7. pineapple says:

    For a little levity as we mourn Castro’s death.

    “Fake News: CNN Accidentally Falsely Admits It Aired Pornography for 30 Minutes on Thanksgiving”

    ““The RCN cable operator in Boston aired inappropriate content for 30 minutes on CNN last night. CNN has asked for an explanation,” CNN said in its statement, seemingly confirming the impropriety.”

    “Even pornography websites like Brazzers mocked CNN for it, saying that airing such pornography would amount to the “least offensive” thing the network has done in the last year.”

  8. kbdabear says:

    The “REAL” news mourns the butcher’s trip to Hell….

    Journalists Hail Castro’s Achievements, ‘George Washington,’ ‘Folk Hero to Most of Us’

  9. Octopus says:

    “George Washington”…oh, my aching ass! 😆

  10. Octopus says:

    THX, Think Progress!

  11. pineapple says:

    And now from the ZERO humor department…….

    Time to go dumpster dive Goos.

    • Octopus says:

      Oof! It’s so sad, when Chunky and/or Garage Boy make attempts at being intentionally funny. They just don’t have the knack. Stick to the sirius, kids…you’re killing, when you’re really, really speaking truth to sanity. 😆

  12. Octopus says:

    Careful, Gus! You’re treading on sacred Leftist ground here. 😆

    Being anti-Castro ≠ pro-Batista
    0 minutes ago

    I am not celebrating Castro’s death. He lived to be 90 and died in his bed.
    2 minutes ago

    Armchair revolutionaries lamenting Castro’s death from the comfort of their gentrified apartments.
    8 minutes ago

  13. windbag says:

    2016 is looking up, is it not? And we still have five weeks to go!!

  14. Octopus says:

    At the risk of sounding too much like Garage Boy right before he passes out each night, I have this to say about the Wolverines last drive before the half, and punching it over for the lead:

    Okay, there’s a whole half to play. I like the way Michigan is playing, especially the defense. This game is going to come down to a couple of big plays. Classic college football showdown. 🙂

  15. Pakimon says:

    Pakimog can’t believe Michigan fumble on Ohio State 2 yard line!

    Buckeye god must be pulling strings to get break like that! 😆

    • Octopus says:

      Dat asz make me happy, despite the fumble. 🙂

      She just switched her allegiance to Michigan, with the score 17-7. I welcome her to the Wolverine fold. Here, have a shot of Fireball…you look chilly in that string bikini. 🙂

  16. Pakimon says:

    Just so long as tempers don’t flare, all be good in Michigan/Ohio State game.

    Look how happy these girls are!

    • Octopus says:

      That’s very pretty picture! So nice to see the love overcoming the H8. Especially with us in the lead. Which could change momentarily. 😯

  17. rightymouse says:

    Ohio ‘ s losing. Grrrrr!

  18. Octopus says:

    Keep poking that bear, Gusano! 😆

    Meet Castro’s wealthy father and land owner (11,000 hectares), Ángel Castro y Argiz.…
    35 minutes ago
    RT @WhiskeyInSpace: the original gentrified chapobro socialist. topkek.…
    36 minutes ago
    Fidel Castro. Born of European parents. I’ll wait.
    41 minutes ago
    RT @expatina: Yes, and isn’t it a great thing Fidel Castro never hurt anyone?…
    42 minutes ago
    RT @Dylan__Dylan: My disdain for him comes from what he did to political opponents and their families just like Fulgencio Batista before him
    42 minutes ago
    ‘Don’t say anything bad about Castro because you’re just covering for America’s crimes!’ Yawn.
    43 minutes ago
    Straw men flying everywhere. Soon criticizing Castro will be considered hate speech.
    44 minutes ago

  19. Octopus says:

    Fight Team Fight!!

  20. Octopus says:

    OMG, the cheating in this game. From start to finish. Just disgusting.

  21. Abu bin Squid says:

    A gay journalist who Charles Foster Johnson has repeatedly smeared calls out the Washington Post (Oh, my!) for being the Washington Post. HACKS!!1!! This longish piece of journalism asks tough, relevant questions – as opposed to asking people if they aren’t too busy to go fuck themselves. Maybe Chunky could leave “teh Hetero” and try to further career, such as it is?

    • Octopus says:

      Wow, that’s damning! 😯

      This incredibly non-legitimate operation calling every site that strays from Dhimmicrat talking-points a Russian propaganda tool is perfect for Chunky’s purposes, and totally in line with his general mode of “freedom journalism,” or whatever he’s calling his scam these days. It’s really embarrassing that WaPo and NYT run with such idiocy, but then, these outfits have recently admitted they are interested in promoting their agendas, rather than report the actual news.

    • ISpeakJive says:

      That is the most rabbit-holey thing I’ve read lately. Enough to make you paranoid. There’s nobody out there who can be trusted. Maybe that’s the whole point. To what end? Who or what is going to rise out of the ashes as something to trust?

      • Octopus says:

        Who or what is going to rise out of the ashes as something to trust?

        I’m putting my money on Charles C. Johnson. 😆

      • Abu penis penis penis lol says:

        You are spot-on about who to trust, Jive. And O’Bastard’s gonna put on an ESPN headset thrice weekly and call Americans racists for the next 4 years, not that he doesn’t already.

        Unless Barry resigns and Slow Joe pardons him, BO could be subject to laws regarding the use of unsecured devices.

        Jeff Sessions! 🙂

  22. Octopus says:

    Fatass used the phrase, “lower than pond scum,” to refer to conservatives the other day. I know he was just keeping Teh Streak (being wrong about every single thing since 2009) intact, but I wanted to offer His Chubbiness a better term that doesn’t refer to things atop the water, but rather those items deposited at great depths: “whale poop.”

    How low does whale poop go? Check it out.

  23. Octopus says:

    Chunky’s Hero Of Warmening produced this piece of comedy recently. If you’ve been studying the issue as long as I have, going on 15 years now, the idiocy of this charlatan will become apparent in short order. It’s incredible that any rational adult would take this guy seriously, but then, we’re talking about a guy who flew too close to the sun and ended up fishing for whale poop.

  24. Octopus says:

    Santa fired for telling triggering Shrillary joke! What a racist Nazi womyn-h8ting Santa!

  25. Octopus says:

    I’m telling you, the dumpsters behind Safeway are a smorgasbord of culinary delights. Just watch out for the overripe dairy and meat items that may have been warm for more than 24 hours, long enough for botulism to take hold and prosper. Use your nose to sniff out the grossness.

  26. Octopus says:

    Netflix, Cheetos, Twitter and Chill. Chunky’s guide to happiness. 😆

    (who needs real human companionship?)

  27. Octopus says:

    “Charles M. Blow.” 😆 😆 😆 😆

  28. Octopus says:

    I decided today I was going to get into country music for a change of pace. It’s a genre I’ve avoided, disparaged and neglected for too long. Plus, Dear Fatass never features it on his fake-ass playlist, so it’s got to be good.


  29. Octopus says:

    Nice turn of phrase.

    • Octopus says:

      Iron Fist Rule. 😆

      Miss you, big guy. Hope you got to enjoy the past couple of weeks!

      • Octopus says:

        Jana Kramer from suburban Detroit got to fourth place on “Dancing With The Stars” this season. A big part of her backstory was her traumatic love-life. Gilbert is the guy who is blamed. Is this is side of the story?

  30. Octopus says:

    Okay, a few seconds of googlin’ revealed unto me the Real Scumbag in Jana’s love life:

    NIce guy.

  31. Octopus says:

    This is me, owning the sidebar. That’s right, you dabblers in all things mock. And I am Country now. Deal with it.

  32. Octopus says:

    The Drugs Don’t Work Anymore…

    More garbage.
    1 hour ago
    I am anasshole.I am a dick.
    1 hour ago
    Strange beautiful
    1 hour ago
    1 hour ago
    1 hour ago
    1 hour ago
    You just can’t.
    1 hour ago
    Try me.
    1 hour ago
    1 hour ago
    We are what we are.
    1 hour ago

  33. Octopus says:

    Just because we country now doesn’t mean we don’t rock anymore. We still rock.

    The Verve were a great band in the ’90’s, when I regained my love for music thanks to grunge and the British responses to what was going on here. I mean, I always loved music, but I was a bit disenchanted with the New Shit at the time. Like I am now.

  34. Octopus says:

    Because hey – you really should know better by now than to help Russia subvert our democracy.
    2 hours ago
    Pro tip: if I see you tweet a link to Russia Today or one of their mouthpieces I’m probably going to unfollow you right away.
    2 hours ago

    Hi, I’m stupet about Russia! 😆

    • JimboXL says:

      It is a laugh that the best friends of Cold War Soviet Union, all of the Dims, progs and libs, now want a new Cold War with Russia. Thank you God Hillary lost so WW3 could be postponed.

    • TreBob says:

      Hey Charles! “The 80s called and they want their foreign policy back.”

      Penis penis penis, LOL!

  35. B a dick 4 jeezus says:
  36. B a dick 4 jeezus says:

    Other great music

  37. ISTE says:

    Guitarist w/ George Duke, Stanley Clarke, Al Jarreau & more. Founder and programmer of Little Green Footballs. Occasionally sweary.

    How old are you Charles?

  38. Octopus says:

    Gotta workout today. I feel very bloated. Too many gingersnap cookies, washed down with fine craft beer. But it was worth it. 🙂

  39. Octopus says:

    Cuba’s communist dictator Fidel Castro, a man who took peoples property and bushiness, is at last dead.

    He even stole the famous bushy beard? 😯

  40. Octopus says:

    This just in: Merkel’s a huge racist! 😆

    Chunky hasn’t noticed the flip-flop yet, which should be frontpage news all over the place, but somehow…isn’t.

  41. ISTE says:

    Poor Hillary, Charles just ensured she will be put in jail for a very long time…

    • ISTE says:


      • Octopus says:

        “COMMITTED NO CRIMES,” all in caps? Sounds a bit defensive, Fatass. I mean, even her staunchest defenders know she’s on the take, plays hell with national security, and has a couple of dead bodies in the trunk. 😆

        Keep up the fine work you’re doing on her campaign, though. I think you’re about ready to see her on to victory, any day now. Oh, and watch the donations come pouring into all of your begging bowls when that happens! Finally, the people will see how important your freedom journalism really is.

      • ISpeakJive says:

        Nobody is listening to him.. He’s getting a little stressed, LOL.

      • Arachne says:

        So you and the rest of the Dems won’t be upset when Obama doesn’t pardon her, right?

  42. Octopus says:

    I was talking about Jana last night…

  43. Octopus says:

    The horrible, ugly-inside-and-out Rosie O’Donnell crossed a couple of lines this week, first speculating that Barron Trump is autistic, and then calling for the assassination of Trump. Should she be locked up?

  44. Octopus says:

    No, they don’t. There is a tiny group of such posers who exist mainly on the internet, and a few of them jumped on the Trump bandwagon. The millions of good, decent Americans who elected Trump over the horrible harridan are the opposite of Nazis, whose modern-day facsimiles are the fascist Left. Now go to your cot and take your daily dose of good shit, Gus. You’ve had a long day. 😆

  45. Octopus says:

    Chunky’s pinned tweet since Nov. 14…

    Beg, beg, beg. 😆

    • Arachne says:

      Many retweets. No. $$.
      Anyone thinks Fatso’s getting desperate?

    • Bunk X says:

    • kbdabear says:

      I see that Toot has raised his fundraising goal to $20K. It’s taken him 18 months to get to his original goal of $10K

      Getting a little expensive in Southern California for Toot

      • Arachne says:

        He isn’t even at his original goal. Just a little over half-way there. And the contributions are still subject to suspicion. My firm belief is that he takes it out and puts it back in every time we call attention to the fact that there hasn’t been any donations. And it’s interesting that the people who are giving to him, under scrutiny – always use the same language in their praise. “Keep up the good work!” WHAT good work? He’s sniffling all over Twitter for story credit when he knows damn well he isn’t doing any investigative journalism – he posts stories he gets elsewhere without attribution and he’s been called out on it multiple times. ‘

        Remember that hilarious dance he did when he said they had been mentioned in some New York paper or something for their FERGUSON coverage – of course, he had no operative on the ground in Ferguson and the photo he used was from someone else’s article.

        By the way, that reminds me….

        1. Has he even mentioned that car accident again? The one where he was conning people to pay for some non-existent car that was in a wreck? The wreck he never mentioned having? Or why his insurance carrier was not forthcoming with coverage if the accident wasn’t HIS fault? (Because he really does believe that people are stupid).

        2. Has he ever published that sooper sekrit right-wing email he hinted at a couple weeks ago. The one he didn’t have time to publish at LGF because he was going out that evening. Although it probably took longer for him to respond to the tweets asking about it than it would have to just put up a thread and an image.

  46. ISpeakJive says:

    What do you guys think of PizzaGate? I pretty much ignored it as fantasy. Hmmmm. So this is circulating today:

  47. swampra says:



    that is all

    • Bunk X says:

      I hope he reposts his videos addressing Charles. Those were funny. Especially when he wore the knit cap for Arachne’s benefit.

  48. Octopus says:

    I wonder if he kicked his opiate habit while behind bars. It will be interesting to see if he gets back into the fray of politics and darkweb intrigue, too.

  49. Octopus says:

    Teh Leningrad Cowboys. 🙂

  50. Octopus says:

    The pitter-patter of chubby little stompy-feets is still sweet, sweet music to my ears. 😆

    What’s also hilarious, as Chunky wails off-key about imaginary Trumpian evildoings, the conservative branch of the GOP is getting butt-chafed about Trump’s move to the middle on several key issues and appointments. In other words, Dear Fatass is behind the curve once again. Stee-rike! And thus Teh Streak remains intact as the year winds down. 🙂

  51. Octopus says:

    • Arachne says:

      She’s raised a hell of a lot of money. Has filed in Wisconsin. Will have to present prima face showing of fraud to get a recount in PA but has no actual evidence. I’m waiting. She’ll be rebuffed in PA and without PA no Beastie win. I predict she never actually funds a single recount and pockets the millions.

      If all she cared about was voter fraud, she’d start with California.

    • OLT's Knows Who Did It says:

  52. ISTE says:



    • TreBob says:

      Looks like Aaron probably just made the block list. 🙂

      • Octopus says:

        It’s really amazing, how stupid Chunky’s twitterwar gets on a daily basis. Who cares who he blocks, when he blocks everyone who disagrees with his fringe-left idiocy? 😆

      • Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

        Aaron just doesn’t get that Stompy is his leader. And that he must block and mute accordingly or feel the block/mute wrath himself of the fearsome, superior and powerful Stompy Chubbyfoot.

      • ISpeakJive says:

        Trying to control what comes thru your mentions is a serious case of Whack-A-Mole. Why bother? Why try to be such an unhinged control-freak? It’s healthier to just let it be.

        But Chunky is obsessed about “fighting” everyone he comes into contact with on Twitter. Sure, block a dozen people a day. There’s only 50 million more where that came from. It’s irrational.

        Pay me thru GoFundMe or Paypal so I can keep blocking trolls on muh Twitter!!!!
        What a sham. What a scam!

  53. Juan Epstein says:

    Nice to see the Independent Journalist has regressed back to his pre-election far left Bernie Bro self.



  54. Octopus says:

    Another Buddhist/Amish/Christian attack on innocent people, no doubt.

    • Octopus says:

      This is what Fatass is worried about:

      • OLT's Knows Who Did It says:

        • Arachne says:

          Also as was pointed out, the letters state “your fathers are DOGS.” Would a regular Christian white guy use that insult? This is considered a huge insult in the Muslim community but I seriously doubt that the average American knows that.

          FBI says they should be able to trace the letters. Refuse to call it a hate crime.

      • Arachne says:

        $50 says someone at the Mosque wrote it. Like all the others.

      • ISpeakJive says:

        We have 2 mosques in town. Three Imams in the last year have over-stayed their visas and are being held by ICE without bail waiting to be deported, being called Homeland security risks. They are fighting it, trying to sue to stay, saying they’re being targeted for being Muslims, but ICE is saying “Nope, you’re outta here, and we have our reasons.”

        Great, a nest of Jihadis right here in the middle of nowhere.

      • JimboXL says:


  55. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    Maybe the Pope should read a book about Castro? How on Earth could he send his condolences for a dictator that declared Cuba an atheist state and banned the Catholic church, persecuting the clergy and practitioners?

    Pope Francis Sends Condolences over ‘Sad News’ of Castro’s Death

    Baptized a Catholic as a child, Castro was educated by the Jesuit order to which Pope Francis belongs. Despite his religious upbringing, Castro was an avowed atheist throughout his life.

    Fidel Castro took power in Cuba in January 1959 after an armed insurgency that toppled dictator Fulgencio Batista, and he subsequently ruled Cuba with an iron fist for nearly 50 years. Castro declared Cuba to be an atheist state when he rose to power and suppressed the Catholic Church during his reign, expropriating Church properties, exiling or jailing priests and religious, closing Catholic schools, and banning the celebration of Christian holidays.

    In his marriages he committed countless infidelities. He ruled by whim, confiscating whatever he wished, unjustly persecuting anyone who might counter him. He ordered the murder of innocent refugees trying to leave in a boat. And then proclaimed himself champion of the people. So I guess this fool pope bought that last bit and ignored the rest.

    Fidel Castro is often portrayed as the “benevolent” dictator of Cuba, such portrayals are unarguably wrong. The evidence of his bloodthirsty and murderous nature is unequivocal and available for anyone who wants to know the truth. Unfortunately such evidence is rarely discussed by the news media and at schools. There’s perhaps no more grizzly atrocity committed by Fidel Castro than the firing squads which he implemented. Beginning as a rebel, before he would eventually take power in Cuba, Fidel Castro used firing squad executions to enforce discipline, punish followers deemed disloyal or intimidate potential opposition. At the beginning of the Castro regime there was a reign of terror typical of revolutions in which the firing squad was used prominently but the executions continued for decades.

    The Cuba Archive which documents deaths and disappearances resulting from Fidel Castro’s Cuban revolution has documented 3,615 firing squad executions conducted by the Cuban state since Castro took over on January 1, 1959.

    Opponents of the death penalty should be horrified at the amount of death Fidel Castro and his accomplices have directly caused. It’s important to note that in Revolutionary Cuba there are none of the due process guarantees found in a western-style democracy. Most of Castro’s firing squad victims were afforded only a perfunctory show trial the outcome of which was predetermined, some didn’t even get that. Ernesto “Ché” Guevara is a popular culture icon, his face adorns posters and t-shirts around the globe. Most people don’t realize that he was Fidel Castro’s chief enforcer and had a personal hand in at least 100 firing squad executions, often delivering the coup de grace personally. In response to questions about Castro’s firing squads Guevara once said, “To send men to the firing squad, judicial proof is unnecessary. These procedures are an archaic bourgeois detail. This is a revolution. And a revolutionary must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate.”

  56. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    Genocide-Threatening Letters Sent to Three California Mosques
    46 minutes ago

    Another day another islamophobia hoax. Muslim haters send letters. Infidel haters commit mass murder. Yet Stompy is only concerned with the former and not the latter which, ya know way over-hyped.

  57. kbdabear says:


    Yet he swallows the baseless Russian hacking and “fake news” theory whole without question

    • Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

      Sure, it’s crazy to think that millions of illegals voted when Preezydunce Obungle himself encouraged them to.

    • Minnow-redux says:

      Like you would know what is accurate, and what is false.

      Hahahahahahaha. Charles, you are such a talentless idiot.

    • ISpeakJive says:

      He didn’t say millions of illegals voted, he said millions voted illegally. That means there were lots of dead people, lots of green card holders, lots of people voting twice, lots of people voting in precincts they don’t live in, lots of absentee ballot shenanigans with people requesting ballots for people who used to live at the address, but moved, etc.

      But these yahoos have it in their heads that he only means illegal aliens voting. I’m sure there are a bunch of those, as well, but that’s not the whole story.

      And Chunky parrots the meme that Donald doesn’t have any evidence. How would he know if he does or not?

      • Arachne says:

        And why is it that all reports of machines “switching” votes all said votes either switched to Clinton or would not permit a vote for Trump? Where are all the reports of the machines switching from Clinton to Trump?

        There weren’t any.

        And Fartso, you’re a bigger fool that we all thought if you really don’t believe there weren’t probably at least a million votes for Beastie illegally cast or cast by illegals in California.

      • Bunk X says:

        I saw two of them side by side in our small precinct. Each came in separately (yet within minutes of each other) both had similar stories. Each were given provisional ballots. Whether or not they were verified later is up for conjecture.

    • Arachne says:

      Since you won’t do your homework, investigative journalist, I will:

      They use big words, research and statistics. You might want to ask GUS to interpret for you.

  58. Minnow-redux says:

    I see Obama’s refugee program is living up to expectations in Ohio.

    Very sad. Very inexcusably sad………

  59. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    OSU attack looking more and more like a lone wolf Muzzie rampage.

    OSU Terror Suspect Identified: 20-year-old Abdul Artan from Somalia

    Jim Hoft Nov 28th, 2016 1:46 pm 118 Comments

    At least 8 people were injured in an incident at Ohio State University.

    An Ohio State spokesman says the suspect rammed a group of students then exited vehicle and stabbed several individuals with a butcher knife.
    Some students were stabbed, others injured after being hit by a vehicle.

    • kbdabear says:

      Although Toot is heartbroken that the attacker wasn’t a heavily armed tattooed white guy with a Ford F-250 wearing a MAGA hat, he can still sound the alarm over “RACIST COMMENTS AT BREITBART”

      Attacker was a Somali Muslim who didn’t have a gun and used his car and a knife to attack the victims.

      But fear not, our Race Detective is correlating hate comments and anti-Muslim tweets as we speak!

  60. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    Which is why he’s so loved by the progressives. They embrace a man who’s done all of these things listed below very warmly. And at the same time accuse Trump (who’s never held any power) of planning on doing all of these things.


    ●He turned Cuba into a colony of the Soviet Union and nearly caused a nuclear holocaust.

    ●He sponsored terrorism wherever he could and allied himself with many of the worst dictators on earth.

    ●He was responsible for so many thousands of executions and disappearances in Cuba that a precise number is hard to reckon.

    ●He brooked no dissent and built concentration camps and prisons at an unprecedented rate, filling them to capacity, incarcerating a higher percentage of his own people than most other modern dictators, including Stalin.

    ●He condoned and encouraged torture and extrajudicial killings.

    ●He forced nearly 20 percent of his people into exile, and prompted thousands to meet their deaths at sea, unseen and uncounted, while fleeing from him in crude vessels.

    ●He claimed all property for himself and his henchmen, strangled food production and impoverished the vast majority of his people.

    ●He outlawed private enterprise and labor unions, wiped out Cuba’s large middle class and turned Cubans into slaves of the state.

    ●He persecuted gay people and tried to eradicate religion.

    ●He censored all means of expression and communication.

    • Octopus says:

      Chunky modeled his blog administration policies on the governing style of Castro, starting on “The Night Of The Long Knives.” This was precipitated by his straight-arm from Pam, which sent him into an emotional and psychological tailspin which has only worsened over time.

  61. Octopus says:

    To Andrea Mitchell, Castro’s reign of iron-fisted terror was Camelot. 😆

    Dumb cluck.

  62. Arachne says:

    New York Times has published exclusive photo of OSU attacker. Quick – give the scoop to Fatso:

  63. Octopus says:


  64. Octopus says:

    Was the OSU terrorist inspired more by ISIS or by our own SJW Media? Seems like a toss-up.

    “I wanted to pray in the open, but I was scared with everything going on in the media. I’m a Muslim, it’s not what the media portrays me to be. If people look at me, a Muslim praying, I don’t know what they’re going to think, what’s going to happen. But, I don’t blame them. It’s the media that put that picture in their heads so they’re just going to have it and it, it’s going to make them feel uncomfortable. I was kind of scared right now. But I just did it. I relied on God. I went over to the corner and just prayed.”

  65. Octopus says:

    Interesting speculation about the Haggard Would-Be Queen. Seriously, what does she have to gain by joining in this absurd charade? Just seems like more bad judgment by her and her team. I agree with Simon — let the investigations of everything run free, and lead where they will. Release Hell.

    • Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

      And notice how the MSM have suddenly developed amnesia about that “great American tradition” of never challenging an election result even if you’re being cheated against?? And if you, then that automatically disqualifies you for ever taking public office ever again! EVER! LOL!

      And Shrillery herself in the last debate said that questioning an election result “is denigrating” our fantastic awesome democracy.

      Of course, everyone knew when she said it she’s just a lying cow. Her lefturd and MSM supporters knew she was just spouting stupidity and of course didn’t care that it’s lies if it convinced some moron rube to vote for her.

  66. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    Michael Mann and Fatso McChubbyfeet could not be reached for comment.

    This has been evident for several years even to a non-expert like me. And one of the reasons why I’ve called bullshit on the Climate hoax all along. The AGW then disruption and now Climate Change liars never speak of such things that have a real effect on climate. And this just suggests a mini ice age aka a solar minimum. But think of it. There’s no known civilizations prior to the last real ice age. It gives one pause how monumentally impactful and focusing that event must have been on modern humans (and likely ended Neanderthals). All known civilization has arisen since then. Think of what might happen when it comes back. And it will. Half the planet, covered in ice. Think of the wars for resources, the starvation. Billions probably WILL die. Not from runaway heat. But from the terrifying cold of space while the sun rests.

    • Octopus says:

      It’s so true — if only it was true, that mankind could forestall the onset of the Next Ice Age by warming up the planet a few degrees. Sorry, kids. System’s too big for us. Can’t control Teh Sun. 😦

  67. kbdabear says:

    This is rich coming from Toot, who wants prison terms for speech he doesn’t like

  68. Arachne says:

    Do you think Fatso is just green as hell with envy at the way Jill (Bev Harris 2.0) Stein managed to con people out of $7 million in just a week?

    • Minnow-redux says:

      Well, Arachne you do of course remember that Charles did at one point consider medicine as a career path. So who knows how that might have turned out….

      Then he realized he would need to finish High School and quickly lost interest. You know, not cuz he couldn’t have done it if he had wanted to.

      Much like his interest and potential successful career choice as a Biologist, Rocket Scientist, Nuclear Engineer, race car driver, musician…. etc.

      Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Musician!!! Hahahahahahahahahaahahahaha.

  69. ISTE says:


    What is this?