How did Charles Johnson react to the Election? By going scooters.

little-flat-green-footballToo much whiny hyperbole over at The Swamp today to choose from, so we lifted a short Twitter convo instead.

2016-election-cj-2 2016-election-cj-3

Angry, despondent and they’re eating their own. Maybe it’s because of the steady drumbeat of garbage like this:


3 Comments on “How did Charles Johnson react to the Election? By going scooters.”

  1. Abu says:

    WTF? Iron Fist rule? Newer thread has 8 comments.

  2. Pakimon says:

    Looks like Daedalus accidentally stepped on Briareus’ thread!

    So quiet and lonely…

    Well, to spruce up the place and celebrate Abu’s comment being first, I present another salute to our new First Lady! 😀

  3. Briareus says:

    There was nothing in the queue. Someone’s posting from outside the box. 😀