Grounds for blocking on Twitter

Charles just gets more and more pathetic on Twitter.


Charles was one of the innovators of the safe space.

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  1. Octopus says:

    The butthurt of “journalists” who are outraged that the self-identified Liberal MSM didn’t portray Trump’s speech as Hitlerian demagoguery. 😆

    Read through Walsh’s timeline and note the complete disconnection from reality among her cohorts. They actually believe the media has been supporting Trump. It boggles the mind.

    • Octopus says:

      RT @JoyAnnReid: This reads like a pre-written story completely divorced from the actual speech. What gives, @nytimes?…
      6 hours ago
      What the hell.… @mattyglesias @patrickhealynyt
      6 hours ago

      Chunky is super-worried. 😆

    • OLT's Knows Who Did It says:

      Prove that you’re “mainstream” or a “journalist”, Joan. I’ll spot you American.

  2. Octopus says:

    I think all the “journalists” need to learn how to practice safe speech, because they’re creating microaggressions against Chunky, Walsh and other special people. Here are some tips.

    Rutgers: to avoid microaggressions, only speak when ‘necessary’

    Amber Athey
    Amber Athey
    Investigative Reporter
    on Aug 31, 2016 at 4:55 PM EDT

    Students in at least one Rutgers University residence hall are being encouraged to use only language that is “helpful” and “necessary” to avoid committing microaggressions.
    The display, which is part of the school’s “Language Matters” campaign, also includes hand-written definitions of the three types of microaggressions, as well as a flyer listing potentially-offensive words and phrases.

    Students in at least one Rutgers University residence hall are being encouraged to use only language that is “helpful” and “necessary” to avoid committing microaggressions.

    The display, photos of which were obtained by Campus Reform, is titled “Language Matters: Think,” and was placed in the College Avenue Apartments by a resident assistant, according to a current resident of the building who does not wish to be identified.

    Victims of microaggressions are “more at risk for illness & decreased immune system.” Tweet This

    Erected as part of the university’s “Language Matters” campaign, the bulletin board instructs students to ask themselves whether their choice of words is “true,” “helpful,” “inspiring,” “necessary,” and “kind” before speaking out, and also includes a list of potentially-offensive terms, such as “retarded” and “illegal aliens.”

    The board warns students that failing to follow these guidelines could lead them to commit a microaggression, which include “microassaults,” “microinsults,” and “microinvalidations.”

    Also included on the bulletin board is a flyer from the “Language Matters” campaign, an initiative launched by the Center for Social Justice Education and LGBT Communities some time during the 2015 fall semester.

    The flyer, which was adapted from the University of Maryland’s “Inclusive Language Campaign,” lists various terms that some people might find offensive, presenting scenarios such as saying “he looks like a terrorist” to someone who is “a United States veteran;” using the phrase “that’s so ghetto” around someone who “grew up in poverty;” and commenting that an “exam just raped me” in the presence of “a survivor of sexual assault.”

    The “Language Matters” website includes a presentation similar in nature to the flyer, outlining the “big impact” of “little things” and providing examples of the three types of microaggressions.

    A microassault may include “avoiding someone,” for instance, while an example of a microinsult is telling someone they are strong for a girl. A microinvalidation, meanwhile, could involve asking an Asian or Latino person where they are from.

    [RELATED: Rutgers: No such thing as ‘free’ speech]

    Simply avoiding offensive language, however, is not enough according to Rutgers, which claims that microaggressions can also be “nonverbal” and “environmental,” but fails to elaborate further.

    Rutgers also has a Bias Prevention Education Team that handles reports of microaggressions and other “bias incidents,” which experienced a surge of reports after alt-right commentator Milo Yiannopoulos visited campus last semester, the anonymous student claimed. Liberal students memorably protested the event by covering themselves in fake blood, but still complained vehemently that the university had tolerated what they deemed “hate speech.”

    [RELATED: Rutgers students smear themselves with fake blood to protest ‘Most Dangerous Faggot’]

    Rutgers president Robert Bachi defended Yiannopoulos’ right to speak on campus despite expressing views that may be considered offensive, but the “Language Matters” campaign contradicts that message through 60- to 90-minute workshops examining how “negatively charged words…create a damaging environment for all of society,” during which presenters seek “to demonstrate how microagressions hinder our ability to have a diverse and inclusive society/community.”

    The bulletin board in the College Avenue Apartments building admits that so-called microaggressions are often unintentional, but preemptively rejects the notion that promoting inclusive language is “making a big deal out of nothing.”

    According to the display, even though microaggressions are “not the same thing as hate crimes or overt bigotry,” they still affect victims “physically, emotionally, [and] behaviorally,” placing them “more at risk for illness & decreased immune system.” 😆

    Representatives for Rutgers are currently looking into the matter for Campus Reform, and have promised to provide additional details about the “Language Matters” bulletin board. This article will be updated once that information is received.

    • Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

      How about STFU and take the “microaggression” knocks and learn what life’s all about. You might meet a big white dude who says “Howdy, where y’all from?”. Just roll with it. Ask him where he’s from. You may be surprised. The USA is a big place. If you’d followed these rules and you met Barack Obungle in college you’d never have known he’s interestingly born in Kenya, raised in Indonesia as a Muslim and later lived with his racist grandparents in Hawaii.

    • ISpeakJive says:

      You mean I can make people literally sick by calling them retards? What awesome power!

  3. Just wondering if Chuckes’s new ‘GiveMeMoney’ Initiatitive is the same raging success as his previous GoFundMe

    • Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

      I can’t imagine there’s much chance. Everyone can see he’s just another online political liar spouting disingenuous concern hyperbole, completely unhinged from reality. Many of his butt buddies on Twitter are trying to do the same thing with little financial success. They’re certainly not going to donate to each other. Chunk needs to get a job at the Quickie Mart.

    • Arachne says:

      Oh there’s a new one? I had to click on his site today to check on something for my “Night of Long Knives” anniversary thread at the Mother Ship tonight and the FIRST thing that pops up is “give me money.”

      • rightymouse says:

        I went to take a look at the stupid comments at LGF on the first Trump page and the first thing that popped up was a Trump ad paid for by Trump. I LOL’d so hard I hurt myself. 😆

  4. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    Why doesn’t Chunky ever decry the fact that he can’t just walk across the border to Mey-heeco without getting shot by their border guards? Doesn’t that make the Mexicans racists?

  5. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    White Supremacists Absolutely Loved Trump’s Anti-Immigrant Speech in Phoenix
    2 hours ago

    OMG! You have to see this. He has a picture of a 1950s Klan Rally, white robes and all. What a fucking idiot.

    Right Fatso and these Mexican drug lords are for Shitlery. After all, they threatened Trump. They want open borders and free guns from the moron leftist US government to shoot our border agents with and to home invade US border residents.

  6. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    So what they’re saying is they hate white people? That’s pretty much what I’m getting from all this hyperventilation over Trump talking to their Preezydunce.

  7. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    The Supreme Court Just Blocked North Carolina’s Sweeping Voting Restrictions
    2 hours ago

    Otherwise known as a BIG WIN for systematized Demoncrap voter fraud. Only a moron thinks minorities are incapable of getting some form of ID. Only a progturd pretends asking citizens to be responsible and not impulsive children is racist.

    • mfhorn says:

      The concern is that a certain percentage of minorities don’t have a birth certificate. I’d be happy if they’d allow a bill, even a statement from a doctor’s office or dental office. Heck, let people register under any name they want, but require fingerprint ID. If you want to register under ‘Donald Duck’, great. If you try to register as ‘Mickey Mouse’, your prints will match and you’ll be permanently banned from voting.

      Of course, being printed will be called ‘raaaaacist’, and traumatic for minorities, because it’ll seem like we’re calling them criminals.

  8. ISpeakJive says:

    • Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

      It’s an excuse for a federal bailout of a spectacular Demoncrap failure.

      • Octopus says:

        The black-on-brown race war that would result would be semi-entertaining to watch, though. Another Dhimmicratic Success Story! With car-bombs and whatnot.

  9. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    Boring journalism is boring. They’re boring us to death with emails and servers while other things are going on.
    24 minutes ago

    Gus is getting tired of politics now that it’s clear his candidate is a nothing more than a lying, cheating, money grubbing, intept and unpleasant POS.

  10. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    Facebook satellite on SpaceX rocket Face plants as rocket explodes. The Facebook satellite was supposed to provide free internet to all the poor pipples in the sub-Saharan. Which is why you want to avoid investing in companies with whacko activist owners and CEOs. They just vaporized $150 million smackeroos. Hopefully their starry-eyed shareholders won’t mind eating that.

    • Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

      This is also egg on that jerk Elon Musk’s face who dreams up nifty super-expensive things no one but rich fan boys wants to buy but libturd pols are happy to subsidize with taxpayer money. We already have a space program. But I bet we’re subsidizing this idiot’s space debacle just like his never-ready batteries and fancy pants cars.

      NASA can send robots to Mars flawlessly. Why don’t they, whom we already fund send up the satellite and charge Zuckerbutt?

      • OLT's Knows Who Did It says:

        Because NASA’s primary mission is outreach to Muslims.

        Most of SpaceX’s folks are former NASA and contractors, and they have done a pretty good job of freeing themselves from Gubmint restraints but not so much Gubmint money.

      • OLT's Knows Who Did It says:

        I worked for Lockheed 1985-1993 and then a smaller Johnson Space Center contractor so I’m not talking out of my ass about this like Stalker Charles.

    • kingkuffa says:

      Speaking of whacko activist projects, Ken O’Keefe was promoting his “World Citizen Solution” project back in December as a way for people to free themselves from being forced to fund “endless neocon wars for Israel” and all that good stuff. Well, apparently O’Keefe’s solution was to take the $119,000 he received in donations from his fellow world citizens and use it to fund his retirement in Dominica with his new (20 years younger) girlfriend.

  11. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    From 4 hours ago:

    Tesla Plans to Raise Funds this Year to Tackle Cash Crunch

    I know. Me too. I’m building a rotating space elevator thingy and a teleporter/food fabricator that will cure hunger and slash travel prices simultaneously. I just need some foolish idiots to back me.

    Seriously GoFundMe can get you a good extra 3 grand if you’re willing to wait a year or so.
    – Chunky McFatso, CEO of LGF, Twitter ontrepa…enterapa….uh…business milyo guy.

  12. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    Great feel good libturd story. Hypocrite and short movie actor Clooney (he’s only 5’9″ so they have to make him taller than an avg woman in high heels) lives in a giant 100 room mansion with his wife and probably some servants. While hundreds of migrants sleep outside. What a jerk libturds are.

    I bet Chunky’s never donated any money or time to immigrants or poor people. Just mouths off like a jerk on the internet everyday calling other people racists. If he had he’d be crowing about it and advocating it to everyone.

  13. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    WTF? You can tell by the pic that Matt Lauer who was probably hatched by a Satan/she-wolf mating thinks Shitlery is his real Mama. It’s ridiculous.

    I hope The Donald or one of his sons corners him beforehand and threatens him with bodily harm if he’s not fair.

  14. OLT's Knows Who Did It says:

    Trump or no Trump, ex Presidente Fox can blow me.

    Hombre needs to STFU, seriously. Prick. Did NOTHING for his country.

    Shut your piehole and go away, dumbass.

    • Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

      The drug cartels flourished under his “leadership”. Makes you wonder who he really worked for. And now he’s all profane and giving the finger to an American candidate. Yes just like Donald said, you’re sending us your worst because you can’t control your border. Your criminals escape to America and get treated like refugees. It’s not right and we get that you don’t care about Americans.

  15. rightymouse says:

    What a surprise!! Not! Top Jeb Bush donor is for Billary.

  16. pineapple says:

    We don’t want this sort of thing happening in our White House VOTE TRUMP!