CFJ & LGF on the RNC leads to ZZZ

Yeah, I did.  I wandered over to The Swamp to see what brilliant commentary I could find knowing it was a lost cause. I wasn’t disappointed, and the cause remains lost.

LGF GOP Convention 1

Amazing. So I decided to move to the following thread to see what Charlie The Chin Farmer was paying attention to:

LGF GOP Convention 2

“Look how stupid they are.”
“Yeah. OMG they’re stupid.”
“They’re REALLY stupid.”
“I’ve never heard anything this stupid.”

I couldn’t take much more as the rest of the comments were just as inane, sprinkled with Charles’ witty bitty Twittys, and his big buggy website kept crashing my plugin container. With content like that, it’s only a matter of time before Charles has to pay someone to buy his Little Green Footballs. Ride the Decline.