Mr. Toot takes an ironic swipe at Dennis (or is it Denise?) Raimondo

As you all know one of the biggest puss bags on the Internet is Dennis “Justin” Raimondo – a gay, World War II Imperial Japan loving, anti-Semitic jerk who is also a 9/11  truther (i.e. “the dancing Israelis” and “What did Mossad know?’).  In many ways Mr. Toot is a soul mate of Justina Denise in that they both hate Republicans and Israel – so it is funny if they get into a flame war on the Internet. My money would be on Denise, er Dennis, I mean Justin over Mr. Toot.

Pal Raimondo

“Welcome To Little Green Footballs, Pussy.”

Bernie 1

We spotted this oddity a while ago, and it got our attention due to the sudden downdings. What did newcomer “One Last Buddha” write to deserve them? Did the term “Berniacs” stir up the LGF Hive? Here’s the gist of what followed:

Bernie 2

Lotta fish in that barrel to shoot and Charles can only respond with, “Wut?” LMAO at Decatur Deb‘s comment No. 9 about the “Bernie kids,” but she’s correct for once.

[Note that sometime later Charles put Buddha’s Comment No. 3 behind an LGF ClickWall.]

So here comes a new guy, presumably writing at Little Green Footballs for the first time, who posts a vague opinion page, gets jumped, adds a few mea culpas in the thread, and the LGF hive still pounces with downdings and snide comments.

One Last Buddha” gave it one last shot:

Bernie 3

Very polite and congenial, and it garnered a very polite and congenial response from a typical Little Green Lizard-Lapper:

Bernie 3a

“I AM Little Green Footballs. It’s only me.” – Charles F. Johnson, three chins ago.