@Gus_802 Addresses… Someone. [Update: We Got Chumped.]

Gus Story

Yep. That’s Gus Ignatowski from 2010.


@Gus_802 quit Twitter in 2013 (yeah, right). Meanwhile, A Little Birdy sent us this. It contains an odd message:

Gus 802 Spazzout

Here’s the unedited graphically-enhanced version for your viewing pleasure:

GUS Twitter Header Enlarged

Bizarre. Was Gus sending a message to a fellow Lizard, was he referring to himself, or was it an impulsive cagey crit of Charles F. Johnson? Either and/or any way it’s been deleted, and you got our attention again, Gusano.

[h/t @SemperBanU. Related posts here.]

[Update – Apparently we got chumped by @SemperBanU who scotched Gus_802’s Twitterheader without letting us know it was a hoax. Give us a headslurp next time, Semp.]