But I played with Al Jarreau! Addendum: Mr. Toot’s take on the Democrat debate

It’s become obvious Charles Johnson needs a a new hobby. One activity that many Americans are embracing are drones. They are entertaining and challenging at the same time, plus just outright fun.

In this video a bunch of fools flew their drone around LA’s skid Row. As you can see, it almost did not end well for them,.

If Charles had been confronted by gangsters for flying a drone, I could see a stupid response from him. Mr. Toot would say that he played with Al Jarreau and supports Black Lives Matter. None of this would have done him any good with the Bloods or Crips.

Speaking of AL Jarreau, Charles was not performing with him in the below video.

This was one of Al’s biggest hits and Icarus was not on it!

Addendum: Mr. Toot who is a jerk of all trades and master of none, gives his take on the Democrat debate. He goes after Jim Webb, who was the only sane Democrat on that stage and sings the praises of Hillary Clinton.

Dem Debate Dem Debate2

I hope Charles is getting paid to write this crap.