On The Origin Of The Phrase “Little Green Footballs.”

There’s been some mystery surrounding the name “Little Green Footballs,” and Charles Johnson’s always been cagey about it. When asked about the meaning, he responds in vague terms: “I’m not at liberty to say.”

I suspect he’s embarrassed to admit that he was once an insecure pill-popper who had an affinity for Xanax. The following is from a Q&A drug forum:

Here’s another.


Xanax has been around a long time under different street names, and has been identified as a drug prone for abuse. Yes, Charles Johnson has never confessed to drug abuse, but

…this explains a lot.

Oh, and Charles, since you don’t read here, if this premise is incorrect, and the phrase “Little Green Footballs” has nothing to do with drugs, let us know and we’ll correct the record. Honest.

Master debater shows off his skills!

No one in e world can touch the awesome debating skills of Mr. Toot. In a Twitter exchange.  the master debater shows his the prowess of his untouchable analysis.



Socrates would be proud of Mr. Toot’s debating skills!