“She misses the way it used to be.”

Mandy Nagy

Mandy Nagy is recovering from a massive stroke she suffered 6 September 2014.

Mandy’s personal friend Bill Jacobson has been posting updates periodically on Legal-Insurrection. Here are recent entries in sequential order:

Update 8:30 a.m. 12-30-2014 — Mandy’s mom conveys that Mandy can walk very short distances with help, a left walker and a leg brace. She needs help with everything else. Improvement in her speech has been slow. She understands much of what is said to her but not everything. She has lost some of her memory and she does not recognize some simple tasks, words, objects and people she once knew. She is starting to get interested in current events and watches the news.

(added) Mandy’s mother has posted an update tonight at the fundraising page:

This New Year’s Eve Mandy is home. Different therapists come to the home to provide rehab. She can walk short distances with my help and a left handed walker. She still has no use of her right arm but can feel some sensation. In addition to her IPad that has Apps on it, she is now using a speech recognition device which will help her to communicate. She understands most of what is said to her but cannot respond verbally. Surgery to re-attach her skull is scheduled for Jan. 8th. She is deeply touched and so very grateful to everyone who has donated, sent notes and gifts, prayers and good wishes. I believe 2015 is going to be a good year. Happy and healthy New Year to everyone.

Folks, this will be a long road for Mandy. Please consider donating to her fundraiser if you have not already, or a second donation if you have already donated. PLEASE CONTRIBUTE.

You can pay by credit card at the GoFundMe page:

You also can pay by check, payable to the “Mandy Nagy Supplemental Needs Trust” at the following address:

Mandy Nagy Supplemental Needs Trust
P.O. Box 33
Liberty Corner, NJ 07938

Update 9:25 a.m. 2-13-2015

Mandy’s Mom writes at the Fundraising Page:

Mandy’s surgery on Jan. 8, 2015 was good with no complications. Her skull is back and now she can grow her hair back. She was slower and weaker than usual after it, but now she is back on track.

For weeks, several different therapists came to our home for rehab. But now that has ended and she begins outpatient rehab next week.

She still cannot speak except for a few words, i.e., Yes, no, and Oh my God. She understands most of what is said to her, however, she cannot respond verbally. She has a speech generating device that helps somewhat with some of her needs. But back and forth conversation is frustrating for her.

She is in good spirits and still has her sense of humor. Our three King Charles Cavalier Spaniels are constant companions for her and she enjoys them very much. Good thing she likes animals.

Her walking has gotten better to the point I can let her walk on her own with a walker on her left side and without me holding on to her.

She has lost some of her memory. Hopefully someday she will get it back.

I show her the donations and good wishes everyone posts and sends. She is very grateful and touched by it.

Again, thank you everyone. Ginny Nagy

Mandy’s Mom further wrote to me: “Although I try often to get her interested in the internet, she still shows no interest.” At least she has her priorities straight!

Update 2:35 p.m. 4-4-2015

Mandy’s Mom writes at the Fundraising Page:

Thank you to everyone for all of your kind notes, prayers and donations. I apologize for not posting updates more often. Mandy sees each post and is very touched that there are so many people who care about her. I know she misses the way it used to be.

Mandy has gotten to the point where she can walk short distances around the house and outside with a walker or pronged cane without my holding on to her. She wears a brace on her right leg. She is very slowly doing more things on her own. She does not have use of her right arm.

Speaking is still very difficult for her because she knows what she wants to say but doesn’t know how to yet. She has a speech generating device that helps her to form words and learn language starting with the alphabet. Her neurologist has said that almost all of the cells on the left side of the brain have been destroyed. Those cells cannot come back, but the right side can compensate and learn to do some of the things the left side used to do. I see improvement but it can take months/years to come about. She goes to outpatient rehab almost every day for PT, OT and Speech Therapy. She is beginning to look like herself again since her hair is now growing back and she has started wearing her glasses. She can read a little but cannot write since she doesn’t know language yet.

At this point she still needs around the clock care. But slowly she will learn to do some of those things on her own. Our long term goal is to eventually get her in her own apartment with a live-in caregiver. I won’t always be here for her and I am not getting any younger.

I will need to find someone kind, capable and willing to replace me. She remains positive and in good spirits.

Ginny Nagy

Mandy, we miss you.

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11 Comments on ““She misses the way it used to be.””

  1. Minnow says:

    Someone pass me the box of Kleenex. It appears I have something in my eye.

    If this doesn’t prove that health is the most valuable thing in the world – then nothing does.

    My most sincere best wishes to Mandy and anyone else experiencing health issues.

  2. Han Yolo says:

    For a while, Mandy was one of Fatty’s favorite targets. I wonder if Chunk feels bad for bra-snapping her all of those times?

    Nah, probably not, he’s most likely laughing it up and celebrating with a 2 liter of Mt. Dew and a fruit bowl full of Cheetos.

  3. just truth says:

    too bad it wasnt charles instead of mandy

  4. Minnow says:

    So amazing…. went over wading through the swamp. Got back and had to close four pop up ads AND run Windows Defender because of one of the pop ups.

    I need a shower.

    Oh – and, as for the content over there?

    Whine, whine, whine about the Civil War.

    Somehow, these idiots casually disregard the fact that the Civil War FREED the slaves….. AND that the North was led by Abraham Lincoln – you know – the “Democrat” from Illinois who founded the Grand Old Party in Ripon, Wisconsin.

    Those pesky little facts don’t seem to interfere to much with the psychotic dialogue over there that somehow seems to be tying the current conservative movement with the Rebels of the South.

    Talk about cognitive dissonance.

    • Arachne says:

      And it was the DEMOCRATS in the South fighting “for” slavery. Actually, that is not true. I would wager that 100% of the foot soldiers in the Confederacy did not own slaves. They were fighting for “state’s rights” which has become a dirty phrase in the American culture. Of course, when viewed through the prism of modern times, it is difficult, with our fabulous centralized from the top-down federal government, that in the 1860’s Americans, especially Southerners, viewed the “STATE” as their home, their country, and the concept of America was not as concrete in governance as it is today.

      Prior to the Civil War (or, as it was referred to by my teachers up until I left in 1963) the “War of Northern Aggression”), Robert E. Lee was a distinguished military leader for the United States Army – he left and fought for the Confederacy not because he believed in slavery – he didn’t – but because his “country” was Virginia and Virginia had seceded. He would not take up arms on behalf of Abraham Lincoln to fight fellow Virginians.

  5. rightymouse says:

    As a stroke survivor, my thoughts and prayers are with Mandy. Her stroke was horrific. 😦

  6. Pakimon says:

    My best wishes to Mandy for her continued recovery.

  7. Pakimon says:

    It doesn’t feel right to mock and bash The Chunkster and Gus on this thread so I’m off to the previous thread.

  8. Octopus says:

    Mandy’s story is a tough one. Best wishes to her and her mother.

    Here’s something inspiring, to buck up some spirits. If you know Noah Galloway’s story, watching this performance has to tell you something about the human spirit. Something fine.

  9. Scoop Johnson - LGF REAL ACTUAL News says:

    I hope she can get back to the way it was before. The only thing about Chunky McFartbreath I will say is he’s never shown one iota of compassion or sympathy for bloggers who were former friends who have seen this kind of misfortune. That’s because he’s a vicious little pustule with no space in his withered heart for any general humanity or kindness.