Charles Johnson’s Stealth Dinger, The 2015 VA Senate Bill & Hillary’s Night Gallery Pants

The Swamp was discussing The Restoration Act [Senate Bill S.1982] of 2015 and how the 114th Congress GOP majority defeated it. The proposed Act expands VA benefits to veterans injured outside of military service to include injuries sustained in the private sector and more. Nevermind that the same Bill was defeated in the 113th Dem-controlled Congress, and finding the vote tallies (from both 2014 and 2015) escapes my random sleuthing because I’d rather talk about Little Green Footballs.

Looky here:

Hidden Dork 1

Seems that Charles has updated his downdinger algorithm to automatically hide contrarian points of view, i.e., those who are deluged with LGF negative karma downdings like Dork Falcon.

[BTW, lizard “WhatEVs” (aka “Just Jay”) needs a lesson on Sciency Things. One strand of DNA from VJJ’s hair can exculpate/exonerate him/her as one of Charles Johnson’s progeny. I suggest that VJJ stop spitting out his/her Sugar-Free Trident and start policing his/her local sidewalks just in case the wads are one of his/her own and he/she’s got an outstanding traffic warrant or worse. Just sayin’.]

So what eggshell did Dork Falcon step on to deserve The New Little Green Footballs Hide Function? This:

Hidden Dork 2

Yeah, Dork Falcon missed the point completely, but he’s there as an example as to what may happen to one’s honestly posted opinions on Little Green Footballs.

Oh, I almost forgot – Hillary’s Billseye Un-Photoshopped Target Pants. Stay clear of that squid beak.

Hillary Pants