Strawmen On The March: LGF on the KKK

Some of the Little Green Racists’ KKK garbage was addressed in a previous post, but it needs a tad more exploration. Looky:


That last image posted by Vicious Babuska aka Alouette was simply inane. “Spongebob Squarepants fan club meeting in Tyron’s mom’s basement.” Frat House humor at best, but let’s look at the insinuations promoted by Charles Johnson.

“People who join the KKK are not well, by definition.”

What a vague statement that is, but the intent is clear.  Members of the KKK are deranged, and I agree, just like I agree with the fact that the “New” Black Panthers and the NeoNazis are deranged. The NeoNazis have very little political power in this country (unlike the New Black Panthers) but we’re talking about the KKK here, only because Charles Johnson hocked up a little green loogie, spat it on the Rec Room floor, and refuses to pick it up and put it back where it came from.

So I wondered, who held serious political power while being a member of the KKK, and what was their political party affiliation?

Harry S. Truman – [D] US President 1945–1953
Robert C. Byrd – [D] US Senator, 1959–2010
Hugo Black – [D] Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court 1937-1971
Theodore G. Bilbo – [D] Governor of Mississippi (2 terms: 1916–20, 1928–32) US Senator 1935-1947, self described white supremacist.
Rice W. Means – [R] US Senator Colorado 1916–20 and 1928–32
Bibb Graves – [D] Governor of Alabama 1927-1931 and 1935–1939
Edward L. Jackson – [R] Governor of Indiana 1925–1929
Clifford Walker – [D] Governor of Georgia 1923–1927
George Gordon– [D] Tennessee Congress Representative, became one of the Klan’s first members. In 1867, Gordon became the Klan’s first Grand Dragon for the Realm of Tennessee
John Clinton Porter – [D] Mayor of Los Angeles 1929-1933
David Duke – [D&R] General asswipe. Doesn’t count.

[Source: Wikipedia]

So, Charles, name one elected politician, Republican, Democrat or other,  who is currently a member of the KKK, or are you going to invent more strawmen?

Charles, you’re a mess.