Dr. Charles F. Johnson, BFD, Declares Ebola A Non-Threat And Dismisses Andrew Cuomo As A Retro-Alarmist.


Let’s look at Charles’ subtitles on the Ebola virus in sequence (and ignore that he stole and amateurishly modified the first image from “shutterstock”).

“When Blind Fear Determines Public Policy.”

Charles, when doctors and nurses, trained in fighting and preventing the spread of communicative diseases, are contracting an infectious disease with an unusually high mortality rate and a short incubation period, it seems that public policy is not determined by “blind fear” but by common sense and global septic practice.

“Pushing Back Against Ignorant Policy.”

When did the fight against disease become a left-wing / right-wing political battle?

“The Egregious Dishonesty Of A Right Wing Smear Merchant Continues.”

Did he reject your amorous advances, too? Damn, Charles. You just can’t win.

“The Walk Back.”

Oh wait. Cuomo’s a democrat. Must’ve been a typo, or maybe he’s just as nervous about an uncontrollable virus outbreak in a densely populated US city as the rest of us folk who were whelped with only one pair of xy chromosomes.


Q: Even the ulta-libs don’t believe what Dear Leader is telling us about Ebola (or anything else) so what does that make you, Charles?

A: A pantload.