You can’t hide your lyin’ eyes

During Johnson’s recent Twitter tantrum over Glen Greenwald’s link to the Diary of Daedalus, he got agitated enough to respond to some unflattering facts being presented concerning banishment of dissenting opinion from LGF. In these tweets, Charles makes a number of claims on which he was called by some rapscallion named @RocIngersoll, and which warrant deeper scrutiny by the BRC.




Let’s give Charles the benefit of the doubt and round his “more than 15,000” all the way up to 16,000.

  • We know that there are more than 36000 registered LGF user accounts, and
  • Charles claims that LGF has 16000 _active_ accounts, therefore
  • Charles has apparently blocked at least 20000 accounts.

Now let’s look at what Charles means by “_active_”.

  • Around 23000 accounts have left 1 or more comments at LGF, and
  • Around 13000 registered accounts have never posted, and
  • Of the accounts that have posted, about 7000 remain unblocked, therefore
  • Charles must count 9000 unhatched accounts as _active_

We’ll return to this issue of active LGF accounts a bit later…




The chart above depicts the number of accounts that permanently ceased posting to LGF within the previous 6 month period indicated on the bottom axis, grouped by current blocked status. For instance,

  • 964 LGF accounts posted their last during the period Jul-Dec 2006
  • Of these 320 (33%) are now blocked, while 644 are not
  • 2028 LGF accounts posted for the final time between Jul-Dec 2007
  • Of these, 2013 (99.2%) are now blocked, while 15 are not.

Charles claims “we [we, Charles?] automatically suspend accounts if they’re inactive for a certain amount of time”. What period of time is that? 10 years? Oh wait, Charles is on record stating that the inactivity limit is 6 months.

There is obvious evidence of a massive purge of the accounts which last posted during Charles’ Great Awakening between mid-2007 and early 2011. Thousands walked away from their accounts, and thousands of others were blocked as they individually incurred Charles’ wrath along the way.

But the BRC previously established that over 10000 of these accounts were blocked en masse at a later date, in a one-time event, sometime between March 2011 and March 2012. No inactivity timer played a role in the suspension of these accounts.

In addition, there is no evidence that any sort of automatic inactive account suspension has been in effect since that time. Quite to the contrary, the 6500 as yet unblocked accounts whose last posts were made between 6 months and 10 years ago prove otherwise.

Which takes us back to Charles’ _active_ account claim.

  • If LGF has 15000+ _active_ accounts (generously rounded to 16000, above), and
  • 9000 of them have never posted anything, and
  • 5500 haven’t posted for over 7 years, and
  • another 1000 have been silent for at least 6 months, then
  • LGF has less than 500 accounts that can reasonably be considered _active_


In an unprecedented series of admissions, Charles publicly set the record straight regarding the specious claims deconstructed above:



Who’d’ve ever believed it?

101 Comments on “You can’t hide your lyin’ eyes”

  1. just poop says:

    Looks like the global warming graph.

    no warming in 17 years
    essentially no new LGF members since 2010


    • Arachne says:

      Indeed. Johnson has registration perpetually open, instead of the occasional 30 min span that he used to have. Johnson used to advise the number of “hatchlings” and now says nothing. New Twitter followers, yea.

      The mood is strikingly different now. He needs to depend on faceless nameless twits to defend him – before if he posted hate mail (and not only did he post it verbatim, he also advised the origination data) he’d be adult about it and snarky in his response. Now? Hate mail references are nebulous, never posted for reading by the masses – just the “TEA Party is out to get me.” TEA Party could care less about Johnson. He’s defanged, declawed and deeesgusting. He could vanish tomorrow and no one would notice except this blog.

  2. just poop says:

    if Charles Johnson had a son, he would be Baghdad Jay Carney

    • Frank Sinclair says:

      Your daughter has a son, and his daddy is Charles Johnson.

      • Octopus says:

        That’s unpossible, Frank. Chunky-Poo Stabber has been shooting blanks his whole life, mostly into a sock, sometimes into the chubby houseboy (before he escaped).

  3. Octopus says:

    Gawd, he’s a dim-witted simpleton. 😆

    Speaking of which, me dear moonbat-auntie just posted this to Facebook:

    • rightymouse says:

      That’s typical liberal nonsense. They all tend to spout/knee-jerk hyperbolic bumper-sticker crap without stopping to think things through.

      • Octopus says:

        When they do try to think things through, it often comes out even worse. Once you’ve drunk the Kool-Aid, it gets all over everything.

      • rightymouse says:

        One time my moonbat mother decided to rag about fracking. She went on and on about people being able to light their tap water on fire. Hubby tried to reason with her, citing facts, and she didn’t want to hear it.

      • rightymouse says:

        She lives in Pennsylvania where it had been proven that methane was in the water before fracking ever started there. She didn’t want to hear about it.

      • Octopus says:

        Yeah, the fracking…my moonbat sis-in-law saw the eco-hysterical movie about that, last year. She was babbling about it at Christmas. I did a lot of smiling and nodding. It’s just not worth fighting over, in that situation.

  4. just poop says:

    I bid you a dude -Icarus #ReplaceFamousQuoteWithDude @diaryofdaedalus— Chuckles The Clown (@lozerdoid) May 2, 2014

    • buzzsawmonkey says:

      Your Last Posting
      (Los Angeles)

      –apologies to Robert Browning and “My Last Duchess”

      That’s your last posting ever on this blog,

      And henceforth your account is blocked. You’ll dog
My site no further with your words; your nic
Is banished, and I gave your posts the stick.

      You know I’ll call your banning here a “flounce”
      Though I’ve been waiting for some time to pounce
      On your account, and with prevarications
      Distort and demonize your observations.
      The Toad Hall where you reveled, if you please’ll
      Be given entire to the stoats and weasels,
My countenance beaming on each one that

      Comes to me bearing tales of Mole or Rat,

      Or Badger, or…sockpuppet. No, ‘t was not

      This writing only, placed you on the spot

      And caused me to invoke the ban: perhaps

      You chanced to differ with my own claptrap

      And stick to your position, or dispute

      Conventional wisdoms to which repute

      I’ve lately granted. Don’t you dare to say

      That I or my site might have lost their way

      Obsessing on my personal vendettas;

      I am neither forgiving nor forgetter,
And will not brook a failure of obeisance

      By anyone I feel owes me allegiance.
      Yes, I took Rather down, on grounds that he
      Could not support what he claimed factually;
      But now I set my sights at lower bar
      (On personalities, not things that are)
      While I squat ‘midst the wreckage I have made

      Like mad Kurtz ruling from his bush stockade,
Ringed ’round with skulls. For I no longer deign

      To weigh a fact itself; instead, maintain
That source determines truth, and to that end
      The nature of veracity I bend,
      Citing to midden-heaps of rankness such
That I would not long since have scorned to touch.
A turtle is a lizard in a shell,
      And I, lord of my self-created hell

      Remain King Yertle of the Turtle Stack
Exalted on my Posting Turtles’ backs–
      Yet conscious, as I proclaim my renown
It’s just posting turtles, all the way down, 

      Which is why I respond with rage and fear

      Should anyone mouth what I deem a sneer

      Or contradiction. So I flip a switch,
      And all posts stop together, with a bitch
Given reign of my elegant designs.

      Yet, if I still retained but half a spine
I would despise appearing to be led

      As I now seem to, by the lesser head.
Hark! Look you! See how Glenn Beck weeps!

      Do you not loathe the company he keeps
Regardless of whatever he might say?
      Here is the global warming word today;
Do not dissent, the banning stick is toward
I care for no voice save that of accord!

  5. Octopus says:

    The jealousy…IT BURNS!!! 😆

    • Juan Epstein says:

      Is he not using @ggreenwald anymore?

      Doesn’t this mean that Greenwald cant see these tweets?

  6. Octopus says:

    What is the reason LGF has been moribund for 6 years? Oh, now I remember…nobody gives a shit.

  7. rightymouse says:

    Once again, the facts show that Johnson is a big, fat liar.

  8. ISTE says:

    I adore graphs, I dream of graphs, graphs are my raison d’être, my life……

    The thing I love most, in fact the only thing I truly love, is graphs.


  9. Stabby says:

    20,000 people pissed him off? That’s a lot of people, how did he find the time? If, say, each poster pissed him off for ten minutes that 3,333.33 hours of being pissed off! To paraphrase Eddie Izzard, his diary must look very odd:
    “Get up in the morning, seeth, seeth, seeth, seeth, seeth, seeth, seeth – lunch- seeth, seeth, seeth -afternoon tea – seeth, seeth, seeth – quick shower…”

    • just poop says:

      “I am little green footballs, It’s only me”

      you will notice that whenever he did an “interview” he had his laptop. He spends every waking moment on his blog and on google looking for references to his name.
      hundreds of thousands of blog comments and tweets, and about 25 minutes outdoors in the last 10 years

      he pisses in mountain dew bottles and orders food delivery off so he never has to log off.
      even when he rubs his pud to photos of Pam Gellar, he has a second screen following twitter and LGF


      • Stabby says:

        I know one girl who’s spent the last 7 years playing her xbox… I think she’s healthier than he is.

    • Octopus says:


  10. Stabby says:

    Dude needs prozac or something.

  11. asswipe says:

    So how does everyone feel about trying to log into our LGF accounts? I’ve never tried but maybe it would be interesting to see how many of us are among the few still banned.

  12. Octopus says:

    Fatass is lying again. He banned everyone who hasn’t been active. He probably has a crap-ton of socks lying about, to “prove” he doesn’t ban everyone who doesn’t post, but he cleaned house of all the real people.

    • kbdabear says:

      Chucky Cheetohs is mediocre at everything he tries, he’s not even a good liar

      Here’s a good liar

    • ISpeakJive says:

      I think he might be getting his blog and his twitter mixed up. He blocked me on twitter for disagreeing, and then a couple months later I could see his account again. It’s like the blocking expired.

  13. kbdabear says:

    I always love it when The Mighty Greenwald denies everything he just said.— Charles Johnson (@Green_Footballs) May 3, 2014

  14. floydmerit says:


    Why am I supposed to hate Michael Hayden again? I forgot what the hit on him was supposed to be.


    The US intelligence community’s spokespeople are trying to get out in front of the release of a highly critical report on the CIA’s detention and interrogation programs (read: torture), but former CIA director Michael Hayden is not really helping with patronizing, sexist comments like this.

  15. Bunk X says:

    Nice post.
    At least one graph ought to be thobbing.

  16. Octopus says:

    Angry mob, just livid over obscure video criticizing Greek-Canadians on Youtube, spontaneously attacks Ottawa embassy. Caution: Extremely graphic!

    • dnd - bil-yuns won't be says:

      Man that was a brutal onslaught of ethnic anger. Things were somewhat under control until they started smashing things.

      • Octopus says:

        Typical Greek outburst, right there. Very emotional people. Not to be trusted in large groups.

      • rightymouse says:

        What was all the plate smashing about? Appeasing the gods?

      • dnd - bil-yuns won't be says:

        Plate smashing, a traditional Greek folk custom involving the smashing of plates or glasses during celebratory occasions. In popular culture, the practice is most typical of foreigners’ stereotypical image of Greece, and while it occurs more rarely today, it continues to be seen on certain occasions, such as weddings, although plaster plates are more likely to be used.

      • rightymouse says:

        If anyone tried to smash my good plates & glasses, I’d kick their ass. And I’m serious!! Grrrrrr!!!!

      • Octopus says:

        I’ve been around the Greeks for 35 years, and I have yet to see a plate or glass broken on purpose. It’s just not done, anymore.

        But the dancing…go to a Greek wedding or party. Everyone dances, old and young. It’s a lot of fun. 🙂

  17. Doppel 'ku says:

    500 users
    that means 500 losers
    I’m so sorry Charles

  18. Doppel pannus pannus pannus LOL says:

    I’ll wager at least 300 of the 500 active users are socks of Charles, do give himself updings

    same with his twitter followers.

    and even his socks won’t retweet him

  19. rightymouse says:

    Here’s some morning stretchiness Duck Dynasty style. 🙂

    • Octopus says:

      Willie’s a good old boy. 🙂

      No wonder the Libturds hate him, so. Believes in God, work, family and country. It’s an outrage!

  20. Juan Epstein says:

    Well, it looks like the real “Dude Bros” are the children in the O regime.

    After all that time pushing it only to have it snatched away.



  21. Juan Epstein says:

    And how long before the name “MERS” is considered Islamaphobia?

    How long before they claim it’s a Zionist plot?

    And how did it jump from Camels to humans, after all?

  22. rightymouse says:

    Nothing new here, Charlie.

    • Arachne says:

      Does anyone give a shit WHO he blocks. Hell I get troll rats on my Twitter feed all the time. Since I know Fatass is fond of the “Reply Trap” I don’t respond to them. If they persist maybe I block and maybe I don’t. I don’t consider them “stalkers.”.

  23. ISpeakJive says:

    Chunky remarked the other day about Charles Murray (hideous Nazi scientist) appearing on Bill Maher’s show. Murray wrote “The Bell Curve” which is liberal heresy, of course. Murray reviews Nicholas Wade’s new book that explains cultural differences could be due to genetic differences. Duh.

    So what’s it gonna be, Chunky? You’re all sciency and shit. Are you gonna reject the data and dismiss the speculations because you just “know” it can’t be true or are you gonna try to do a character assassination on either of these guys to make uncomfortable truths go away??

  24. rightymouse says:

    Yeah. We get it, Charlie. Four dead Americans mean nothing to you. Neither does an obvious botched cover-up. Youtube video? Seriously? How about gun-running to Islamists???

    • Octopus says:

      His nontroversy has bloomed into yet another fireworks-factory incident, despite the self-identified Liberal MSM’s best efforts to brush it under the rug. Or under the pannus, in Dear Fatass’s case. It’s a major problem now, for the Palace Guard Media. They have to deal with it. I would laugh, but it’s not funny this time.

    • dezes157 says:

      Because, he read ALL of Them before breakfast!

  25. Octopus says:

    The parrots aren’t angry, Chunky. They’re just doing their jobs, talking about the serious issues of the day. Sorry that they refuse to shut up and lick Unicorn Messiah’s purple balls all day, like you.

  26. rightymouse says:

    What are you guys so worried about, Charlie?? That there was something going on that was really, really bad & Obama needs to be shielded from consequences by all his butt-kissing lackeys?? That’s my take.

    • Apollodorus V says:

      You can always measure Charles’ desperation level by his choice of adjectives and the number of adverbs he inserts:

      Incredibly Stupid
      Absolutely Insane
      latest mind-numbingly lame (from the comments)

      Sometimes more is less Charles. You sound like a shrieking Onocentaur.

    • Aside from the constant ridiculing of the righties over it, has CJ ever offered up any opinion of his own? i.e. It’s stupid because _______?

      • Octopus says:

        Shut up, he explained. It’s a fake scandal, because it’s already been denied by the White House, and Hillary. So stop talking about it. To do otherwise would be absolutely insane, because, again, shut up.

      • Octopus says:

        Klavan is a brilliant man. He should shut up! 😆

  27. Octopus says:

    I did not get the memo about “Rocky” being on Broadway. I’m going. I love that character and story, despite all the unnecessary sequels and Stallone’s tragic career-arc in Hollyweird. I also enjoy a good musical. Doesn’t mean I’m gay, because I still like sports and girls, you guys. 😆

  28. Octopus says:

    Of course you were, asshaole. Of course you were. 😆

  29. Juan Epstein says:

    ChenZhen, as The Minotaur
    May 3, 2014 at 5:37 pm Quote
    What do you mean? Of course he was backstage swappin’ riff ideas with Jimmy Page.

    You mean, Jimmy.

    Just, Jimmy.

    And Bob.

  30. Octopus says:

    I suppose he did have a hand in writing, “Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You (you’re killin’ me here).” That’s obvious. Also, “Dazed And Confused,” aka, “The Misled Dupe.”

    • Abu penis penis penis lol says:

      • Octopus says:

        Chunky sez: “I was at the Denmark show, too. Guest of the band. Shared the groupies, dropped some acid, worked on some songs for their next album.”

  31. Arachne says:

    By the way, that whole “automatically blocked if no log in in six months is bullsheet. I didn’t log in for over three years and my account was still active when I flounced in 2009

    • Apollodorus V says:

      Yeah, that was one of the points I attempted to make in this post. Oh, well.

  32. Octopus says:

    He named his first cat “Bonzo,” after his good friend. Helped write, “Moby Dick.”

  33. Octopus says:

    To a man who always gets hammered, everything looks like a Rusty Nail.

  34. ISTE says:

    Songs to sing while mowing!

    • ISTE says:

      Time goes by, memories are mine
      Still waiting for the moment I’ll see you again
      Times are changing, memories are fading
      I’m waiting for another chance
      to tell you belong to me

      LOL, flights are booked, memories are more vivid than they have ever been.

  35. Octopus says:

    😈 Mood music!

  36. ISTE says:

    Laibach – B Mashina

    I can speak this fluently.

    in someones ear….

    “Our souls are from the wild and wings to reach the sky let the sun fall into the ocean, let the earth erupt in flame”

    “it is enough to have the strength and knowledge to raise our dream machines into the sky”

    “There is no force no money and no power to stop us now and change our fate”

    L U

  37. OLT's No Need To Leave So Soon says:

    Where’s Laibach Sally?

  38. OLT's Depends, He Said says:

    Quoth Rightymouse: “Methinks he has control issues.”

    Just bladder and sphincter.

    • Octopus says:

      Well…some control-top boxer shorts and a manssiere wouldn’t hurt, either.

      • OLT's The Cheese Under Your Moobs Stands Alone says:

        A brossiere?

        In 1928, a Russian immigrant named Ida Rosenthal founded Maidenform. Ida was responsible for grouping women into bust-size categories (cup sizes).

      • Octopus says:

        Ida been good at that, too. I likes cupping!

  39. Octopus says:

    These filthy Russkis took a bath in the cheese vat. They made and sold the cheese from that vat. Somebody eated that cheese. It was sold to a store in Culver City specializing in artisanal cheeses from abroad, where the manufacturing laws are not so repressive. 😯