Truthful tweet from Charles

From time to time, Charles tweets out funny statements.

He described himself perfectly!

” Suck it up, support the President despite the glitches and costs.”

Political Atheist formerly known as Rightwingconspirator is another of the former Righties gone over to the Left to please Charles. Unlike the others, he does question Progressive orthodoxy occasionally. He has a comment complaining about how people’s health insurance is being screwed by Obamacare. Despite this, he urges people to keep supporting Obama.

Political Atheist Obamacare

The blind devotion many have for Obama, no matter how much his policies ruin their lives is just amazing.

“the far-right people would turn on him and try to run him off for being gay.”

Dark Falcon is one of the most pathetic commentators i have seen. He claims to be a Conservatives, but he accepts the Progressive narrative just to stay at LGF and his his substitute father; Charles Johnson.

The alleged Mountain Lion, claims that Glenn Greenwald will be rejected by the Right because he is Gay.


What Dark Falcon does not grasp is that the Right is only allied with Glenn Greenwald on this one issue. He is a man of the Left and is just making common cause with our side on this one issue. If Greenwald is rejected by the Right, it will be due to his Marxist ideology.

Another idiot, Justanotherhuman  claims the Right would throw Glenn Greenwald into a death camp for being Gay and Jewish.


The paranoid worldview of the LGFers is now way to live.

Charles describes himself in latest anti-Greenwald rant

Glenn Greenwald is on Charles Johnson’s mind 24/7. Everything he says or does, Charles comments on. In a comment going after Greenwald, Charles inadvertently described himself.

Nasty Greenwald

Charles Johnson describes himself perfectly!

“Just admit your politics are tribal-partisan.”

Politics does create strange bedfellows on certain issues. Glenn Greenwald Liberals are now allied with Rand Paul Libertarians over the NSA spying. Today at the Stop Watching Us rally, Liberals and Libertarians united in opposing the NSA spying n Americans.  Charles gets into an Ayatollah mode and attacks Liberals who ally with Libertarians, He then gets into it with a member of the Libertarian leaning Competitive Enterprise Institute, which is on the sponsors of the rally.

Stop Watching US Stop Watching US2 Stop Watching US3 Stop Watching US4 Stop Watching US5 Stop Watching US6

Charles is a simple minded fool. He can’t grasp that on some issues, people who normally are ideological opposites make common cause on issues they agree with. Charles views politics as some life or death struggle.

Charles then takes a shot at Weasel Zippers.

Stop Watching US7

Charles is upset Weasel Zippers called out his hysterical reaction to the Stop Watching us Rally. It’s obvious Charles views himself as a Progressive Ayatollah who demands people on the Left can’t make common cause with those on the Right over certain issues. This shows his immature mindset when it comes to politics.

Charles mad at Rand Paul…… again!

Charles has a visceral hatred for the Paul family. He believes Ron Paul is behind a massive plot to set up some Global 4th Reich. He despises Rand Paul for just being the son of Ron. Charles once against is mad at Rand Paul for opposing the nomination of Janet Yellen for Fed Chairman.

Janet Yellen

Charles believes that no one can oppose Obama’s agenda. He is a totalitarian and I would dread living in a country that he was in charge.

Charles is mad at being ignored

Charles is involved with a Twitter spat with Joshua Levy who is organizing a march against NSA spying. In a gotcha moment Charles claims that the one of the group attending is the Mansfield North Central Ohio Tea Party. who have  a website called Blood for Patriots. Regardless of how one feels about them as a political organization, they have a right to participate in protests. Charles is using their involvement as an attack on Joshua Levry’s anti-NSA spying rally. Joshua decides to ignore Charles who is not too pleased.

That is what happens when you are irrelant!

Charles then has the audacity to get upset at accusations of smearing.

Charles really has some nerve getting upset at being accused of smearing. His career the last 5 years has been based on smearing people.