@Gus_802’s Contribution To History

On 6 September, actor/comedian Albert Brooks posted a Tweet, dripping with classic Brooks sarcasm, and it accidentally altered US Foreign Policy.

Before Brooks’ “Tweet Heard ‘Round The World” came screaming into Secretary of State John Kerry’s left earbud and embedded itself into his only frontal lobe, Brooks’ sarcasm roared by just inches above the greasy balding head of Our Boy Gus_802.

Gus vs Albert Brooks Tweet Heard Round The World

Yeah. Brooks had to ‘splain his Tweet to Gus. “Boom” indeed, and the rest is #Rumpswab history.

[Source: http://twitchy.com/2013/09/10/finding-chemo-albert-brooks-syria-adviser-jake-tapper-has-the-spooky-prescience-scoop/ ]

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