Charles goes on a twitter rant about Greenwald’s support of Barret Brown

Barret Brown exposed Charles as a backstabbing two face snake. When his name is mentioned, Charles on a hostile diatribe. Glenn Greenwald is raising money for Barret Brown’s defense. This sends Charles on a hate filled Twitter rant.



Charles is mad that Barret Brown exposed him to the world as what he really is.

Kragar blames GOP for Obama taking up Russia’s offer on Syrian WMDs

Russia today called Obama’s bluff and offered to help disarm Syria’s chemical weapons. This gives Obama an out from his march to war. Instead of being happy there is a possible alternative to bombing Syria., Kragar blames the GOP for Obama potentially taking up Russia’s offer.

GOP Syria

Although Kragar sees this as a defeat for Obama, others at LGF claim This is a huge win!

GOP Syria2

LGFers can’t deal with the truth that Putin just pawned Obama.