LGF By The Numbers: Pick ’em and flick ’em

There’s been a dearth of intelligence in The Swamp the past few days/weeks/months/years and since The Diary of Daedulus is but a mere parasite that loudly and with great enjoyment selects, samples and secretes the lifeblood out of Little Green Footballs, let’s have some fun.

We found a cache of lizards with hats, tagged them numerically, and it’s up to the esteemed readers of this blog to assign names and snarkage to each and every one of them, because they don’t read here. Here we go.

Lizards Wearing Hats 1
Lizards Wearing Hats 2
Lizards Wearing Hats 3
Lizards Wearing Hats 4
Lizards Wearing Hats 5
Lizards Wearing Hats 5
There are no right or wrong answers – they’re all correct.  Just pick a number and give it your best snark. Don’t hesitate to cap ’em and attach them to your Tweets to Charles’ grunions. Consider it a tribute to the king of cut-and-paste.

“Jabbering Moron”

Charles is now a media critic.

Jebbering Moron

I guess Charles would rather read about Nazi based conspiracies.


Charles Johnson tries to do some snark.



Furious Burkha rants against the Greenwald Left

The NSA scandal has shattered the Left-Right paradigm. The Glenn Greenwald Left is now allied with the Rand Paul Right. The John McCain “Right” is allied with the Obama Left. Charles being an Obama Loyalist is on a Jihad against Greenwald and his followers. Curious Lurker goes into a full Jihadi rant against the Greenwald Left because they never stood up for Muslims.

Curious Rant

Take that Burkha off and have a beer!

Billions may not die!

Yesterday Charles brooke with Obama over Syria, but now there is heretical post on the LGF pages. Randall Gross who like some at LGF changed their political opinions to please Charles might incur the wrath of the 60 year old Hipster over one of his posts on the LGF pages. He links to article that goes against the Global Warming narrative.

Billions will not die Billions will not die2

Billions will not die!

Charles turns into a racist by disagreeing with Obama on Syria

Charles has accused everyone who does not agree with Obama a racist. Well, using his standards, Charles Johnson is now a racists. Breaking from his Obama Loyalist mode, Charles comes out against intervention in Syria.

Syria Syria2 Syria3

For the record, I agree with Charles on Syria. But using his standards, Charles is now a racist for opposing Obama.

Daniel Ballard aka Political Atheist shows how much of a Obama worshiper he is. He claims that Obama would never lie.

Syria4 Syria5

Can a grown man like Daniel Ballard really be this naive about a politician?

Obama Loyalist accuses people of play-acting over the NSA spy scandal

The Obama Loyalist continues to do his daily battle to prop up Obama who has been damaged by the NSA spying scandal. He accuses those who are angry about the NSA program of play-acting.

Wise words from Charles

Charles supports the police state.