The Stalking of Glenn Greenwald Continues

When confronted by critics, Charles Johnson calls them stalkers.  If someone were to look at the posts at LGF, then Charles himself fits this definition. Over the last 3 weeks, the Obama Loyalist has done multiple stories against Glenn Greenwald on a daily basis. This fits the pattern in regards to his posts on Pam Geller, Jim Hoft,  Ron Paul and many others. He gets obsessed with people and does story after story attacking them. He again goes after Glenn Greenwald.

 Greenwald StalkerGreenwald Stalker2

Greenwald Stalker3
Charles Johnson really needs to find himself a hobby.

Update: Charles got his chonies in a wad about Greenwald years ago. From 2006:CJ on Glenn Greenwald 2006

And ICYMI, “This is me saying Greenwald is NOT a leftist.”

“I’m doing something right.”

With his Jihad against Glenn Greenwald, Charles Johnson has made enemies on the Left. On a daily basis they confront his propaganda and talking points. Many of them have reached the same conclusions those of us at DOD have been writing about for the past few years. Charles Johnson is fraud and an opportunist. This hostility with both the Right and Left promoted Charles to claim he’s doing something right.

Doing Right

Making enemies everywhere means you are a jerk Charles.