Charles Johnson: Not Included In NRA Enemies List

Poor Charles Johnson. He rarely gets any mention nowadays, yet does post after post, hoping for a response from his enemies who ignore him. He really loses when LGF is not listed in the NRA’s Enemies List.

NRA list NRA list2 NRA list3 NRA list4 NRA list5

How far Charles has fallen!


Cairo is in turmoil, Mali is crumbling, Hillary Clinton lies about the Benghazi cover-up, Obama claims to be a gun enthusiast, British cartoonist Gerald Scarfe is a jew-hating asshole, the Steubenville Rape Story has been coopted and distorted by Anonymous factions, leftists on Twitter are complaining about #TwitterGulag that they claimed didn’t exist,
but Charles Johnson & Little Green Footballs COMPLETELY NAIL the important news:

LGF Sara Palin

That’s the best that Charles Johnson’s minions can come up with. From the source, here’s a great summary of the article:

  • fazsha

    January 28, 2013 10:22 AM | Permalink | Reply

    If anyone doubts that universities waste student lives and tuitions, they need look no further than the time spent compiling this information.

P.S. Hey, Chuck. Quick question: What’s Obama’s income per squat? #Rumpswab #WhoGivesaCharlesGus Give It To Me