To Memory-Hole or Not To Memory-Hole? Eclectic Infidel Gets Whacked

Due to the 95% homogeneity of The Swamp these days we haven’t seen the ban stick in a while, so this caught our attention. This LGF Page, posted by Eclectic Infidel, was up for almost 9 hours before it was memory-holed by one of the monitor lizards Thursday morning, long before The Big Green Load rolled off his crusty futon.

Eclectic Infidel 1

Nothing spectacular about that LGF Page except that it bothered the Lizardim enough to downding the hell out of it, but not for its content. Indeed, they didn’t even touch on the topic of the article [linked here] until many hours later.

Eclectic Infidel 2

Brilliant comment, Varek. Khaled Abu Toameh is an Arab Muslim.

Eclectic Infidel 3

Yep. Geert Wilders. Fjordman. “Eclectic Infidel, y’all gone bean aheepa trubble when Mister Charles sees dem broke eggshells all roun’ yer crib.”

And *poof* the Page was gone.

Then *poof* the Page was back, and *poof* Eclectic Infidel was gone.

Eclectic Infidel 4

“Lemme tell you something. You know, them chains ain’t medals. You get ’em for making mistakes. And you make a *bad* enough mistake, and then you gotta deal with The Man.” – Cool Hand Luke

Got that Lizards?

As a related footnote to Charles hypocrisy, Fjordman departed LGF with a +689 Karma rating, 3531 comments. Before ’05 he posted as “Norwegian kafir”, his first comment appearing in the archives on Jul 8, 2003, and went on to post on hundreds of threads under that nic.

Rescued from Memory Hole: The Lost LGF “Fjordman” Articles
Fjordman – Case Study # 14 – LGF BANNED AND BLOCKED
Fjordman’s flounce from LGF

[Fjordman links courtesy of The BRC.]

Update (ChenZhen):

First, for those unaware, Eclectic does use the Twitter machine, and we can see that he/she tweeted this Page:

Then, I’d noticed that this Page was spiking the ol’ LGF twitter counter, to the point where it actually made it to the top of the “tweeted pages”:

lgf page eclectic tweet sidebar

The clicks were coming in! But from where? Well, upon a closer review:

eclectic bitly stats

Oh my!

(CJ has since reset the tweet counter, for some reason)

[Update – Eclectic Infidel posted a response to the LGF crapfest.]