“For a bunch of folks against haters, you guys can be awfully snotty yourselves.”

I was starting to worry about Charles when he didn’t put up a new thread in over 18 hours. I thought something bad happened, like maybe he swallowed a whole deep fried turduken for Thanksgiving and was glued to the linoleum.

Fortunately I found him stomping around on an LGF Page posted 21 November by “Rochi613.” It was a two-paragraph excerpt written by Daniel Greenfield [Winning the Peace] that stated the obvious fact that a military cannot win conflicts by being politically correct.

Charles and his stooges jumped on Rochi613 (the daughter of a Rabbi in Israel) not for the page content, but for the linked blog.

And then she was gone, leaving the others to bicker amongst themselves. Charles summed it up with his typically myopic and misconstrued vapidity.

And another sentient and polite Jewish woman is driven from The Swamp amidst a flurry of downdings. Charles, you’re an anti-semetic mess.

[h/t Liz_Ardoid for the advert update.]

114 Comments on ““For a bunch of folks against haters, you guys can be awfully snotty yourselves.””

  1. trebob says:

    It’s a shame Charles can’t find validity in the bible. He would be best to heed Matthew 7:3:

    “Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?”

    Introspection isn’t exactly a strong-point over at LGF. But what can you expect from a bunch of myopic racists?

    • Bunk X says:

      Pamela Pamela Pamela Lol

    • garycooper says:

      But what can you expect from a bunch of myopic racists?

      Really bad, Mr. Magoo-type driving?
      Lynch-mob victims hanging upside down, by one leg?

      There once was a myopic racist who decided to visit Texas. When he arrived on the plane, he felt the seats and said, “Wow, these seats are big!” The person next to him answered, “Everything is big in Texas.”

      When he finally arrived in Texas, he decided to visit a bar. Upon arriving in the bar, he ordered a beer and got a mug placed between his hands. He exclaimed, “Wow, these mugs are big!” The bartender replied, “Everything is big in Texas.”

      After a couple of beers, the myopic racist asked the bartender where the bathroom was located. The bartender replied, “Second door to the right.” The myopic racist headed for the bathroom, but, being nearly blind, missed the second door. Instead, he entered the third door, which led to the swimming pool, and he stumbled into the pool by accident, but still like a boss.

      Scared to death, the myopic racist started shouting, “Don’t flush, don’t flush!” Then he peed in the pool, like everyone else does.

  2. doppelmilyo says:

    charles ate the turd and tossed the ucken

  3. garycooper says:

    That “Scientist Of Love” moniker fits him perfectly, in terms of Orwellian newspeak. 😆

  4. Who is Richard Windsor? says:

    Where was the flounce? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering flounce!

  5. Abu bin Squid says:

    I killed the last thread with this request. Apologies for reposting. Mil-yo.

    I failed at saving the Mil-yo song. Can someone post it, please. I love hearing Chunk say “he became associated with” as opposed to “I associated with”. Always someone else’s fault, right Charles? (he never reads here)

  6. doppelmilyo says:

    I love the motion of charles as he’s getting throttled up the ass by Ibrahim hooper

  7. Bunk X says:

    OT amateur tech note:

    I’d been having trouble with Firefox overloading and freezing up lately to the point where I couldn’t even close tabs without having to shut it down via Task Manager. No viruses/spyware detected. Then I noticed a couple of programs running that were eating up a lot of RAM. There were two programs named Netsession_win.exe running – one restarts the other. http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=100385

    Not only is it a memory hog, it apparently “borrows” bandwidth to allow others to download large files faster.

    It’s not a virus per se, but it’s been associated with Adobe updates, and installs without warning. Once I shut it down and took it off of the Start Menu, everything is back to normal.

    Now back to your regularly scheduled mockery.

    • Who is Richard Windsor? says:

      My FF was doing similar things, but I installed a flash block plugin, and that made things better. Still not good, but much better. FF also leaks RAM heavily, and I have to close it and reopen it every few hours.

      Software these days it teh suk. Nothing is better than it used to be; it’s all crap. “Upgrade” is usually a really bad move.

      • Bunk X says:

        At least now I can watch “MilYo over and over without it stuttering, and I can post stuff for Haysoos’ stockpile of awesome.

      • Bunk X says:

        My favorite T-Bone Walker blues chord turnaround.
        If fish make love under water,
        Worms make love underground;
        If rats make love in a garbage can,
        Well, you better not turn me down.

        Makes absolutely no sense, but I like it.

  8. swamprat says:

    strangely, reasonable comments that get unreasonably downdinged fregently are missing from the “bottom comments” list prominently displayed on the left column of LittleGreenFootballs.
    It’s almost as if charles was embarrassed by the rampant assholism on his blog.

  9. swamprat says:

    charles is doing a strange, flirtatious dance with anti-semitism

    • Abu bin Mil-yo says:

      Charles is in the last verse of the “Hokey Pokey” concerning Jew hatred. He’s “put it all in, and he shakes it all about”. It is not anti-semitism, he just sides against Jews. And damnit the left loves him!

  10. Mark says:

    I read hundreds of articles in the last week or so on Gaza/Israel and not once did it even occur to me to check LGF.

    • Bunk X says:

      And I bet you saw no link to Little Green Footballs from any article you read either, ya?

      • Mark says:

        Not a one. Even when the articles were talking about the various fauxtography that Hamas and it’s supporters were posting around the net. Johnson is completely forgotten-even on those things which supposedly were his specialty. Then again, nearly everyone who exposed those fake photos are banned from lgf and even if they weren’t, why bother posting them on blog no one reads?

  11. poteen2 says:

    “Snotty” is probably the most apt term I’ve seen used to describe Charlie and his Chocolate Highway Fellowship.

    • Bunk X says:

      What astounded me about Rochi613’s LGF Page was that it wasn’t offensive at all, it was a quote, yet it seemed worthy of an anti-semitic attack by Charles Johnson and his flying manques. There was absolutely nothing accusatory in LGF Page or in any of her polite rebuttals, but they attacked her for the hell of it.
      (BTW Tarkloon, Randall Gross, Charles’ pecker is sore and needs some of that stuff that Gus slathers on himself in the wee hours of the afternoon again. You know what to do.)

      • garycooper says:

        That “Bag Balm” does wonders for the sorely-afflicted, I am told.

      • Bunk X says:

        Sattv’s SadSackSalve vs. Buck’s BigBagBalm vs. Obdi’s Special Squeezum Fluid… They all work equally well according to Dork Falcon. Makes him squeak for more attention.

  12. garycooper says:


    There is no truth to the rumor that a young Chunky Johnson was drawn to the world of jazzy guitar noodling by this album, featuring a hot young Elizabeth Montgomery, who went on to play the bewitching lead in the TV classic, “Bewitched.” Oh, and become a wild Hollywood ho-bag, to boot.

  13. garycooper says:

    Nice to see Fatass is still doubling-down on teh Benghazi-stupid. 😆

    #Breitbart.com Desperately Tries to Keep the Benghazi Fake Scandal Alive lgf.bz/WobyIP 3 hours ago

  14. garycooper says:

    It gives me a bit of skeptical pause, when I see one of these obscure neo-minions who’s been lapping up the LGF brand of stanky Kool Aid for some time, suddenly wrinkle their nose up in disgust and surprise when they miraculously taste the stupid in their daily dose of haterade. Makes me wonder if they aren’t a sock, who got bored or something. 😉

  15. ISTE says:

    If you are a Clown your whole aim in life is to make peope laugh! Unless you are a Stephen King kind of Clown, then your objective is to scare people to death and encourage minors to have sex (it)

    But this image made me really laugh. Dead Clown…


    • Bunk X says:

      Clown rules are different in Culver City. In Culver City, “fuckface” is a stand alone punch line and everyone knows what the joke is about.

    • poteen2 says:

      Mrs. Dead Clown must have forgotten the fruit and water—–and nitro pills.

    • Nazis Under The Bed says:

      We need intel…which of our operatives is in proximity to Culver City? Dorian maybe? Nothing too taxing, just a covert photo of the corpulent creep at the Albertson or Safeway snack isle…not for stalking purposes mind you, but for calibration of Liz_Ardoid’s bobblehead image.

      • Bunk X says:

        One of the BRC engineers used to sport a burqa. We never knew if it was a he or she, but when he/she would occasionally ululate it was with a yinzer accent.

      • rightymouse says:

        I didn’t know that Beed was a BRC engineer. 🙄

      • Bunk X says:

        Um, well, I don’t exactly remember why, but yeah. I think he was brought in as Official Finder Of The Foosball when it bounced behind the fridge.

    • rightymouse says:

      It really wasn’t funny tho. The guy had a heart attack during the parade.

    • Doppelmilyo says:

      I actually witnessed this.

      He was definately acting a bit funny right before he died.

  16. archonix says:

    Who is Richard Windsor? :
    For the cyberchallanged, here’s the link:

    Why do people insist on acting like 38DD is the largest size breast out there? First, cup size is relative to back size, so the volume of breast that makes DD on a 38 back would be C on a 40 back and F on a 36 back, and so on. Second – DD is below the middle of the scale. It goes all the way up to K. DD is tiny even on a 38 back. The woman pictured is at least a G, possibly larger.

    I’m biting back a rant here, to be honest. A friend of mine works as a fitter in a custom bra shop and I suspect her opinions on the subject have rubbed off on me.

  17. garycooper says:

    It’s time to take a little nature hike. You know, we cityfolk often pass by the woods and fields in our air-conditioned luxury automobiles, with nary a thought for the teeming wildlife that dwells everywhere, just behind the scenery. We need to go a little deeper, into ourselves, and into nature. Take a deep breath, and suffuse your being with the essence of the wild. Can you smell it? I can.


  18. rightymouse says:

    Welp. It’s clear that Charlie has totally jumped the shark & is now swimming in lefty moral relativism. Good luck with that, asshole.

  19. poteen2 says:

    He couldn’t jump a goldfish without blowing out his knees.

  20. OLT's Men Think Differently says:

    rightymouse :
    Meh. She was sucking in her belly.

    She can come on over to my shack and have cornbread and butterbeans any old time she likes.

  21. dwells38 says:

    Pretty rich, an internet shut-in, safe in California lecturing an Israeli about where they get their ideology. And wiping out the militant Hamas who wages constant war in backyards and targets non-combatants is morally wrong? If the IDF succeeded in crushing Hamas would anyone fear for the safety of the Gazans? But if Hamas somehow vanquished the IDF is their any doubt the death and destruction they would gleefully visit on Israeli civilians? LGF is a cesspool of teh stuid.

  22. haysoos says:

    Dork, Gus and Obdicut
    the Bone Brothers

  23. haysoos says:

    the Fatzie chat’s wid his bruddah….

  24. rightymouse says:

    Yoo-hoo! Gary! Ohio State whooped Michigan! :mrgreen:

    • Doppelmilyo says:

      I guess Since Michigan can’t beat Ohio state they thought they beat Ohio.
      Maybe they should play Toledo.
      Oh wait..,,

      Fail. Fail to Michigan.

    • garycooper says:

      Yeah! And then the Buckeyes put their disgraced ex-coach Tressel on their bowl-ineligible shoulders, and marched him around the Horseshoe. Woo-hoo! 😆

      OSU should really be in the SEC, instead of the Big Ten. Their mentality is much more suited to that conference, and they now have the new coach who excels in that mil-yo. He’s going to get into trubba here, mark my words. Oh, and Michigan sucked today, but we still won the first half. :mrgreen:

      • Bunk X says:

        And in just a few hours, when you’re sound asleep, the Ghost of Woody Hayes is gonna come into your bedroom and kick your asshole through the goalposts of life ten yards at at a time. 😀

  25. dwells38 says:

    Of course Hamas is ‘basking’ in the victory of a brokered truce to save them from invasion and annhilation. So they killed and terrorized Israelis for nothing other than some media/image purpose. Yeah they got the moral high-ground LGF.

    • rightymouse says:

      There’s a reason these murderous bastards have been called Hamassholes. Including at LGF, BTW, before Charles decided to cast his lot in with the haters of the civilized world.

  26. haysoos says:

    there is only one force that can defeat Hamas…
    operation Pink Myst

    • garycooper says:

      Code Pink Myst…get some of them fatties over there, serving as human shields, before the heavy ordnance is unleashed. 😈

  27. John Difool says:

    Chunky J should spare the world any outrage he may feign at anyone who advocates wiping out the Fakeistinians.

    Pro Life Liberal or Pro Gun Liberal (whatever he calls himself these days) has openly advocated genocide against conservatives & Christians on more than one occasion & he’s welcomed him back with open arms..

  28. Who is Richard Windsor? says:

    Does this knucklehead realize that McKibben is a journalist with absolutely no – zip – nothing – science background? 🙄

    • Doppelmilyo says:

      This is the same Charles who thinks bill nye and al gotr are also qualified to discuss climate science

      So the short answer is no

    • garycooper says:

      ,,,who’s been crazy-wrong about EVERYTHING?! 😆

      Chunky is such a stupid sap. He’s got dogshit for brains.

    • dwells38 says:

      Scientific authority is only for AGW proponents to beat climate change skeptics over the head with. They on the other hand can point to any hyperbolic, half-baked crank or Algore powerpoint presentation as further ‘evidence’ for their supposedly already proven theory.

  29. Abu bin Mil-yo says:

    If knowledge mattered we wouldn’t have a shitheaded, cowardly, spouse abuse victim-type as a president.
    Not blaming you, Mr. Windsor
    penis penis penis lol

  30. Who is Richard Windsor? says:

    Looks like some random wifi router just dropped an invisible comment.

  31. ISTE says:

    Got an email,

    “Whatever, does it really matter?”

    That was the inspiration for this video.

    The actual words are “nothing really matters” so, here we go!


  32. garycooper says:

    “Bismillah” – (Arabic: بسم الله ‎) is an Arabic phrase meaning “in the name of God.”

    Always wondered about that. Now I know.

  33. iSpeakJive says:

    I just figured out the horsey dance from Gagnam Style is straight from “Grease.”. Olivia Newton John in the pink prom dress dancing with old gay bald whatshername.

    My contribution to humanity for November…..