Humorless Corpulent Creep falls fore Satire

With polls showing Obama ahead in the swing states, Charles Johnson is getting giddy. Yesterday Roger Simon of Politico did a post about a Romney-Ryan rift. Charles posted it on with excitement!


 It turns out ythe article was a just satire.

Clearly, a disaster for the Romney campaign, right? No, it was apparently a clumsy attempt at satire gone horribly awry.

As Ben Smith of Buzzfeed, a former Politico blogger, tweeted: “So uh a lot of people seem not to have picked up that @politicoroger’s column was satire.” Put more succinctly by conservative blogger JammieWearingFool: “Satire should actually be funny.”

Charles Johnson doesn’t have a sense of humor and failed to realize it was a joke. His bitterness and hatred has consumed him.