Gus802 and Lawhawk claim the Economy is good!

A terrible jobs reports came out today. Only 96,000 jobs were added and the unemployment rate went down due to 368,000 people leaving the workforce. In LGF world, the jobs report was considered good and they even claim the economy is strong.

Lawhawk claims the economy is in great shape!

The self-proclaimed Lawhawk is no economic expert. The economy is anemic by any economic measures.

Gus802, then claims we are in strong economy and that consumer confidence is at all time highs!

I highly doubt the Argentine Gusanao (worm) has a meaningful job. He spends all day at LGF thinking he is changing the world. Odds are he’s on disability and Medicaid.

Just like Charles, Gus802 and the alleged Lawhawk are living in a delusional fantasy. The economy sucks and there’s no way to spin that.


Race Detective shocked an Old White Guy likes Obama

Charles Johnson is an old white man. Yet he is always trashes people who are old white men and happen to oppose Obama. In the mind of the pasty face freak, everyone must suport Obama. Charles does a post praising an old white man who likes Obama.

Charles Johnson thinks its a big deal that some old white guy likes Obama. Has it ever occurred to him that people regardless of color like or dislike Obama?  Charles really has an obsession with race which fits  the definition of raaaaacist.