Charles Panders To The Gay Community… Sort Of

Wow. The bigotry and unadulterated schism at the petting zoo is getting so thick and deep that I need hip waders. Have a lookie at this one.

Well what comes as a shock to me is not the fact that Anderson Cooper is gay – unlike to some, being gay is not taboo to me. In fact it never even crossed my mind when I watched him. What shocks me is the fact that Charles had the need to say that it would “come as a huge shock to … well, nobody, really”. When I watched Cooper I saw simply a guy relaying some news for a living. When I watch him now, I will see simply a guy relaying some news for a living. And I admire and applaud the guy for trying to adopt that Haitian baby at the time. True there are plenty of perfectly deserving American children and it is pretty sleazy to try and get one elsewhere quickly and cheaply to avoid the hassle of going through the American adoption process (such as that pig Angelina Jolie and Madonna) but I digress, I suppose.

What shocks me is that Charles in his preconceived notions suspected that Cooper liked men. And it is preconceived notions such as these that make him a left wing bigot. Anybody who sees skin, religion, sexual orientation or anything before they see a fellow human being is a bigot in my book, and the left’s propensity to act as bigoted as they want to just because they believe that they aren’t bigoted just doesn’t fly to those whose sphere of consciousness has the teeniest scintilla of logic. Call me an ignorant gearbox if you’d like, but the notion of Cooper being gay never crossed my mind until now.

Myself? I say good on Cooper for liking what he likes, as long as it isn’t children. And I further applaud him for not wearing a label describing which kind of genitals floats his boat on his lapel. Anyone who identifies him or herself primarily with what they like to see betwixt someone’s legs is shallow in my book. I hope that this revelation doesn’t serve as a detriment to Mr. Cooper’s career.

Here’s something odd:

Can someone tell me precisely what “Bernie” did to deserve a banning? Was it the errant “lol” he put into his post? And if so why was this blatant jab at Cooper’s gayness left intact with no repercussions or reprisals?

Or this one from his pal Space Jizz?

Why not SpaceJagoff? Why do you hate gay people? And for that matter Charles, why do you hate gay people so much that you’d allow that kind of spew on your site?

P.S. you’re fat and dumb.

34 Comments on “Charles Panders To The Gay Community… Sort Of”

  1. Kirlz says:

    I either read or heard that Cooper was gay ages ago. Didn’t care then. Still don’t. Odd that CFnJ had to be snarky about it tho. I mean, why would he care at all?

  2. garycooper says:

    Reminds me of how it was the Gay Left that came up with the Urban Dictionary term, “santorum.” As in, “Chunky had a mouth brimming with santorum, when he heard Cooper had finally come out of the closet.”

  3. swamprat says:

    Christian bashing is aok, especially Catholic bashing

    mormon bashing is not a problem

    Israel bashing, we’ve got room

    southern states bashing, Tennessee bashing , all good

    Republican/conservative bashing, welcome friend!


  4. swamprat says:

    had to be a troll/sock ’cause that’s the only reason anybody shows up

  5. Pig says:

    Haven’t watched television since sometime in the 90s. Don’t really know who Anderson Cooper is. Don’t care.

    • Rufus T. Rumpswab says:

      Some dude with two last names. He needs to trade Ron Paul a last name for a first.

  6. Rufus T. Rumpswab says:

    As Popeye used to say…

    “Well, blow me down”.

  7. garycooper says:

    Is it any wonder that Chunky buried himself to the hilt in defense of Weiner’s weiner, claiming there was no way to tell for sure if it wasn’t Johnson’s johnson?

    That was pretty gay.

  8. swamprat says:

    Actually, I was more horrified to learn that Nixon put catsup on cottage cheese. Now THAT was a stupifiying revelation.

  9. swamprat says:

    When they get automated words to sound tech fully developed, we can stop pretending ( I hope we’re pretending) who reads us the “what ever it is we are supposed to care about” du jour.

    • Rufus T. Rumpswab says:

      Oh gawd. What we don’t need is audio LFG. I don’t even want to think about Chuckles droning on about teh wingnuzt!!!

    • swamprat says:

      while we watch “america’s idle”, “dancing with the used to was”. Here’s a story to make you mad, here’s one to male you sad, here’s one to male you glad, here’s another to make you afraid, here’s one to alay your fears, here’s a story to make you think we care, here’s one to make YOU care…

      we have thousands of stories and we can sort through them to achieve whatever effect we wish. We present them with people chosen for their tendency to believe as they are desired to, and the ability to sound trustworthy and believable and convincing.

      Frankly I don’t care what Anderson Cooper does with his genitalia. What I care about is whether he would go off script if if ever happens that he is in doubt about what he is dispatched to read. I don’t care if which side would get gored either.

  10. Daedalus says:

    Bernie Lomax didn’t say anything wrong.

    • swamprat says:

      Bernie had gotten ‘tagged’ earlier. This was the excuse charles was waiting for. Like when Mandy objected to charles presenting the entire state of Tenneessee as racist; Mandy actually got banned for using the accurate quote “there is no fun in Islam”, but charles had to wait for the excuse.

      It’s the way he is.

    • Pig says:

      Did Bernie already get the stick?

    • doppelganger says:

      when charles pulls his “bye now” line I seriously want to piss on his face

  11. swamprat says:


  12. ISTE says:

    I have nothing against gay men. I wish there were more of them, in fact I wish there were millions and millions and millions of them.

    It would be great if 97% of men were gay. Life would be happier, nice window treatments would abound and the world would smell much better. Like a garden full of spring flowers.

    A totally unrelated side effect of all this gayness surrounding us would be…

    More hot chicks for me and Bunk!

  13. swamprat says:

    Tom ‏@giantcu92
    @Lizardoid I just jumped in. Hadn’t registered at your site before, checking it out now.

    View conversation Hide conversation Reply RetweetedRetweet

    Bernie? Ah, bernie, we hardly knew ye!

    who calls himself “giant cu”?

    big butt?

  14. Kurt's GI Joe Figures says:

    the last bit is what got to me the most: Kimberlin targets those he thinks he can “break”, ie the weak. Nice pals you keep, fatass.

    As for tying this to fatso, notice some of the (very) amateur mind games he tries to play with people and the fights he picks? He keeps fighting with women and those who he thinks have a lot to lose (like a certain Asst District Atty in LA) and will just shut up in the face of his poo flinging and trolling. The sign of a sick man.

  15. Pig says:

    Wow….WordPress is really acting up tonight.

  16. JimboXL says:

    Wow, who cares! It would be bigger news if he made an announcement that he was straight.

    We just lost a huge chunk of individual liberty on Thursday and found out we now live in Venezuela and these dopes bring up gay CNN as a big story. Now, will dictator BO and Chaz Nepalitano with chief rat Roberts issue a mandate, err tax, penalizing us for not being gay?

  17. poteen2 says:

    Cooper hasn’t felt the need to verify this until now? CNN is tanking and a part time gig on 60 Minutes won’t pay the bills. Resume’ enhancement with extra TV face time.

  18. babygiraffes says:

    I have nothing about Cooper nor gays, but I don’t know why gays all seem to think we need to know their sexual preferences. Did Cooper mention whether or not he’s a bottom? If not, why not? Gays seem to think we need to know they prefer cock over vagina, why not give us the nitty-gritty because anyone who is against water-sports, scat, double-anal-penetration, gay anal fisting, etc. is just a bigot and homophobic.

    • JimboXL says:

      Clearly being gay is akin to being special like Albert Einstein.

      In fact I remember not too long ago there was a tv show about extraordinary kids on discovery or tlc and the kids profiled we’re all geniuses or possessed a unique skill for their age, all except one, a kid who wanted to be the opposite sex.

      They actually put that kid in the same category as truly amazing and special kids. It was really sickening and demonstrated how dumb and pathetic America has become. If I were the parents of the other kids I’d be extremely irritated that they’d even dare to equate a sexual preference to superior intellect or a unique skill.

    • Nazis Under The Bed says:

      They think it matters but it does not. It is about afronting senses that have already been oversaturated by media affrontation so it is less and less effective. Yes, your depravity is exposed and mainstream, So? What now? What do you have to offer society constructively? Nothing? Recognition? So?

  19. Mtc says:

    I’ll miss Bunk on the OOT. He’s such a nice guy; I enjoyed talking to him on the radio show. I hope everything goes well for him. I read his first post and I was surprised at the number of commenters who no longer post at the Blogmocracy. I’m sure there are varied reasons. I would post this on Bunk’s thread but I left there. I still see those critters jumping on Heysoos over there. He’s more polite than I am. Heysoos, tell ’em to STFU.

    • Pakimon says:

      Is Bunk going on haitus totally or is it just from the mothership OOT?

      I hope everything is ok and he just wants to devote more time to Mrs. Bunk and the little Bunkettes or has a big project to work on or something like that.

      It wouldn’t be the same around here without “that Bunky guy”. 😀

  20. Dumtetum says:

    The fact is, I don’t give a crap. another fact is that I can’t think of a reason anyone would, unless of course they wanted to sleep with him.

    Congratulations to Anderson Cooper for me not caring even a tiny bit.