Rathergate Revisited…

Think you know everything about the whole Rathergate affair? Yeah, I did too. You’ll be surprised to learn that things didn’t really go down the way we all thought they did. Our very own Carolina Girl is co-hosting the show tonight with Rodan and Savage. Let’s give her and her special guest a good Blogmocracy welcome!

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8 Comments on “Rathergate Revisited…”

  1. King Minos says:

    CW you are pwned, you moron

  2. Kirls says:

    hahahaha, i created my own hashtag on twitter! #doomage

  3. King Minos says:

    doomage, how kewl

  4. King Minos says:

    mchblazer :

    Check your Tweets Kirlz, lets get that hashtag going

    just did lol

  5. Hera says:

    That is @defendwallst – good guy 😀