Charles Johnson’s 9/11 truther ally supports the death penalty for Hamza Kashgari

Charles Johnson and his band of pathetic followers spend all day attacking Christians. They accuse American Christians of being Fascists and trying to establish a theocracy. Charles allies himself with a supporter of Islamic Theocracy. His new friend and ally Mohammed Ansar, who’s an anti-Semite and 9/11 truther, supports Saudi Arabia’s death penalty for Hamza Kashgari. This man did a tweet dedicated to Mohammed on his birthday.

“On your birthday, I will say that I have loved the rebel in you, that you’ve always been a source of inspiration to me, and that I do not like the halos of divinity around you. I shall not pray for you. On your birthday, I find you wherever I turn. I will say that I have loved aspects of you, hated others, and could not understand many more. On your birthday, I shall not bow to you. I shall not kiss your hand. Rather, I shall shake it as equals do, and smile at you as you smile at me. I shall speak to you as a friend, no more.”

This got Hamza Kashgari a death sentence. He fled Saudi Arabia and while transferring flights in Malaysia, he was arrested and sent back to Saudi Arabia. He now faces the death penalty for mocking Mohamed.

This upset some reform-minded liberal Muslims who condemned the Saudis. Charles Johnson’s ally and 9/11 truther Mohammed Ansar takes them on and says Hamza deserved what he gets.

If Mohammed Ansar was Christian, Charles Johnson would have posts condemning him. Instead Charles has this opinion about his 9/11 truther ally.

Opposing gay marriage is extremist in according to Charles. Supporting Saudi Arabia’s arrest of Hamza Kashgari over a tweet is thoughtful. This is the burnt-out hypocritical mind of a aging ghoulish creep! Charles Johnson should not condemn Christan if he gives Muslim fundamentalists like Mohammed Ansar a pass.

Charles Johnson, ally of a Islamic fundamentalist 9/11 truther.

(Hat Tip: Mark Humphrys)

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  1. trebob says:

    Everything Charles does now is rooted in hatred. It doesn’t matter what the argument is, it’s going to come down to GOP/Conservative vs DEM/Liberal and that’s it.

    His sense of irony (if he ever had one) was lost years ago and even when pointed out to him now he still ignores it an attacks the messenger.

    ‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend’ was never more true than in Charles’ little Culver City condo bunker.

    IMO Charles is more than halfway to reciting the Shahadah. Now he has Ansar dangling Muslimas in front of him as a reward for conversion. Charles may not be able to resist.
    (and I hold to my prediction that LGF won’t make it past 2012)

  2. rsjsteel says:

    Notice how he just brushes off that this guy is anti-Semitic. Oh, that is just common to Britain, not just Muslims. Well, yeah, the Brits are pretty anti-Semitic, but I see that as a problem, not an excuse.

  3. haysoos says:

    wow…that’s gonna leave a mark

  4. Tennessee Meander says:

    Another day, another new low for Chuck.

    It’s impossible for the average human brain to comprehend the sheer amount of psychopathic projection Charles stores in his dirty soul. He spent a decade fighting 9.11 truthers, now he’s allied with one. He spent the past two years crying havoc each day, all day, about the horrid danger of disbelief in evolution – now he allies himself with evolution denier. He’s constantly afraid, to the point of neurosis, of a theocracy in Texas – and yet he has no problem with a guy who wants infidels dead.

    • OLT's Lazy Gravatar says:

      The Texas Theocracy is the absolute best one he’s done, except for his inability to recognize state flags.

      As if you could get even Texas “Fundies” to agree on ANYTHING. As a pastor once gleefully remarked to me, show me five Baptists and I will show you six opinions.

    • trebob says:

      Per this from the OCRegister Charles should be looking in his own back yard for no science anti-algebra types. 😎

      (Hint: the Texas theocracy scores higher)

      • OLT's Lazy Gravatar says:

        county Superintendent William Habermehl said. “Also, most of these students tested in California come from large urban districts, so it’s not always an accurate representation.”

        Did Sup. Habermehl just dogwhistle what I think he dogwhistled?

      • Arachne says:

        My kid was IN the California school system. It is absolutely pathetic. Requirements for graduation are abysmal. We came here from Boston when I was 17 (senior year) and I had already exceeded the graduation requirements. I was able to attend community college for a year because all I needed for high school graduation was P.E. (four years of that, as opposed to only one year of history, science, etc.) and the CC system allowed high school seniors to get a jump if they’d completed graduation requirements.

  5. OLT's Lazy Gravatar says:

    @MoAnsar just gave his OK for hanging gays in Iran via that “HARSH penalty” comment.

    Using Stalker Charles’ own brand of guilt-by-association, the HPBT is now a homophobic, Islamic fundamentalist Troofer supporting mass murder.

    BUT, and this is the silver lining, the revert gets a nice Muslimah as a reward. And, if he keeps his prayer bump properly large, his brothers may NOT slice his flabby neck in two with a rusted knife.

  6. doppelganger @ Lozerdoid says:

    see this is when I have these thoughts again that Charles is pulling the world’s largest practical joke on the lemmings at his website.

    there is NO WAY this man is serious. The bullshit is so thick it cannot be real.

    It;s not his insanity, no it’s the inconsistencies of his insanity.

    on one hand Mitt Romney is a dangerous extremist for advocating marrriage be only between a man and a woman, but being OK with civil unions and even gay adoption.
    On the other hand Charles seems to be OK with radical islamists that would throw gays off buildings.

    I call bullshit on you again Charles. Only yopur supporters are dumb enough to fall for this.
    Keep stringing them along though it’s kind of entertaining

  7. dwells38 says:

    So I see with the added boost of Twitter, he’s made the complete conversion to useful idiot.

  8. swamprat says:

    His followers are anti-Israel, clearly. That’s a very common position in the American Left, unfortunately, and not just among lgf.

  9. doppelganger @ Lozerdoid says:

    I think Littlegreenfootballs was purchased by the psych department at UCLA and they are conducting several ongoing experiments regarding Groupthink, The stockholm syndrome and other tests of weak minded individuals.
    occasionally some of their researchers, after a few too many beers, come on-line as LVQ.

    their best subjects thusfar are people like Krager, and Alouette and Hoosier hoops. These people were beating the anti-Jihad war drums 5 years ago, now they are clearly far left.

    they are superstars in terms of groupthink data!

    • Tennessee Meander says:

      Or the CIA super secret psych warfare human experiments department has injected the servers with subliminal messages designed to cause psychosis.

      I mean, it all fits: it was one of the largest blogs out there, very socially active. If I wanted to test my new psychosis inducing machine, I’d choose LGF.

    • Ban Stink-ki Moobs says:

      In which case, we, the majority who told Chuck to fuck off, are of more interest than the couple dozen left.

      Unless anyway, the idea is to see if they can develop a method for identifying useful idiots. But then again, out of 100 useful idiots identified, maybe one has the balls to actually do anything, and even that one would be too unpredictable to be useful.

      Experiment FAIL.

  10. doppelganger @ Lozerdoid says:

    Mohammed Ansar is thoughtful, Charles.

    much in the same way that Ayman Al-zwahiri and Abu Hamza and Omar Bakri are thoughtful

    • df's puddy tat says:

      Mohammed Ansar has some interesting views on his blog

      Egypt’s naked blogger, atheist Aliaa Mahdy, was a “bomb aimed at the patriarchs in our minds” was completely and utterly vacuous. The idea posited that

      “When a woman is the sum total of her headscarf and hymen
      – that is, what’s on her head and what is between her legs –
      then nakedness and sex become weapons of political resistance”

      is something that intelligent Muslims in the West don’t buy – it’s old news. And arse-manglingly boring, old news at that. We’ve seen it, lived through the aftermath of the bra-burning 60s, seen the spectre of that ambitious superwoman sold a lie. She who became the Tantalus of the 20th century, never able to have it all, with that final indignation – the gift of self-realisation that her broken marriage, glass ceilings and dysfunctional children bore witness to the sheer cruelty of the joke on her. It’s a tried, tested and galactically failed model. It perhaps says something about the diminished capacity of pseudo-feminists in the region if they equate debasement with empowerment. It’s not even clever thinking. Travelling patiently down the wrong road looking back at the mistakes the West made decades ago, is not progressive.

    • Ban Stink-ki Moobs says:

      Prog rule #37. Misogyny is ok when approved brown people do it.

      • snowcrash says:

        I really don’t believe that. I am sure she is as repulsed as any western woman would be by his attitudes. These throw backs deserve to be marginalized in society, if only for their attitudes toward women.

  11. swamprat says:

    Theo Van Gogh remains unavailable for comment.

    /something about HARSH penalties for blasphemy

  12. swamprat says:

    If you revert to Islam, then you are atavistic, no?

    • trebob says:

      didn’t pick that up. good call!

    • Ban Stink-ki Moobs says:

      If your’re a ponytailed hippy in your youth, and you revert to ponytailed hippy in your dotage, does that make you atavistic?

  13. Happy4la says:

    Charles also lied. He made a clear implication to his minions that this guy just happened to follow him on Twitter and he can’t control what someone does. Of course Charles thanked the guy and started following him on Twitter. As stated above this is irrational and has to be a joke. No one can do this much of a 180.

    • trebob says:

      In case they missed it. Charles thanked him for welcoming Charles into absolution.

  14. rightymouse says:

    I betcha Charles thinks he’s showing off how awesomely accepting & tolerant he is toward someone who would not hesitate to lop off his head.

  15. beed says:

    • beed says:

      Mohammed Ansar is under the impression he’s made a new friend. Good for him!

    • Ban Stink-ki Moobs says:

      “Made friends this week with @Lizardoid this week.”

      I take it this happened this week this week?

      • ISTE says:

        Twitter is like that, you write something and it goes over the 140, then you mess with it to make it smaller and it turns into gibberish.

        Not that I have done it ever.

        (Yes I am defending the friend of Charles)

  16. Zeus Crankypants says:

    trebob :

    In case they missed it. Charles thanked him for welcoming Charles into absolution.

    Like leading a horse to water…

  17. Daedalus says:

    ISTE :

    They can have beer and cake together!

    How about fruit and water?


    • beed says:

      Why are you hating on cake and beer?

      • ISTE says:

        White people like Daedalus are always hating on something. They don’t understand the customs and cultures of foreign people like us.

    • ISTE says:

      If they were served fruit and water then Un Mata-hari would have to have a bag over her head in case she tempted someone.

      For all you newbees that don’t know….

      But perhaps I am, as many suggested to me, just another liberal dupe. Perhaps I even fell for the pretense that Johnson lives in the modest home where I visited him, which bore none of the trappings his supposed sellout would suggest. The U.P.S. man who delivered packages to his door while I was there, and his truck, may have been hired for the day just to snow me; the decidedly un-Mata-Hari-like woman he introduced to me as his fiancée, who brought us water and fruit as we talked in his small home office, may have been a member of the Trilateral Commission. It would be just like a representative of the Mainstream Media to get caught believing his eyes like that.

      • doppelganger @ Lozerdoid says:

        so I take it the wedding is off, or does Charles like 1 and 1/2 year long engagements ?

      • rightymouse says:

        Anyone know what happened to the un-Mata-Hari? Maybe he traded her in for a Tokyo Rose or, to be even more hip, Lord Haw-Haw.

  18. beed says:

    Dear Ansar

    Thank you for your kind words. I consider you to be a voice of reason and of moderation.

    Some of my stalkers have tried to smear me with you by claiming you are a Israel-hating 911 truther. I will pay no heed, because stalkers always lie, as you well know, because you have your own list of stalkers.

    I like to make lists of stalkers too. We should sit down at one one point and compare lists. I bet you mine is much, much, much longer than yours.

    Some of them also try to claim you are a creationist. I don’t believe that for a second. I’m like “stalker says what?”. D’ya know what I mean?

    So, saaalaam alaeikum my dear friend.

    Until we meet again


  19. Zeus Crankypants says:

    ISTE :

    White people like Daedalus are always hating on something. They don’t understand the customs and cultures of foreign people like us.

    I was just in Italy for two weeks for the first time… I came to understand the customs and cultures of that country… everyone is on the “take” at one level or another.

    • ISTE says:

      I worked in Italy for a while and we had an amount in the operating budget for getting emergency spare parts through customs faster.

      It is an accepted way of life.

  20. Daedalus says:

    ISTE :

    White people like Daedalus are always hating on something. They don’t understand the customs and cultures of foreign people like us.

    Why do you hate fruit and water? It’s what Un-Mata Hari brought Charles!

  21. This guy tells me that all who oppose Chuckie are fascists. When confronted for support he posts this:

    Way to oppose fascism, pal. High quality followers Chuckie has.

  22. beed says:

    10 reasons why Twitter is the perfect media:

    1. You get to block
    2. You get to report
    3. You get to check in on other people and decide if you wanna go 1. or 2. or both
    4. Unlike facebook, everyone is ok with you using a 20 yr old picture
    5. You get to pimp your shit for free
    6. Followers! You get to boss them around
    7. Say something stupid, delete it
    8. Other people say something stupid, retweet it
    9. There’s no sound
    10. The taste of victory
    11. None ever checks your math

  23. beed says:

    ISTE :
    I am a man of the world! I like beer and cake and curry but I will also eat and drink honky food like fruit and water.

    Pat Boone is the honkiest man I know and he likes cake and beer too. He was high on cake and beer when he wrote Davy, Davy Crocket.

    • Bunk X says:

      Fess Parker recorded it first, but Daniel Boone was the man. He was a big man.

      • Bunk X says:

        And Davey Crockett made a bear wear traditional Scottish apparel when he was a kid.

  24. Zeus Crankypants says:

    ISTE :

    I worked in Italy for a while and we had an amount in the operating budget for getting emergency spare parts through customs faster.

    It is an accepted way of life.

    Yes… and that accepted way of life has ruin multiple lives… see “The Monster of Florence” case or the Armanda Knox murder trial. And I got to see first hand at the train station in Rome how multiple groups of police stood around as scam artist were harassing tourists and various travelers and yet 5 police shook down a poor drunk black guy that was trying to get a light for his cigarette from me (I don’t smoke anymore, but I did have an electronic cigarette with me on the trip as a little treat for me and the drunk thought he could get a light off of it… that in itself was a bit humorous… I’m trying to show him that the electronic cigarette wasn’t lit… using bad Italian and jamming the tip of the electronic cigarette into my palm… he must have thought I was crazy).

    In the time it took them to shake up this poor drunk, I could have rounded up 15-20 scam artists. I was hanging around the train station about 6-7 times during my stay in the Rome area, waiting for a train back to the countryside where my lodging was and it took me no time to spot and catalog the various scam artists. Yet these numerous police just stood around and let the petty-crooks operate with immunity.


    • Daedalus says:

      I saw that also when I visited Rome. WHere did you stay, in Tuscany?

      • Zeus Crankypants says:

        A castle in Montegufoni… about 12k south-west of Florence proper. I had a car, so I got really familiar with the “neighborhood,” the small towns, the food stores (we had a kitchen in our apartment), got a good dose of the locals, it really felt like we were living there for a few week, not just visiting.

        But as a point of reference… we were staying at ground zero of the “Monster of Florence” territory. Look up that story… or see the true story book by Douglas Preston.

        The book opened my eyes to some of the things I could only guess at from my stay. I notice a lot of “shady” stuff, just a feeling… book explained to me what I was feeling.

    • dwells38 says:

      Least they got rid of those ridiculous gladiators that harass tourists outside the Coliseum.

    • Gives one an insight as to why the EU is not likely to last long.

  25. Daedalus says:

    ISTE :

    I worked in Italy for a while and we had an amount in the operating budget for getting emergency spare parts through customs faster.

    It is an accepted way of life.

    It’s a Mediterranean/Latin thing. Goes back to our Roman ancestors!

    • Zeus Crankypants says:

      Unless it gets too high up in the government. See my comment about about the Florence serial killing case and the Armanda Knox case. In both examples it was a matter of saving face… having to have an answer to everything even if you don’t have barely a single fact and then trying to financially benefit from your own screw ups. Italy is suppose to be a modern democracy… yet I’ll tell you, I wouldn’t want to even be stopped by the police for jaywalking.

      I’ve traveled around Europe enough, and there is little that I can’t accept as cultural differences… normally I revel in cultural differences, but I tell you, after visiting Italy, and then doing a little research on certain topics, what I’ve discovered has certainly taken the bloom off of a wonderful country full of amazing history and natural beauty.

  26. Zeus Crankypants says:

    panoftheforest :

    It’s a country run like a family business. I’d rather live in scandinavia and visit there.

    I would have no problem going back, or even living there. You can get use to operating with in the oddities of most cultures. To be honest with you… Italy reminded me of growing up in Brooklyn NY… especially Rome… which is probably not surprising considering the connection between the New York area and Italian immigrants.

  27. poteen2 says:

    218 Obdicut Fri, May 11, 2012 8:52:22am


    re: #216 NJDhockeyfan

    The Clinton camp has already called the author a liar, and I have no idea why the allegation is simply being reported as true.

    Couldn’t be that Clinton is a proven liar, could it? ( Depending on your definition of ‘is’)

  28. Happy4LA says:

    This Mohammed guy is something else too. Basically claims that Islam is responsible for Western culture and democracy, not to mention America. You see John Locke who influenced Thomas Jefferson and other founders through his writing was actually a secret Muslim. And if he wasn’t a Muslim he definitely was inspired by Muslim logic and thought. I just can’t wrap my head aroudn this type of thinking. The most backward and violent religions in modern times and its followers (leaders?) credit the religion with all that is good in today’s world. How can you reform a religion gone bad with this type of chauvinism?

    • beed says:

      Yeah, that guy will talk your ears off, but when you boil it down, he ain’t much of a “moderate” other than being non-violent (probably).

      • Ban Stink-ki Moobs says:

        Sometimes “non-violent” just means lazy.

      • snowcrash says:

        If you can have #enforcedqualitytime in the home, #enforcedquiettime isn’t out of the question. I am not buying non violent.

  29. Zeus Crankypants says:

    dwells38 :

    Least they got rid of those ridiculous gladiators that harass tourists outside the Coliseum.

    No… they went into hiding for about a week… they were back… I saw them… and while I was there I heard that one of them punch out a policeman.

    • iSpeakJive says:

      Yeah, tere’s no social inhibition about getting emotional in public over there. Can be fun to watch.