Andrew Breitbart on OWS, SEIU, The Tea Party, Main Stream Media, Racism and Charles Johnson’s Magical Jazzy Ponytail


On Sunday 2 October 2011, at our invitation, Andrew Breitbart called into a podcast hosted by The Blogmocracy. No rules, no pre-interview, no script, just pure Breitbart. He was given free-rein, to talk about anything he wanted for as long as he wanted, and to provide him with an open forum to discuss Charles Johnson and Little Green Footballs. In typical Breitbart fashion, he didn’t hold back.

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Here is the complete transcript, unedited, except to delete some of the verbal ums, youknows, repeated phrases, and to break up run-on sentences that are all typical of the spoken word. Other grammatical errors and hesitations have been left intact. Ellipsis […] indicate pauses, changes in thought, and are not omissions.

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RODAN: It is the one and only ANDREW BREITBART. Hello, Andrew Breitbart.

ANDREW: Hey how are you guys? I see you’re paying attention to the same thing that I’m paying attention to – Occupy Wall Street. Ah, yeah, I’m having fun with that, but I just saw one of the most menacing videos I’ve ever seen in my entire life — from Anonymous, you know that YouTube Guy Fawkes kind of scary mask-wearing guy that’s got a sort of a hacker thing going on.

RODAN: Yeah I know who they are.

ANDREW: Yeah, I just saw it on YouTube and it’s basically, in a masked way (that’s a double-entendre) calling for violence and revolution against bankers – he calls them “banksters” – and he tries to go as far as humanly possible to say that this Occupy Wall Street movement is going to target, and is going to devolve into something akin to a street revolution and they’re targeting the bankers -he calls them “banksters”- in a way that dehumanizes them and targets them and marginalizes them for physical brutality. So it’s one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen.

RODAN: Well, Andrew, it’s funny you mentioned those guys. Van Jones recently… I’m sure you already know that Van Jones has said that supposedly there’s going to be a progressive Fall offensive, and the goal is to emulate the Arab Spring. In other words, they want to create what they call, “a popular uprising,” which, you know very well, that the left is neither popular nor a real uprising. You know it’s usually fabricated.


ANDREW: Here’s what I’ve noticed: it’s the same people and they’ve tried to be nice in creating a counter-Tea Party, which was community organizing done by the least likely people to take on community organizing in the American middle class, saying, “We’re not going to pay for your Cloward-Piven utopia towards revolutionary hell.”

So the community organizing that happened was in the Tea Party. So these people got freaked out because their own tricks were used against them, and so they started the Coffee Party to try and create a juxtaposition, that somehow the Tea Party, which Janet Napolitano attempted to frame as being Timothy McVeigh-like in its desire to have some type of armed conflict or terror component…

Instead the Tea Party manifested itself as a group that was self cleaning. It would reject people by physically throwing out people who looked like outsiders and agitators and people that would act in a racist fashion, and it cleaned up after itself. And so the Coffee Party was rejected by the American people because its entire premise was based upon trying to appear that “we are a reasonable group of people against this racist violent Tea Party.”

So what did they do next? They tried to find a bunch of John McCain kind of accomodationists, like David Frum and Mark McKennen…


RODAN: Oh I can’t stand David Frum, by the way, Andrew Breitbart.

ANDREW: Right. And so, so they created a no-labels thing, which was clearly the left trying to find as many people on the right – Meagan McCain types – to say, “I want to distance myself from the Tea Party,” ’cause, well, the Tea Party is, as the media is portraying it, violent and extreme. So, of course they were able to find David Frums and Mark McKennens and Meagan McCains to try that. It didn’t work.

So after the devastating loss last November, Richard Trumpka of the AFL-CIO [who] has been in the White House probably more than anyone other than Andy Stern, former head of the SEIU, and they orchestrated what you saw in Wisconsin. And that failed so this… and we’ve seen other events such as the anti-Koch demonstrations (such as the one that I roller-bladed at that got these socialist and these anarcho-astroturfist to be caught on camera calling for a bloody revolution) calling on camera to string up Clarence Thomas, to lynch Clarence Thomas.

That was an event that was orchestrated by Greenpeace, Van Jones, Robert Reich, public employee unions and Code Pink, and THAT failed. That failed. And so this is the same group of people trying to step it up. And so they are no longer trying to pretend no labels or Coffee Party, that they are reasonable. They see three election cycles in a row: November of 2009, the election of Governor McDonald, and Christie as reformers, in 2010 the Tea Party debacle for the Democratic Party and then losing the Anthony Weiner seat shows a trend.

And so these people are, right now, showing a desperation that shows that the Marxists, Leninists in them, the revolutionaries in them – which has been self-evident to anyone that is paying attention to the degree that we are – that these people are Marxists, they are revolutionaries, they are anarchists and they are socialists. And they are getting very desperate.

And this Anonymous video is showing me that they are desperately trying to create something like what Van Jones says he wants – which is an Arab Spring – which just does not bode well for a country like ours which is a peaceful democracy.

RODAN: Right. You know it’s funny that for all the, you know… despite what liars like Charles Johnson says, and we’ll get to him in a minute

ANDREW: All roads lead to, uh… Jazzy.

RODAN: Yes, exactly, the jazz guitarist, the philosopher king, the Sage of Culver City as I call him. You know what, I mean, they really want – do they really believe that they could win a civil war against the right? I mean, I’m not advocating for the war whatsoever, but I mean I’m trying to put myself in their mindset. What do they think? Do they think that…


ANDREW: Jazzy [Charles Johnson] has gotten very angry at me for taking on that question based upon a question posed to me in Lexington, Massachusetts when people talked about all of the union-based violence and the union-based attacks on Tea Party members. It’s been going on in an organized fashion.

If there was a correlation the left, the Jazzy crowd created a false correlation between Gabby Gifford’s attack at the hands of Jared Loughner (who, if anything, was a crazy leftist) and tried to make it appear that it was Sarah Palin. Even the Daily Kos tried to make it appear that somehow I had something to do with it.

With zero correlation, the main stream media ran with it and tried to make the right have to own it, so when you look at what incident am I talking about… oh yeah, yeah, When you look at what has happened over the last few years, when you have the day that the Deputy White House Chief of Staff Jim Messina says we need to punch back twice as hard, and that same night, the same night that the head of the AFL-CIO, John Sweeney, sends out a letter saying to the rank and file, “You need to get into the faces of the town hall protestors,” who are asking basic questions about Obamacare which they are trying to push down our throats, that was the night that both in Tampa and at Rush Carnahan’s Missouri town hall that SEIU purple-shirted thugs started to attack the people that were outside trying to ask basic questions.

I was attacked by the IBEW Local 357, and caught it on tape with them throwing eggs at a moving Tea Party bus. And when I was there filming it, the people that threw the eggs threatened me with physical violence.

These are the type of things that Jazzy and his Magical Ponytail conspicuously ignore. And so, when I go and I do these speeches, Jazzy and his Magical Ponytail seem to have… it’s a radar to know where I am, and is paying attention to what I am saying… selectively edit out the context of what I am saying in order to try and make me portrayed like I am calling for violence. I do the repudiation of acts of violence by the unions that are tacitly endorsed by the leadership of this country and by the unions that put this leadership into power, where they’re attacking the American people and the Justice Department is looking the other way.

And I stand by what I have to say. If the rule of law is not being followed, if America no longer becomes a nation of law in which one group of people can attack the other, our side has the right to defend itself.

RODAN: Well Andrew, something like that similar happened down in Colombia, where back in the 80s and early 90s the park was running wild and then the landowners in conjunction, admittedly with some of the narco- with some of the cartels formed the Columbian Self Defense Forces, and they ended up cleaning the park’s clock.

So sometimes when the central government is not meeting its responsibility people do have to defend themselves. You no-way-in-hell were advocating any violence, you were just saying that if this continues people gotta defend themselves, which, guess what, it’s a truthful statement.

ANDREW: I don’t know what happened to Jazzy, because I introduced him at the opening of Pajamas Media at 30 Rock – I think it’s called the Rainbow Lounge on the top – and I was asked by Roger Simon, the founders of Pajamas Media, Roger Simon and Charles Johnson, for me to introduce them. And so I had a history with Charles Johnson in linking, when I worked back at the Drudge Report, linking to his article as it relates to Dan Rather. And over the years, probably like since late 2004 through perhaps 2007, I would see him periodically.

In fact one time I went to lunch with him to introduce him to David Horowitz of all people, because I thought that what was happening to him, and his claims of being under threat – his life being under threat because of radical Islamists – because Little Green Footballs had taken such an admirable tact against radical Islam since 9-11. And I believed him, that he was under threat. So I thought that I would put him in contact with as many people as humanly possible. During that period of time, we became rather friendly, because neither of us felt necessarily comfortable (naturally) in Republican corridors, because both of us used to consider ourselves liberals.

And so he and I would be at these parties and I would try and explain to him the culture of the right, and why these people dressed so nicely, and why they are so polite, and why they don’t understand the new-fangled rock and roll. And I was as close to him, I think, as anybody could be, given that we were in the same town and we had similar orientations. And I watched – I don’t know when it started, in 2008 or something – as he started to devolve.

I had witnessed this with Arianna Huffington coincidentally, when she went from the right to the left and how, overnight, the things that she was paying attention to switched and the people that used to hate her in Brentwood started to like her. And she started to do everything she could to play to what were previously the people that she held in contempt. So I had a history of watching this happen around me, and I watched it happen, and I stopped reading Little Green Footballs.

And every now and then I would see that other websites that I paid attention to, like Hot Air or Ace of Spades, were caught up in battles with Little Green Footballs, and I kind of just shrugged it off. And, it’s like, I don’t know what happened to that guy. But at no point did I think that he would ever take it out on me.

And I thought that Hot Air could defend itself, and I thought that Ace of Spades could defend itself, and I always thought: I wonder if I’ll ever run into this guy in a public setting and be able to ask him these questions in a civil circumstance, because I thought that we had a pretty good history. But when the ACORN scandal broke, he started to attack me, and he started to attack me on ethics grounds and on racism grounds.

RODAN: And he attacked you very viciously, may I add. Very viciously.

ANDREW: Oh, I know. I know. I was like, “Really?” And I must say I honestly did think it’s science fiction, kind of, because he lives so mysteriously, where he wouldn’t tell people where he lives. He always had this kind of weird vibe to him like a person that… that isn’t natural to social settings.

RODAN: I was just going to ask you that. How did you find Charles in person? Was it always something weird or shady about him?

ANDREW: He just seemed uncomfortable with his fellow human beings, and there are people who are shy, and I thought it was because he was around Republicans and Conservatives and was just coming from the other place.

And I also thought it was because he had death threats and claimed that he needed security and/or to do things to protect himself because what he was doing against radical Islamists in exposing jihad and sharia. And I just chalked up his eccentricities to A: him being under constant attack because he was being bold and courageous in the face of the Islamist threat; and I thought he had a naturally shy countenance. That’s what I chalked it up to be. Was he awkward? On a 1 to 10 scale I’d say about a 4 or a 5.

RODAN: Hmm. You know, because, my whole thing with Charles I always notice is he gets obsessed with boogey men, like for example, awhile back he was all but insinuating that somehow Ron Paul was the head of some new Fourth Reich and somehow all these groups, the Vlaams Belang, tobacco companies were all interconnected in some massive plot to cover global warming.

ANDREW: Yeah, yeah. What I did start to notice in 2008 was this weird obsession on intelligent design, and… I think he knows this about me – that I’m agnostic and I’m not that religious. Obviously, if I’m an agnostic and that was… I am basically a secular Jew from the west side of LA who just can’t stand the radical left and radical Islamists, and that’s it. I’m not that political. I just can’t stand Marxism, the politically correct, multi-culturalism.

Political correctness was the very reason he was in the trouble that he was in with the Islamists, because the sharia crowd doesn’t believe in the rights and free speech of gays and women. They believe in oppressing them, but they demand in our culture the same rights that they deprive others in their religion.

And I found that CAIR, which had targeted Little Green Footballs, were using the politically correct, cultural Marxist playbook in order to try and silence him. And so, to watch Charles now do a 180, and now use the same exact tools that CAIR used against him, trying to make him out to be a racist. I think they even condemned Little Green Footballs as a hate site.

And so when he has been the object of taking his scrutiny of radical Islam and trying to frame him as a racist and to frame him as a hater (which the left media and the left blogosphere granted that assessment) for him to use that against a former ally, who was defending him under those circumstances, for him to use the same exact tactics of guilt-by-association when I repudiate racism, sexism, and he tries to use comments in my un-moderated comments section (which could or could not have been planted by his own commenters and to try and imply that I am a racist) when I boldly disagree with the sentiment therein.

There are thousands of opinions in my comment section, comments that disagree with one another. For him to take things that exist in my comments section to make it appear as if those people are my fans, or that they reflect my point of view when I make blanket statements condemning racism, shows how disingenuous this fuck face is.

RODAN: Well, and Andrew, here’s the whole thing. I have a feeling it was Charles’ minions that planted those comments and let me tell you why. There is one person who is one of his lieutenants over there by the name of Killgore Trout, and two years back he went on Hot Air and started planting the n-word and he got busted for that.

But what’s funny is this one guy, Killgore Trout, always goes to all these websites, all these conservative websites, and he mysteriously finds racist comments. Well he keeps finding them. What’s my conclusion? He’s probably planting them and that’s what probably happened. Charles sent his minions over there and they planted them over there.

ANDREW: Well, look. I can’t prove that one way or the other. But he can’t prove who those people are and there is an obvious interest of people on the left to negate any thought of a person on the right by calling them a racist. I can prove that because Charles was the subject of those attacks for years when Little Green Footballs was Little Green Footballs up until about 2008, so he understands that perfectly.

And so there was an attempt to frame the Tea Party as racist so a group, desirous of being able to get video that affirmed that point of view, created an organization I think it was called “” (or a verb like “infiltrate”) and they would go and dress up like Nazis at tea parties and then take pictures of themselves and put it up on the internet. That was because they couldn’t find the evidence they were looking for so they had to manufacture it.

And so, if you’re a left winger over at Media Matters, or you’re just a left winger in general, and we want to talk about Obamacare and say we don’t like it, it has a redistributive engine underneath it: robbing from the rich to give to the poor.

You know, it’s just pure Marxism through and through. The only thing that they can throw out is the racism thing, so when they have an army of people online who are motivated to fight (, Huffington Post commenters like crazy) they have a compelling interest to go into conservative sites to make conservatives look as bad as humanly possible.

And so, I would never go over to a left-of-center site and say all of their people are saying “this” therefore the person who runs the site is racist. It’s very, very bad and desperate and illogical. But it just shows how desperate this guy is. I don’t even know what his goals are to be honest with you. I honestly consider myself a peripheral person in this battle. But when I started to see what he was doing and the tactics he was using, I thought that I’d transfer my obsession from Eric Boehlert at Media Matters (who has started to bore me) over to Little Green Footballs because I thought I could perhaps draw in some of you guys to start paying attention to expose how duplicitous this guy is and how he is obsessed with me.

Yet, but from the very beginning I’ve said [that] if you have a problem with me I am willing to debate you on my tactics, my ethics, my history. And then he says I’m not going to grant you the respect that that warrants because you are so low. I mean, what a chicken shit.

He spends hours and hours and hours and post after post after post obsessing on me, yet, like Eric Boehlert, neither of them nor anyone on the left is willing to go on talk radio, is willing to go on a college campus, who is willing to go on a podium and to go mano y mano and debate on the points. And you bring your proof that I showed Ann Coulter Anthony Weiner’s, uh, cock pic.

RODAN: Well Andrew, here’s the whole thing with Charles, ok. He’s nobody to speak because on a daily basis, you know if anybody – and you know (I’m sure you’ve glanced through the Diary of Daedalus) – on a daily basis there are very hateful comments on his own blog, so it’s kinda like the pot calling the kettle black. So he’ll accuse you of the stuff he’s doing. And when you were saying what his goal is, his goal basically is to have another Dan Rather moment.

Basically here’s the thing. When he went to the left he’s not accepted by them. They really don’t trust him because he was so big pro-Israel that to join the left you have to throw Israel under the bus. Charles hasn’t thrown Israel under the bus yet. However, he has been attacking big supporters of Israel – he’s been having anti-Israel on the pages thing, his something on the side, he’s having Islamists on there. I mean he’s had Islamists on there.

ANDREW: So you’re saying what he’s trying to do is [that] by going after people in the right wing blogosphere that this is his way of gaining re-entry into the world that rejected him because he doesn’t feel comfortable on the right. But you know what? The right – he got rejected from the money bags over at Little Green Footballs, they use… there… it is a well funded organization and once he was no longer there, no longer had anybody to support him, and that is one of the things about being on the right.

I mean, I saw that with Arianna Huffington. You know, we both lived on the west side of LA and her Salon was crickets when she was on the right. When she switched to the left, not only did the handsome and the well dressed and the rich and the famous come to her house, but so did the hardcore leftwing money that paid to create the Huffington Post.

And the thing is, that’s where the money exists. The left likes to create this the false impression that there are George Soroses on the right and there just aren’t. They like to claim the Koch brothers are out there funding every site and I can tell you that I’m not funded by the Koch brothers. Ace of Spades isn’t, your site isn’t. It’s a projection onto us.

RODAN: No, because here’s the thing. That’s why I was… On the regular blog, The Blogmocracy. I always call crack the… I always laugh when the left say they are starting a, quote, popular uprising, because if you study Cold War history, that is a Marxist term and other words, but there is nothing popular about it. It’s usually manufactured just like this, uh, whatever, Fall Offensive. Van Jones is saying they… It’s not like us on the right where when I went to a Tea Party down here in Tampa. I currently reside in Tampa. I’m originally from Queens, NY, so I’m actually an urban conservative, so I actually understand where you’re coming from, how like there’s a little cultural difference between liberals and, let’s say, conservatives, so to speak, that even though my politics are very conservative, a lot of my habits are very urban. You understand where I’m coming from, you know? So…

ANDREW: Indeed.

RODAN: So you understand what I mean. I could go out to the club by VIP, you know – I grew up with Hip Hop – I even DJ’ed rap in the early 90s – and you know now I’m the conservative side so I understand what you mean about where you and Charles are coming from. I come from something similar in a sense, you know?

So what I’m trying to get at, is this guy Charles. Basically he gets obsessed with a target and now, right now, he’s obsessed with you. He just… every day it’s it’s Breitbart this, Breitbart that, Breitbart this.

And here’s the thing. You are out there, you get death threats, you’re on TV, you’re getting in these peoples’ faces. I loved it when there was this union protest and you got up to their faces, and you told them who’s funding them. I forgot what incidence that was, but they started walking away from you because they didn’t even know what they were protesting.

ANDREW: Oh, I said, “You don’t know what you’re protesting.” You go up to them and you ask them what their sign means, and their signs are created for them. This is what astroturf is, and so I didn’t know about this until they started to say that the Tea Party was Astroturf, and I went, “What is astroturf?”

And I realized that they, again, they accuse us of that which they are guilty of. That we are hyper-organized, I went, “No, the people at the Tea Parties are just schleppy, middle American people like me,” that just are pissed off that there is zero accountability in Washington, and there is a fundamental lack of organization other than miniscule, like middle aged women who are empty nesters who are trying to do what they can to save the country.

But the left is highly organized with people like Van Jones and Robert Reich and Bill Ayers types and Professor Peter Dryer from Occidental College. I mean, the people from SEIU, the other unions, they are natural leaders who put people together and they know how to agitate and they start accusing the people who have stood up against them. They accuse others of the exact things they are doing, and Charles could not be more guilty of that.

RODAN: My question about Charles: when he broke with Pajamas Media, was it a mutual leaving or was he forced out?

ANDREW: I actually don’t know. I don’t recall that. I think I probably knew that at the time, but I don’t know actually. I don’t know, but it’s strange because I used to see him at parties at Roger Simon‘s place. I went out to lunch with him definitely a few times, and it’s just strange. It’s just strange because there is part of me that wonders, because he is such a shut in, that somebody has a gun to his head or something, because it just seems like he’s so crazy.

It seems like that the people that were harassing him, and challenging him and threatening him, it’s almost as if he doesn’t have a problem with those people anymore, and he has now gone after the small group of people who were on his side which are just a bunch of scrappy people who used to defend him because he has to go out there and stick his neck out so much. And so he now feels an obligation to send a message to those people, that he used to be in a loose brotherhood with, that he needs to take them out. Before there was Andrew Breitbart as his obsession, there was Michelle Malkin, Ed Morissey.

RODAN: Pam Geller he was obsessed with.

ANDREW: AllahPundit, yeah he goes after Pamela Geller for sure, and Ace of Spades. I mean, what do we all have in common other than that we were comrades in arms three years ago. So he’s specifically going after people who used to defend him, that feels as if he’s trying to get himself off of some type of a CAIR, sharia, jihadist death list, you know? I’m just saying it creates the appearance that he is trying to undo the damage that he did to those groups in the past by going after us. It just feels that way.

RODAN: I’ll give you for example, Andrew, on LGF you can not now say anything critical of Islam, but yet you can trash the Catholic Church all day and night on LGF with the whole pedophilia scandal and things of that nature. But if you point out, oh, this imam in Iran said that, oh you’re a racist, oh you’re fear mongering blah blah blah. That’s LGF to this day, and here’s what’s funny. Charles is accusing you – and listen to this irony – Charles is accusing you of trying to get information on someone who confronted you, ok? Here’s what’s…

Here’s something Charles did. That lovely lady “m” who you spoke with when you called in for the show? Charles Johnson – she donated money to his PayPal account. Charles Johnson outed her identity using the PayPal account. So who is he to criticize you?

ANDREW: Why did he out her?

RODAN: Because we criticized him. He outed my identity, he outed my co-host, King Minos’ identity, he outed a lot of peoples’ identity who trusted him.

ANDREW: He did? You know what’s funny, he sees it… Charles Johnson’s Ponytail truly is Magical when you saw the photo of Ann Coulter looking surprised at something while talking to another person who wasn’t me… he derived that I had… that she had just seen the Anthony Weiner photo as shown by me, when I’m not in that frame though I was at that event. It’s categorically not true that I showed Ann Coulter that image, ok? It is categorically untrue, but he derived that and tried to build a scenario up that I don’t even know what the point was.

There is nothing wrong with showing somebody proof of something that he is claiming doesn’t exist. It was proof. It was such proof that Doctor, when the photo was taken, surreptitiously by Opie and Anthony, nobody got upset with Doctor for publishing the photo. I had just stated that I had no desire to put it on my site and to get the millions of page views off of it, but there’s… it is an inherently newsworthy photo that if my friends asked me to see it, I had no problem showing it.

But he tried to make it appear that I had done something nefarious, but he had no proof other than a photo, where had derived something and the same thing can be said of that photo of that guy sitting there who accosted me at the Brentwood Country Mart. He and his Magical Ponytail tried to see in that photo say look at that guy, he is sitting there smiling, looking bemused. The reason why the guy is sitting there smiling is because I went back to my table after the confrontation and I took a picture of him about 5 minutes later. So he was sitting down finishing up his lunch. The incident had happened about 30 feet away.

But without calling me up, without doing any reporting, his Magical Ponytail was able to derive an entire post, yet again, in which he has a scenario, an elaborate scenario of what he thought happened, which proves, Dan Rather style, that something didn’t happen or something did happen. He’s fucking insane.

RODAN: He’s a smear merchant. He invents conspiracy theories, you know. He at one time thought that Ron Paul was behind this massive rightwing plot, he always claims neo-nazis, he has this obsession with Nazis… by the way, he thinks like neo-nazis are out to get him… maybe he’s watched. He’s played too many World War II video games in my opinion, you know? But he really has, he has these conspiracy theories.

Sometimes I read what he writes and it’s like, “Does this guy really believe what he’s writing?” But you explained him how he was always kind of like a little bit shady, and a little like…

ANDREW: I found out he, he seemed like a person uncomfortable with natural human interaction. I would say it exceeded shyness.

RODAN: Was it borderline paranoid?

ANDREW: Not when I knew him, no. I would just – I don’t know he was paranoid. He told me that he had death threats. He told me that he had to live in a secret place, but the guy was going after radical Islamists in a post 9-11 era after people. I would not… I took him at his word that he was, that he had to exist in this, live this kind of way without people knowing where he lived because of the threats that he was under. And I took him at his word and I have no reason to believe that he wasn’t telling the truth.

But I’m telling you he did act strange, he did act like the person that for being out of his home was, you know, like Bill Murray in, ah, what was the name of that movie about baby steps? “What about Bob.”

RODAN: Yeah, “What About Bob.” Ok.

ANDREW: Yeah, he seemed like a shut-in, reclusive neurotic who was making strong attempts to connect with his new allies who wanted to have his back for the hard work that he did against radical Islam in the face of unspeakable pressure from the left and politically correct types, like CAIR. And so I wanted to give him as much aid and comfort as humanly possible, and I thought that I did that, and I thought I was rewarded with being asked to introduce him and Roger Simon, when I had no financial interest in Pajamas Media.

I was asked to introduce them and I did so because I felt that Charles Johnson, shut-in or not, was rising to what I felt the country needed was a few brave men to stand up against this. And I really am flummoxed that he could become this nauseating person who has begun to embody the very things that he was attacking 5-10 years ago.

RODAN: Andrew, that’s a very, very good point because if you look at LGF 2005 most of the articles were about like Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR. Now you fast forward to today…

ANDREW: Or Rachel, mocking Rachel Corrie.

RODAN: Yes, Miss Pancake. He called her St. Pancake.

ANDREW: Yeah, the type of stuff that when I mock and ridicule far leftists, who are involved in Occupy Wall Street malarkey, who are involved in public sector union attacks where I mocked these people, he’s the first one to play the politically correct card. Of course I’m going to fight rhetorical fire with rhetorical fire.

The problem with the right, as I told him, when he was trying to ingratiate himself with the right, was people on the right play by Marquess of Queensbury rules. And being that he and I came from the liberal side and from Hollywood, we’re profane, we believe in loud music. Sex, drugs and rock and roll doesn’t bother us so much, and so I was trying to explain to him who these people are that had taken a liking to him, because they were a space alien group to him. I’m like yeah, it’s weird, it’s weird being embraced by the Tea Party type people who are normal, unassuming Americans who would give you the shirt off their back and feed you.

The thing is, I’d say they’d still feed the Magical Ponytail right now, and they are incredibly forgiving. But what’s missing right now is an explanation how he went from being one person to this person. It’s the exact opposite and he is embodying the very things that he was under, that he was assaulting in a withering manner for so many years. It’s just too spooky to think that this person turned 180 degrees and decided to do so on his former allies.

SAVAGE: Andrew, are you there?


SAVAGE: Yea, this is Savage, I’m the co-host of The Blogmocracy Talk Radio Show. Do you want to take in a few callers? We’ve had people waiting quite a bit.

ANDREW: Ok, sure.

SAVAGE: Ok. the first one I want to bring in is someone who is quite a legend in his own space and everything. We want to bring on ChenZhen. Hi Chen, how are you?

CHENZHEN: Hey guys, how’s it going?

SAVAGE: Alright, I thought I’d bring you in as the first one since you’re quite a fixture on The Boiler Room Crew.

CHENZHEN: Well I did come bearing gifts. A hundred thousand retweets to be distributed amongst you all. I guess I didn’t really have a question for Andrew, I was just kind of… in fact I didn’t even know he was coming on. I just got on just to… because I haven’t talked to you guys in awhile. But that is pretty interesting so high fives.

RODAN: Well, thank you Chen. Any big explosive articles coming up or…

CHENZHEN: Well, we do have some collaboration going behind the scenes for some new players, I can’t divulge too much information but there are some new players on the scene in The Boiler Room and I think that there are some names that would probably surprise some of the lizard family. So yeah, we gotta keep that kind of on the down low. But yeah, there are some things shaking.

I’ve been kind of… I’ve been kind of tied up in just kind of the real world lately, with my job and everything so you guys haven’t noticed me around as much. But I’m still kind of interacting a a little bit with kind of the behind the scenes stuff that we’re working on, and yeah so, uh, I guess I was just calling in to say hi just because it’s been a little while and I didn’t know if you guys had missed me or not but…

SAVAGE: Well Chen, I’m very glad you called.

CHENZHEN: Well so am I. Yeah it’s been interesting. It’s been interesting so far. I didn’t know like a lot about this, in fact I didn’t know that Andrew was part of Pajamas Media. Maybe I just hadn’t paid that close of attention.

ANDREW: Oh no, no, no. At the very beginning I advised them in a couple of their first meetings together and Charles was a part of it. Roger Simon was a part of it from afar. What’s his name – Professor Glenn Reynolds was a part of it, Jill Stewart was a part of it.

You know, I’d love to talk to Jill Stewart because I’m still friends with Jill Stewart. She is the managing editor of the LA Weekly, and I would say that Jill and… like if when we were at a party back at the… In 2005 when that started, I thought that Jill and Charles were the ones that I would go to when I walked into a room, for whatever reason, so it would be interesting to find out from Jill what she thinks happened, if anything, if she has even paid attention to what’s happened because Jill is as close to an objective journalist as you are going to get. She’s a Democrat, writes for the LA Weekly, but has been merciless towards the teachers union in her writing and is very politically incorrect.

And I’d love to find out what happened to Charles through Jill, because I think she could be as objective as anybody possibly could. And I don’t know if she favors him or not.

RODAN: Yeah, that would be very interesting. We have another caller, Carolina Girl. She is also a former lizard banned by Charles. Hello, Carolina Girl.

CAROLINA GIRL: Hello. How is everyone?

RODAN: Hi Carolina Girl. I got Andrew Breitbart here. Do you have any questions?

CAROLINA GIRL: Oh, I know. I am a huge fan, Andy. You’re not on Red Eye nearly enough, that’s all I’m going to say on it …

ANDREW: Yeah they don’t do remote shows anymore so I’m in LA so I only do it when I’m in New York and so it’s kind of difficult. It would be fun.

CAROLINA GIRL: Yeah, ’cause it’s a great show – I hope to see more people start to watch it. I was curious if you were ever going to start one of the… on the website, something about global warming, I don’t know, you could call it Big Heat, I don’t know.

ANDREW: Yeah, we own Big Environment and I was thinking of starting it but I felt after the East Anglia emails happened that that phenomenon is still alive. But not really, especially when there is no money and there is no economy that want they want to do to the American economy and to American industry in the name of the environment while at the same time granting third world countries carte blanche to do whatever they want to the environment. It’s a flat out global redistribution scam and, when it was exposed that the peer-to-peer review, was nothing more than the type of intimidation and bullying and thuggery that we’re seeing from the left in the public square, in which if you disagree with the prevailing orthodoxy, you’re kicked out of the club.

And there’s billions of dollars in this racket in order to uphold the racket in order to affirm the racket so if you come out there and say this hockey stick… these numbers are garbage instead of being given an award for maintaining the standards of excellence in science, you are marginalized. You are attacked. You’re told you are not part of the club.

They want to be able to shove as many false data into the equation as humanly possible and to use the matrix of Hollywood and the news media in order to create a layer of protection and it’s just a propaganda war of epic proportions but I really do think that the last 2, 3 years and the East Anglia emails have made it such that it’s a dying religion.

CAROLINA GIRL: Oh, except for one particular website which seems to… I mean that was another thing that Charles went kablooey on was, his whole sudden espousing of the whole global warming hoax and we’re all, you know now of course, now all Republicans are anti-science and anti-this and anti-that.

ANDREW: Oh, and we’re Dominionists. And we’re Dominionists, you know? The thing is the theocracy and the sharia that he hated and exposed is manifestly obvious and not even explained away in Islam, is now applied to… Andrew Breitbart is somehow part of a Dominionist anti-science cabal, when I am a secular agnostic Jew from West LA.

CAROLINA GIRL: Heheheh, well, he can justify anything, you know that.

ANDREW: Right. And all we say is we want a debate. We believe in free speech on this stuff. You show me data that shows to me that there is anthroprogenic global warming that isn’t coerced? That isn’t part of a well funded propaganda mill. Maybe I’m up for it. But these people won’t debate. After James Cameron demanded a debate with me, and then cancelled as I’m heading to the airport to go to the Acton Institute to go debate him.

You know, Al Gore says the debate is over, we won’t debate you, we won’t go on TV, and I’m like, “That’s crazy talk.” Why won’t anybody talk to Salem [unintelligible] Ann McElhinney, the journalist of ah they can go out there and debunk half of the talking points of Lori… all of the talking points of Lori Davis and Al Gore and James Cameron.

RODAN: Andrew just to break in for a moment, Carolina and Andrew. This is something that has always bugged me about the scientific, the modern scientific community. All the effort they are putting into, quote, combat their imaginary global warming – if they put that into a serious space program, and I’m talking about real space exploration, space colonization, because humanity, we’re basically one asteroid away from being exterminated, ok?

ANDREW: Well, let me, look. There are two words that I didn’t give you that will show you how disingenuous these people are on global warming. That’s Bjørn Lomborg, because it’s not about the science, it’s about that the science and the propaganda is tied to legislation, all the legislation conspicuously is involved in moving money from one district to another, one country to another in order to fulfill the social justice, economic justice and green justice models, where the way that the global left, and the global communist movement and the global socialist movement wanted to move this money around just on pure principle, now does so in the name of green justice. And Bjørn Lomborg accepts the premise that anthropogenic global warming is gonna happen.

But he negates. He says if you put all these trillions of dollars, if you cripple American industry, if you cripple if you do all these things, it’s not going to affect the climate one iota and it’s gonna put America into the poor house. And he says there are the things that you can do practically that will have an effect, but they’re not socialist and redistributionist, and therefore nobody on the left wants to look at it, because the whole point of the green stuff, or the former global cooling stuff, or whatever they want to call it, is based upon redistribution of wealth.

CAROLINA GIRL: Oh yeah. Absolutely.

RODAN: Well, I don’t think Charles is making that much money anymore, so I think that’s why he supports this agenda because he wants some wealth distributed to him, you know?


ANDREW: I had to tell my kids – my kids came upstairs and I had to kindly, assertively push them downstairs.

RODAN: Yeah, no I said that I understand why now Charles really subscribes to this global warming agenda because since he’s not making that much money any more since he’s pissed off a lot of his readership. He wants some money redistributed to him, you know? So that’s why he…

ANDREW: I’ll say this, that I haven’t really thought so much about the origins of this, but I think that… I think there is a point to be made that if you are going to get back into the good graces of the left, there are certain religious aspects of being on the left that are points that you have to make, that you have to go out of your way.

And one is global warming, and one is an anti-Christian [crosstalk] and that’s his thing, he really… he really… the way to ingratiate yourself with the left is to over play your hand trying to say, “Hey look, hey guys, I want to be in your club, look at how much I am attacking people on the right for being Creastionist, look at how much I’m attacking people on the right for being haters, look at how much I’m hitting them on global warming.” That’s like the tri-fecta, political correctness global warming, and whatever.


RODAN: And this like soft spot for Islamic imperialism, the left has, I mean they really, ’cause, you know what it is? They view Islam as like some third world revolutionary force, and you know the western left always falls in love with these third world figures so now Ahmadinejad is the new Che, you know what I’m saying? So that’s what a lot of it is also.

ANDREW: Uh, yeah, well yeah. It’s just too bizarre. It just is too bizarre because it’s been going on.

I understand why Arianna did it. She went from having nobody coming over to her house to having Warren Beatty and Meg Ryan and David Geffen hanging out at her house. Before that it was Harry Shearer and Robert Scheer would come over and there were crickets there and so she’s made a killing moving that way. But what on God’s Green Earth has he benefited from – perhaps but a fatwa removed. Maybe this is somebody saying I’ll remove the fatwa against you if you go after these people.

RODAN: That’s a very realistic theory, I have another caller, another ex-lizard from Arizona – it is Macker. Hello Macker.

MACKER: Hello there, can you hear me now?

RODAN: Yes we can. I have Andrew Breitbart here. Do you have a question for him?

MACKER: Yes, I actually have a question and a comment. Andrew, I just want to thank you for your role, in standing standing firm as a vanguard against the forces of President Obama and his goons. You know – what you’ve done to the left, to ACORN, Planned Parenthood and the unions and set an example for citizen journalists around the world; and you are doing what the now Fifth Columnist Treasonous Media refuses to do.

Now here’s my question, Andrew. Please tell us that you have an ace in the hole for the 2012 election year. All you have to do is say yes you do or…

ANDREW: Oh please. Come on, come on. That’s just silly talk. I mean, would I answer it if I did, but I mean I don’t.

[Background talk]

ANDREW: Ok Guys, I just, uh, we’re eating in five minutes at the house. I’m always on the lookout for the goods. Just let it be known the difference between me and others with this type of stuff is you just can’t blog about it; you have to have a strategy in order to take it to the market.

On the Anthony Weiner thing, you go into this knowing that they are going to accuse you of lying or manipulating so you have to be prepared for that. You have to have a strategy to take them on. And that’s… you have to weaponize your content. You have to have a strategy to make it ubiquitous and to beat them at their own game, and that’s what we did with ACORN.

I mean, we aimed it at the main stream media, assuming that they were going to take ACORN’s side, that when the first video came out that ACORN was gonna deny what you were seeing with your own eyes. And when they denied that, that when they said that this was an isolated incident. Then we showed the second video.

And then the second video happened. They said, “Oh, they were kicked out of Los Angeles, New York and Philadelphia.” And in fact they had successfully gone into those offices and they [ACORN] aided and abetted in their nefarious project. And so, every step of the way that the media predictably went along with ACORN. It didn’t just make ACORN look stupid, it made the Democrat media complex, the media look stupid as well. So you have to understand it’s not just about getting the goods.

I mean, look. Look at the goods on Solyndra. But what is ABC, CBS and NBC doing about it? You have to come up with a strategy to make it so that these people are held to account and that’s what I’m trying to teach people, and I’m hoping that people start realizing that the way that the left was able to mollify people in the realm of the media was to claim that there’s something called objectivity.

Objectivity was just a weapon that the left would use. It took over the media and said, “Hey, we’re just objective people,” and then it was their way of finding find a Walter Cronkite who’s an activist at heart, and who showed his true colors later in life trying to help cover up for Bill Clinton at the height of the Lewinsky thing, and went out on Cape Cod in a boat with the Clintons to try and make it look like, “Hey look! I support the Clintons in their time of peril when he’s lying to the country and he’s lying under oath and subverting somebody’s rights.”

There was the person that represented neutrality, inserting himself at the latter part of his life. That’s what we’re up against. We are up against Fifth Columnists who happen to be journalists. We are up against Fifth Columnists who happen to be actors and directors. The left was able to infiltrate our country through its cultural systems. And they’ve used an existential battle.

RODAN: I totally agree. Hey Andrew I have another caller here. It’s the person who brought you here. It is Mr. Bunk. Hello, Bunk. I have Andrew on.

BUNK: Hey there everybody. Boogah-boogah and all that stuff. Andrew, I have one quick question. I know you’ve got to go, and it’s a little bit lighter. Why do you even bother with the Tweet Wars with Charles Johnson? Why don’t you just ignore him?

ANDREW: Well, I don’t know how many times you’ve heard me state this but I’m petty. And whether it be a person at the Brentwood Country Mart harassing me, going out of their way to try and harass me. I mean, the guy that I was having lunch with said, “Oh just ignore it.” I’m like no, no, no. It’s not in my nature.

BUNK: Oh, we saw that. You’re talking about the guy that got up in your face and all.

ANDREW: Yeah, and I said don’t touch me, and he tapped me, you know. And I said don’t touch me, and he tapped me again. I think he wanted to get punched by me and I didn’t want to be drawn into that, so I thought the best way to out him was to out him and take a picture of him and let people see what this guy is about. And that’s what I’m trying to do with Charles Johnson.

BUNK: Yeah, but you also know that the rule of blogging is you don’t feed the trolls.

ANDREW: Ok, well I break so many of the rules it’s ridiculous, I mean you know… Keith Olbermann, when he was at MSNBC getting 200,000 300,000 a night spent every night going after Bill O’Reilly trying to get his goat. You’re supposed to attack the person above you, and if it hits and the person reacts, that’s supposed to be your victory moment.

Well, I work upon the exact opposite. I go after everyone. I mean, I find myself attacking and being attacked by people, anonymous people with three followers on twitter, and I’ll just attack for hours on end. And I hope that people were paying attention and were entertained by it, because to me, I look at the stream and I find myself laughing thinking that this has to be interpreted by any reasonable person as incredibly humorous performance art.

BUNK: I watch it a little bit and you retweet all of the crap tweets that you get and I mean…

ANDREW: I’m called gay by everybody on the left, and so Charles Johnson is obsessed now with political correctness and pointing out that people on the right are hateful against gay people and black people and anyone who isn’t, you know [crosstalk] with a Magical Ponytail but he’s conspicuously…

RODAN: Andrew…

ANDREW: Let me finish, he’s conspicuously absent, he obsesses on my twitter feed which is filled with anti-gay bilge and he doesn’t attack the left for exhibiting the things he claims that are only supposedly on the right. So he’s such a hypocrite. He’s such a fantastical Dungeons and Dragons, inside, shut-in Anthony Perkins like freak show. You know, he looks like… yeah.

RODAN: He once thought… ok, in the early days of the Tea Party there was these people with the Tennessee state flag. He swore it was the symbol of some South African neo-nazi group. I am not kidding you – he was claiming the Tennessee flag was a nazi symbol. I kid you not.

BUNK: Oh, and the Ohio flag, too. The Ohio flag was Obama’s.

ANDREW: Boy, and if he wasn’t paying attention to FreeRepublic and paying attention to Buckhead  he wouldn’t… and if I didn’t link to him, nobody would know who he is, so it’s a… those people, those people who he’s attacking, the Buckheads of the world over at FreeRepublic and Andrew Breitbarts of the world – he would not be a publicly known person had I not drawn attention to what he did on the Dan Rather thing. And so I apologize for having aided and abetted in hoisting his Magical Ponytail, his Jazzy Magical Ponytail, into your lives.

RODAN: Andrew, you are forgiven because Charles Johnson has provided so much entertainment for me blogging the last three years I’m glad you brought that clown on the scene.

ANDREW: Yeah, I know, but we have more important things to do, and I hope that he gets that fatwa taken off of him from CAIR and the radical Islamists because he’s had to throw a lot of people under the bus in the process, and he’s had to believe in crazy Dominionist conspiracy theories in order to do so.

And I just want to end on the note that everything that I do is in the secret pursuit of trying to put intelligent design into the classrooms of Los Angeles Unified School District. Bye Charles

BUNK: Thank you, Andrew, that was great.

RODAN: Andrew, thanks a lot. Ok, Andrew, thank you, it was a pleasure.


RODAN: Goodbye, man.

42 Comments on “Andrew Breitbart on OWS, SEIU, The Tea Party, Main Stream Media, Racism and Charles Johnson’s Magical Jazzy Ponytail”

  1. garycooper says:


    That was awesome. Breitbart’s death was a terrible loss for the good guys. Thanks for posting this.

  2. garycooper says:

    Nothing from Sharpton, Jackson, Lee or Chunky on this awful double-murder. I don’t know why they don’t speak up. 😦|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

    • rightymouse says:

      That’s because the horrific deaths can’t be exploited for political, ‘look at me notoriety’, and/or monetary gain.

      • garycooper says:

        rightymouse :That’s because the horrific deaths can’t be exploited for political, ‘look at me notoriety’, and/or monetary gain.

        But, what kind of monster would be that venal and self-serving? Have they no humanity?

        One of these girls called her mother from the trunk, begging for help. As a father of two daughters the same age as these girls, I was losing it, listening to the story. This one was hideous, even by Detroit standards.

      • rightymouse says:


        What kind of monsters? Self-serving liberal a-holes.

      • rightymouse says:

        {IronFist} 🙂
        I remember those murders. Totally barbaric. If alternative media had not highlighted them, would the public have ever known?

      • Iron Fist says:

        Probably not. It makes me wonder how many other murders there are like that out there every year that we don’t hear about. We know if we look at the statistics of it that black on white crime (including murder) happens at a higher rate than white on black, but we seldom hear about it, even when the case is as sensational as the Christian-Newsome murders. And, of course, we all know that the black on black crime rate is so horrific that the average murder victim in America is a black person killed by another black person, making up nearly 50% of all murders from a group that comprises only 12% or so of the population. Those numbers never get talked about, though, because if you bring them up you are branded a RAAAAACIST by the Left and the Media (but I repeat myself). Until we can have an honest dialog about the racial contributors to crime and violence, we will never be able to adequately address the root causes of it. It is truly an epidemic in th eblack community, and one that undermines their place in the fabric of our society as a whole.

      • rightymouse says:


        I couldn’t agree more. But until people knock off the PC crap, folks like Bill Cosby who articulate the problems plaguing black communities will be vilified.

  3. Doppelganger sans avatar says:

    I love it when he called Charles ” fuckface”

    • garycooper says:

      Me, too. Breitbart was never afraid to let his inner-child out to play. He was hilariously immature at times, but he never lost sight of the big stories, either.

  4. Zeus Crankypants says:

    Charles: What is Breitbart holding in his hand in the tub? Is that a menu board?

  5. Sorry about my lame performance in there. I was trying to be funny!

    • garycooper says:

      It sounded to me like you’d been working down in the boiler room for a long time, Chen. 😉

      (and your work is greatly appreciated!)

    • iSpeakJive says:

      I thought the thousand re-tweets was very good. AB laughed, didn’t he?

  6. Doppelganger sans avatar says:

    “He spends hours and hours and hours and post after post after post obsessing on me, yet, like Eric Boehlert, neither of them nor anyone on the left is willing to go on talk radio, is willing to go on a college campus, who is willing to go on a podium and to go mano y mano and debate on the points.”

    because Charles is an idiot.
    he knows that he would have his fat ass handed to him. he’s a linker not a thinker, and not even very good at that

  7. Former Democrat Party Slaves Speak Out.

    Rev. C.L. Bryant from Graland Tx. former NAACP Pres. from Garland.

    tfk and C.L. Bryant have met and talked prior, his dad a WWII vet,
    C.L. and his dad and most if not all in C.L.’s church members in Garland and other points get it.

    Act Up.
    Free Yourselfs America

  8. Zeus Crankypants says:

    OT – Ok… yesterday in Conifer the temperature was near the 80’s, we still had a wildfire burning (97% containment) and it was sunny… this morning… snowing… 31 degrees (f) and they are predicting up to 3 inches by tomorrow… Colorado in the Spring.

  9. Zeus Crankypants says:

    Arachne :

    Okay, thanks – you made the coffee come out my nose……

    My aim is to please.

  10. garycooper says:

    That “Magical Jazzy Ponytail” is a real gem. 😆

    Men with moobs, a ponytail, and no job…it’s catnip to the ladies, eh? How can they resist? They can’t!

    • OLT's Donkey Show Lovin' says:

      And if they do? Just follow them all over the Internet until you are the biggest thing their lives! Love! Success!

      • OLT's PIMF says:


      • garycooper says:

        That’s a can’t-miss strategy, Tex. Because a restraining-order is really a come-on, proving that the object of one’s avid attentions is finally coming around. Same with being called “a creepy old man,” or “stalker.” Terms of endearment, they are.

  11. Voltaire's Crack says:

    Has anyone from DoD ever contacted Jill Stewart whom Andy referred to in this interview?

    Just curious.

    • garycooper says:

      Would anyone be shocked if such a communication led to Chunky tweet-stalking and harassing Jill? God forbid she have any kind of opinion on Fatass. 😯

      If she’s a Democrat, even an open-minded, rational one (they are few, but they do exist), she’s probably better off leaving this stone unturned. Slimy creatures lurking under there.

    • Bunk X says:

      M said she’d give it a shot a few days ago.

  12. rightymouse says:

    Andrew was absolutely DRIVEN to make an impact. His influence in modern politics & media was huge. I’ll miss him.

    • garycooper says:

      Like the titles of his blogs, the man was larger than life. He was building something special, that I fear will never be the same without him. A counter-balance to the prevailing MSM-groupthink, that’s led by the vile twits at the NY Slimes and their pals in the Eastern journalista junta. Fox News can’t do it alone.

      Not that there aren’t good, conservative-leaning blogs out there. None of them have the chutzpah of Breitbart, though. Not even close.

  13. Doppelganger sans avatar says:

    so has Jazzy been doing lots and lots of front page stories attacking the real Faux news, NBC?

    I mean if Fox news had done what NBC news did, he’d be foaming at the mouth

    cux like he said yesterday FRAUD IS FRAUD

    come on Charles, put up or shut up

  14. Sheer awesomeness. Nice to hear voices of cybergiants here, too 🙂

    • Bunk X says:

      The behind the scenes stuff that happened on the afternoon of the show was hilarious. We all agreed that we had to keep the “special guest” a secret to keep the trolls away. Rodan and Savage were so nervous in the first 7 minutes of the podcast, and then AB showed up as he’d promised.

  15. snowcrash says:

    Breitbart was so awesome. Totally willing to talk with us, the genocidal serbian deniers. Takes a free thinking person to get past that kind of history. Seriously, I really did admire the guy.

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