Mass-Blocking Thousands of Accounts to Deal With LGF’s “Sleeper Epidemic”?

In last night’s thread, Sergey brought up the fact that Sharmuta was banned (we’ll assume this was prompted by some recent lurking over here, ’cause it sort of came out of the blue), forcing Johnson to address the issue. After initially denying that Sharmuta was banned, he admitted that she had in fact fallen victim to his never-before-announced 6 month account dormancy rule:

While our analysis showed that the bulk of the 10,000 plus accounts that were blocked in the past 12 months were relatively dormant, we should probably do some fact-checking to see if this 6 month claim seems plausible (a quick glance at our graphs, and you get a whiff of something).

Naturally, Johnson felt compelled to explain the reasoning behind this (from the average loozard’s perspective) rather surprising revelation, and up came the funny part:

Um….yea…that’s the ticket. A “sleeper” epidemic! An epidemic so out of control that, instead of dealing with trolls on a case-by-case basis (like every other blog on the planet), Johnson had no other choice but to auto-block ten thousand accounts! Of these, many were undoubtedly regular readers who chose not to log in, or casual commenters that hadn’t been around in a while (along with some veritable legends like Sharmuta).

Needless to say, it doesn’t make too much sense. You could tell that the loozards knew it, too (it killed the thread).

(we know the real reason)