The Race Detective solves a murder!

Recently there was a murder of an Iraqi woman in California. The case remains unsolved but it appears there has been a break in the case. The Race Detective has discovered the perpetrators.

Charles, now that you have found those responsible please inform the police! I am sure her family will be glad the Race Detective was able to find the culprits.

Charles Johnson never lets a tragedy go to waste!

Links and Quotes are bad for thee, but good for me!

Charles Johnson loves to impose a Stalinist control over his blog and the Loozards. He is now seeking to control the amount pages on his blog.

So Charles doesn’t like posts that have only links and quotes. Then Jazzy X should start writing original material. All Chuck’s posts are just links and quotes. He really is hypocritical to criticize others for what he does. Odds are the Loozards are just emulating Charles Johnson’s posts.