Decatur Deb defends the Black Panthers

The New Black Panther Party are the Aryan Nation of the Black Community. Their ideology comes from the Nation of Islam offshoot called The Nation of Gods and Earth, known as the 5 Percenters. They have issued a bounty for George Zimmerman. Killgore Trout mentioned this at LGF.

In a rare moment of sanity, most the Loozards rejected this call. They probably did so, because Jazzy X hasn’t given his opinion on this. Seeing how he is an apologist for Louis Farrakhan and is supporting Al Sharpton’s race baiting, it would come as no shock for me if Charles Johnson comes out in support of the NBP’s bounty. One of his minions actually did come out in support of the bounty on George Zimmerman.

3 updings for this disgusting support of the New Black Panther party. i have no further comments and will let the readers discuss this.

I really haven’t been this disgusted with the right in a long, long time

Charles Johnson makes one of the most oddest statements I have seen from him.

Charles Johnson is mad at the Right everyday. He is lying once again and faking outrage.