Charles Johnson promotes an urban legend!

Charles Johnson worships Obama as a Pharaoh. Anything Obama pushes Jazzy X promotes on his blog. Too be fair, he was a huge Bush fan as well. Charles is attracted to power and it shows in his Stalinist method of running LGF.

Obama made a speech where he called Republicans who point out the folly of green energy members of the flat earthy society at the time of Columbus’ sailing. The problem is Obama made that up. It is an urban legend that belief in a flat earth was the scientific consensus.  As usual, Charles links without thinks and praises his beloved Pharaoh!

Charles Johnson just takes Obama at his word, without doing some research. Jazzy X is just a linker and not a thinker. Chuck isn’t a good propagandist either. He needs to think for himself. Then again, Charles Johnson probably doesn’t have much of a brain.

Tech Note: Changes Commenting With Gravatars

It appears that the great folks at decided once again to change something without a proper announcement, and since our site uses their service, we’ve been affected as well. Many of our users are seeing this when they attempt to leave a comment:

Searching the WP forums, there’s a lot of confusion over it, but I finally found a post from one of the staff that appears to be an official explanation:


We’ve recently updated our commenting system.

Now if someone tries to comment with an email address attached to a account, they’ll need to sign into before they can comment.

If commenters have forgotten their password they can request a reset:

The little detail that this guy is leaving out is that this affects anyone with a Gravatar as well (WordPress and Gravatar have been affiliated with one another since 2007). I’ve already seen a lot of bloggers on the support boards pretty upset over this, and at this point we shouldn’t rule out the possibility that WP could make another change to it. So…

Anyway, for the time being, commenters who are using a phony or non-gravatar/wordpress email in our comment form are not affected. Your auto-generated avatars will appear and you can comment as you always have.


For commenters with a gravatar, you must now login if you want to comment here (or any blog). It’s lame, but here’s the easiest solution:

1) Click the “log in” link in our sidebar:

2) enter your Gravatar username and password* (and you might want to check that “remember me” box):

3) because the geniuses at haven’t quite thought this through, you’ll be greeted with a message like this (unless, of course, you’re logging in as one of the authors here):


4) But it’s OK! You’re logged in. All you have to do is go back and/or refresh our front page, and you’ll be ready to comment.

But wait!  Some folks don’t want their gravatar username to be the display name for their comments. Now that you’re logged in, you can change that:

1) in the comment box, click “change”:

Then clear out the box for the username, and enter the new one:


*for this example, I used “blogwarriorx”, which is one of the house gravatars that I created (located in our sidebar). So, I was able to do this because I know the password for this account. This recent change means that, unfortunately, these house DoD gravatars won’t be usable for visitors like they once were (by simply c/p the addy into the comment form). Since publicly posting up the passwords for these would be problematic, I think I might hand these out to people if anyone is interested (hit us up on the comment form, maybe after a week or so; let’s see if WP changes it back).

ProLifeLiberal calls for a One Party Dictatorship!

ProLifeLiberal is one sick young man.  He converted to a Death Cult aka Islam – in order to appear cool on LGF,  he looks like a twig  but talks like he’s MMA fighter (instead of the 140 lb weakling who gets sand kicked in his face on the beach). In fact, he actually looks like a magazine cover of a nerdy Sociology major.  He has delusions of leading Jihadi armies in conquests of glory and he regularly calls for violence against political opponents.  In short, he is a perfect member of the LGF cult.

In his latest rant he calls for war against the south, exploiting Hispanics and creating a Democratic Party dictatorship.

PLL has the arms of twig that would shatter if he hit someone. As for a culture war against the South, why doesn’t he personally lead this war?

He is basically calling for a one party dictatorship here.  ProLifelIberal is clearly a totalitarin jerk.

So he wants to exploit Hispanics? As a Islamic-Progressive hybrid, he views us as his little slaves. He shows his racist nature here and no one calls him on it. PLL was honest in how much of the Left views what they deem non-white. Nothing but slaves for them to use politically.

ProLifeLiberal is a deranged young man. Between his dreams of Jihad and wanting a one party dictatorship, he is someone the FBI should monitor. I would not be shock to see him commit an act of violence. LGF is just a cesspool of hate and mentally ill people..