BRC Document Leaks: The LGF Archives, Articles 8000-8999

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hmmm…#8574 was the “rescued” thread featured here, and there’s a lot of “Palestinian Child Abuse” in there as well, but perhaps a good one to feature today is one that sits towards the top of the “stuff CJ forgot to delete” list:  #8719:

The list, for reference:
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The Opus Dei Threat!

Charles Johnson is openly anti-Catholic. He allows his minions to mock and trash Catholics. A new Catholic boogey man has now appeared at LGF, Opus Dei!

Wow, its a massive conspiracy! Will Charles Johnson tie Opus Dei to Tobacco Companies or Ron Paul!?

Spacjesus doesn’t hold back on his bigotry.

Would Spacejesus (that self abuser) and the other Marxists at LGF say this about an Islamic group? If you don’t like Opus Dei’s beliefs don’t join them. The Loozards don’t mind hurling insults at people of faith, unless of course that faith is Islam. LGF is an anti-Catholic blog.