BRC Document Leaks: The LGF Archives, Articles 6000-6999

..and we continue our public service with the following batch:

One of our keen-eyed observers might notice that Charles’ infamous “Saint Pancake” comment lies [deleted] in this collection (# 6557_IDF_Raids_ISM), along with a recently featured memory-holed thread (# 6276_Captain_America_Traitor), but because the LGF Dictionary also fell victim to the “delete” key, I thought I’d feature another tidbit that still appears even today:

Once again, the list for reference:
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Albusteve sighted…

right here in our comments section!


March 5, 2012 at 1:37 pm | #30

apologies for going off topic, but I don’t hang out much…
heysoos is albusteve, no big deal…
I did not flounce from LGF, that has no interest for me…the fact that I was banned is just as uninteresting to me…it was what it was and Walter had absolutely nothing to do with my dismissal…anyone who ponders otherwise is mistaken, it was just a cigar….

I have no reason to troll, hide my identity or need to know who other people are….some nics I recall of course…I know Walter personally because I wanted to meet him, it was nothing to do with LGF…and Walter knows better than anyone here that I am not likely to be influenced by such nonsense and actually do not need the attention of some silly subterfuge…the mongers at LGF can think whatever they want, makes zero difference to me

Charles Johnson bans Albusteve over a Cheeseburger comment

Chuck mocks Breitbart’s article on Obama

Charles Johnson’s jealousy of Andrew Breitbart continues. Yesterday, Breitbart’s last article he was working on was released. It was about a play that Obama participated in in tribute to Saul Alinsky. Rather than try to rebut the facts in the article, Charles makes fun of it.

Charles never addresses any point brought up in Andrew Breitbart’s last article. His response to take a swipe at Palin. Charles, when is the last post you had that had any effect on the political discussion? Do you think when you die, that anyone will care about your last article. You are soulless shut in intellectual coward. Even in death, Breitbart has more influence than you will even have in your life.

Charles Johnson jealous of Breitbart even in death

In 2007 Charles was a player in the blogosphere. He ran one of the most influential blogs. Now LGF is a cesspool of hate, bigotry and conspiracy theories. Andrew Breitbart was a player up until his death. With his passing, many on the Right expressed sadness and the fond memories they had of Breitbart. Charles lets his jealousy at being irrelevant overcome him. He said the praises for Breitbart makes him ill.

Charles knows that when he dies very few will mourn or mention him. That’s what really makes him ill. There is part of him that wonders what could have been had he not had his mental breakdown.