Dark Falcon says Satan posts here

Chuck’s pet mountain lion shows more evidence of his mental issues. He claims that Satan posts at the Diary of Daedalus.

Dark Falcon has a disability so I will go easy on him here. But to think Satan is posting here at the Diary of Daedalus? The mountain lion is clearly off his medications. This is just another hateful comment at LGF.

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  1. gulfloafer says:

    Did somebody call me?

  2. gulfloafer says:

    gulfloafer :
    Did somebody call me?

    err summon

  3. Minnow says:

    disability my ass. More like INABILITY to grow up.

    Oh – let’s all cry for poor little Dork. He has a disability.

    Let’s give him preferential treatment… the poor dear.

    What. A. Crock.

    This is what is wrong with America these days. Some puke is too lazy to take responsibility in his life for his life and so, he has ADD or ADHD or whatever other alphabet soup bullshit malady he can conjur up. He’s nothing more than a victim and we all must take special care to do for him what he refuses to do. We must never be so crass as to call a spade a spade, why, the poor little dear might suffer some self-esteem problems.

    Utter horseshit.

    There is nothing wrong with that dickhead except that he is terminally stupid.

    (See his comment of tonight as living fucking proof.)

    What a complete and utter suck-up…. anything for brownie points huh spastic?

    Fuck you Dork.

  4. sod says:

    LGF week in review…

    Comments still impossible to follow due to awesome display name “feature”
    KT still in super slo-mo frame by frame flounce mode
    Brainsurfer miraculously not yet banned
    carlaschulge miraculously not yet banned
    Lidane continues to irritate, admits she can’t predict the future (but only posts like she can)
    Obdicut slips up and validates the concept of a “slut” then backpedals.

    Stay tuned for next week’s LGF week in review, which will be a copy/paste of this post…

  5. King Minos says:

    Hey Dork, the devil has some donuts ready for you…

  6. Minnow says:

    there is some incredible stupid spew going on over there tonight. Our buddy Freetoken is taking the cake at this moment.

    Holy shit buddy you are stupid.


  7. How did Dork find out I post here? Who’s been telling our secrets?

  8. beed says:

    Pig :
    I guess I’m getting old. Is “taking the cake” good or bad?

    1. Depends on the type of cake. Carrot cake? Not so much.
    2. It’s problematic to take the cake while keeping and eating it too. But it can be done.
    3. Taking cake without beer is a no go. Taking cake with beer is bacon and ass.

  9. JimboXL says:

    I’m trying to imagine what Satan means to an LGF regular. Let’s see, I’m thinking maybe an opinionated family values female conservative who’s against abortion. I’m sure I just sent chills up a few spines with that description.

  10. Pakimon says:

    Dork Falcon has never been the same since he saw this as a kid.

  11. Zeus Crankypants says:

    Claytonia Sibirica :

    I dunno, I can’t say I like that kid at all, but he just SCREAMS broken to me.

    There’s this weird neediness about him that’s hard to explain otherwise.

    I think of him as less lazy, more constantly self-sabotaging, which is more sad.

    We’ve gone over this multiple times on DoD. Kirk has ASPERGERS syndrome. One of the most prevalent symptoms of Aspergers is a lack of socializing skills. You’ll have to look up the details, but in short, those who suffer from Aspergers have unusual “connections” in their brains. They don’t react to input the same way you or I do. They are considered high-functioning autistics. They can drive, they can take care of themselves, but at the same time they act/react oddly to certain things.

    They are also very needy. They get use to “making mistakes” when growing up, so they get very good at apologizing, even when unnecessary. You see that in Dark Falcon when he posts. He’ll say something, wait for the reactions, and then back off if he thinks he’s alienated himself.

    We have a family member who is in their 20’s and they have Aspergers. This person lives in an apartment, drives, has a job, but also has horrible socializing skills. Last night we were at a restaurant up here in the mountains, they had a solo guitar player supply some dinner music. When he started to play for the evening, he said “hello and welcome to…” and our family member proceeded, loud enough to be heard throughout the dinning room to shout “hello” back to him. We couldn’t explain to this person that the greeting was a general greeting to the room from the guitar player, a typical way to start an evening of entertainment. She was convinced that the greeting was for her and that her response was proper.

    Aspergers is difficult to deal with. You have a basically fully functional adult with “holes” in their development, and you are probably not going to fill those holes. Many grown Aspergers sufferers will need some sort of monitoring and help all their lives, because those “holes” will never get fill, fixed… and many times those problem areas are dangerous to the person. Such as our family member who drives well, but is easily distracted by thoughts, and this person has had multiple accidents because of an inability to focus at time.

    I could go on and on, but I suspect there are some websites that can explain it better than I can.

  12. Zeus Crankypants says:

    Claytonia Sibirica :

    Mandy Manners was satan?

    I’d believe it.

    The reaction to this comment here may be very interesting. And maybe not?

  13. Doppelganger says:

    I have it on good authority that satan no longer posts here but is walking the streets of Windsor, Canada looking for a fresh IP address so he can return

  14. rightymouse says:

    Have no clue what DF is babbling about. Charles threw out all the Christians and others of various faiths (i.e. Carridine who is Baha’i) so that all he has left is a bunch of Godless morons just like himself. If you want to see Satan in action, go to LGF.

    • Zappa Would Be Vomiting says:

      But you have to buy into the idea that anyone who practices a faith has a desire to force the atheist types into slavery.

      Then you get to make the leap to all of them being evil.

    • Poteen says:

      It’s a gay blog. And they don’t like God because he made them different,,, gay,,,,,,while they want everybody to be the same. Freud would have a field day.
      They should be pissed because He made them stupid. 🙂

  15. Basement Cat says:

    Actually, I do post here from time to time.

  16. Voltaires Crack says:

    Satan is no match for Jimmy Tango (appears at 2:40)

  17. Basement Cat says:

    Oops, got my gravatar mixed up. I do post here on occasion. This just goes to show that CJ does read this blog.

  18. Pelosiopheles says:

    Someone summon me?

  19. Hugh G. Rection says:

    “But hurt” – does that mean that D_F is a receiver in gay sex?

  20. Doppelganger says:

    butthurt 61 up, 48 down
    (v) – The act of whining when someone hurts someone else’s feelings, usually by taking strides to be excessively vocal about it, mainly in public

    Now does this not apply to these whiners ” you downdinged me. you better take it back or I’m reversing your upding and telling Charles”
    “look what the stalkers are saying. waaaaaaaaaaa”

  21. Zappa Would Be Vomiting says:

    With that post i now fully understand why Chuck keeps Dark Falcon around as his token Republican.

  22. Poteen says:

    P. Ness Lowell :
    Bah. Frumbug.

    Getting Frumbuggered is no laughing matter!! Except for WuB. //

  23. beed says:

    I’m pretty sure Satan posts at Free Republic, so Dark Falcon is once again in the wrong.

  24. Danrudy says:

    The story of Obama and Israel

  25. Medchemmer says:

    What’s the IP address for Hell?

  26. garycooper says:

    Bunk X :Tits. http://users.content.ytmnd.com/e/2/d/e2d8b2f33a2fce2e0e41c5b5733e8125.gif

    The blonde has beautiful, perfect ones. The first girl is okay, but the other two are ruined by fakery.

    • rightymouse says:

      Doesn’t matter because this is their future realith:

    • iSpeakJive says:

      Number 2’s are too droopy to be fake. Number 3 needs her money back from the plastic surgeon. They look like torpedoes.

    • rightymouse says:

      And who can forget Zombie’s pics of “Breasts not Bombs” ? Liberal women should really take better care of their boobs. Sherry Glaser should be ashamed of herself. She doesn’t shave either. 😯


      • garycooper says:

        EGADS!! I had forgotten about that page of blecchh. That bearded guy with the boobs is quite the sexy thing, isn’t he? She?

        Thanks for inspiring me to go work out, instead of nap. I’ll nap later, during the second period of the hockey game (Wings-Blackhawks).

      • rightymouse says:

        What is this ‘nap’ thing you speak of?
        You ain’t old enough. My parents take naps.
        The only time I sleep in the middle ot the day is when I’m sick.
        Get up & do some crunches! 🙂

    • Zappa Would Be Vomiting says:

      I have man boobs.

      Maybe I should post them.

    • P. Ness Lowell says:

      She may have real boobs, but she’s not a real blonde.

      • P. Ness Lowell says:

        Having said that, I’d rather have a fake blonde with real boobs than a real blonde with fake boobs. Boobs trump hair color. Every time.

      • garycooper says:

        There is a school of thought amongst some sexists, that bottle-blondes are the “truest blondes” of all. Meaning, they choose the “fun hair color,” rather than having it thrust upon them at birth. The idea has some merit, imho.

      • P. Ness Lowell says:

        What’s that say about fake boobs? Is it true silicones have more fun?

  27. RIX says:

    I got contacted by Satan & he would like to reply to Dark Falcons
    comment, Here he is,
    Greetings, yes it’s me Satan. You might know me as the Prince
    of Darkness & Lucifer etc. You have probably heard terrible things
    about me? All true, but I have never posted here before.
    Hey I have been around forever & I am a little too tired to try to
    turn people here.
    LGF is low hanging fruit & it’s almost too easy, but hey I’m the Devil
    & I’ll take it.
    Take that kid SpaceJesus, mocking the Christian God is not a good
    move. Iceweasel! Please, I’ll make her watch football for eternity
    and keep running to the kitchen to get me a sammich & a cold beer.
    Now Johnson is another matter. I can’t tolerate that annoying, whiny
    bitch forever. The head of our admissions committee, Adolf Hitler
    says that we would be betteroff feedinfg a herd of hefers.
    so, he is up in the air.
    Anyhoo, I just wanted to stop by & set the record straight.
    Peace Out,’

  28. iSpeakJive says:

    So the drumbeat to get Rush off the air continues as a coordinated project. Lefty outlets start calling for Republicans to distance themselves from Rush and demand for Rush to apologize. Chunky Cheeseballs gets in and does his part.

    Then when Rush apologizes, Axelrod and Wasserman, Inc., and of course, Chunk, start saying that it’s “not really an apology”. Blithery, blathery, blah, blah, blah.

    Chuck, why are you on board with this obvious and transparent manipulation by the media? You used to be able to recognize hidden bias, now you are a cheerleader for it. You are despicable.

    • Claytonia Sibirica says:

      Rush isn’t really ‘the media’ though.

      ANyways he knows the score, he just has to survive the initial wave of outrage, then all the fanboys will start playing him as the victim. The nonapology was part of that.

      • garycooper says:

        L’il Flower,

        To quote the actor/author Charles Grodin, “It would be so nice if you weren’t here.”

        But, since apparently you are determined to stay, it would be nice if you would apologize for slandering Andrew Breitbart on the day he died. It would show a hint of class. Hey, if you could fake a little sincerity, that would be nice too. We don’t hold our trolls to highly exacting standards, but there are some loose rules, for some of us anyway.

      • Claytonia Sibirica says:


        I stand by my statement that you shouldn’t celebrate someone elses death, but I also don’t believe that death transfigures someone into a saint or makes criticism of them taboo.


        I’ve been pretty good about not getting into what I really think about that Andy B, because this isn’t really the place. Don’t go intentionally picking fights if you don’t want them to consume the entire discussion (although I guess it’d be good for post counts).

        If you go digging up these grudges, you deserve what you get… and in this case what you get is about 5 hours of people arguing with me about AB.

        PS: No I won’t apologize. I actually think far worse of AB, but didn’t get into it because it would be so obviously disruptive.

        To quote a pretty clever man, “The truth is not in him”

      • iSpeakJive says:

        I’m not saying Rush is manipulating Chuck. I’m saying the media is coordinating with the Dem’s to spread pre-gurgitated memes as if they were spontaneous.

        “I sincerely apologize to Ms. Fluke for the Insulting word choices.”

        That’s not really an apology! Heard from 50 places within 10 minutes of each other. Squawk!

        And you know, in this whole dumb subject, Fluke said Georgetown’s insurance DOES cover medicinal contraception, anyway. Then she gave an anecdote to the one exception to the rule, a friend that is the 20% of women (meaning she’s the one person out of five Fluke is aware of at Georgetown?) that couldn’t get the insurance company to cover the medicine. ( For some strange reason that we don’t get to know the details of. Like maybe she didn’t really even ask them to, who knows. ) Sounds like this friend has a case with the insurance company that has zilch to do with the University being Catholic. Perhaps she knows a lawyer that could write them a letter and clear the whole thing up? Nah. Better to have congress make a universal law so every woman can get BC for free so victims like her friend ( the one in 1000 ) who need it medicinally can’t fall thru the cracks. Her other anecdote was about her other friend who didn’t get a check-up after getting raped because she “assumed” it wouldn’t be covered. I guess the whole concept of asking the insurance company if it’s covered is too difficult for these idiot women. You’d think they’d have to be smarter than this to get into Law School, but apparently not. The whole thing is stupid and artificial.

      • iSpeakJive says:

        Clay, I would bet that in every single instance you could claim that Breitbart was lying, I could prove it was false.

      • Claytonia Sibirica says:

        But do you really want to get into it here?

        That’s the thing.

      • iSpeakJive says:

        We could do it in shorthand.

        Clay: he didn’t wear the pimpsuit.
        Jive: he never said he did. Isn’t saying you’re a pimp verbally not bad enough?
        Clay: he got sherrod fired with a edited tape.
        Jive: he posted the tape he had, which was bad enough from the audiences reaction. Obama knee-jerked and fired her. AB didn’t.

        And so on. There’s a catalog of Breitbart mythology and I doubt any fresh cows are gonna get tipped over on that well worn territory.

      • rightymouse says:

        It’s always amazed me that lefties were so frightened of Breitbart. If you left-wingers are so holy & upstanding, what are you so worried about? Same thing with Rush & Hannity. Why are you so concerned with them? You are free to compete with their voices and conservative ideology. Nobody is stopping you. But the sad fact is that you need a monopoly in the press and radio or you can’t survive. “Air America” ring a bell? It’s the monopoly that you’re going for. You can’t stand sunlight.

      • Claytonia Sibirica says:

        “Frightened” isn’t the word I’d use, although probably some were. The left is a pretty diverse group all around.

        Our group of merry pranksters mostly thought he was a pathetic joker.

        Everybody enjoys an outrage, and that was AB’s appeal from both sides. A good part of the right liked to be outraged by the ‘scandals’ he ‘exposed’, and a good part at the left like to be outraged at HIM.

        So in brief, the left cared so much about him because **people like being mad**.

      • rightymouse says:

        People tend to ignore ‘pathetic jokers’. Olbermann & Maher come to mind.
        Breitbart was not ignored.
        You are being very superficial about his success and the fear that he invoked on the left. I used to be a Dem, so please don’t try and tell me how they think.

      • iSpeakJive says:

        Yeah, and notice the left spends all their time paying attention to what the right channels have to say. They hate them, yet they are glued to their every word, like it has power over them. Odd.

      • Claytonia Sibirica says:

        problem being that’s just not right that olberman and maher were ignored.

        They’re just less recent than AB and, well, it’s what people WANT to believe, because it fits the right narrative.

      • iSpeakJive says:

        If the narrative is hypocrisy, yes, it fits.

        That’s the only thing I really care about in any of this.

      • rightymouse says:

        Darls. You’re babbling nonsense now. If you’re comfortable with believing that AB was bad for political discourse & Maher/Olbermann are giants in the liberal mainstream media/propoganda world, you go right ahead. You sound young and not terribly mature. Have heart! That will change when you’re older! 🙂

      • Claytonia Sibirica says:

        I didn’t say they were giants of media, I said they weren’t ignored.

        Plenty of people were eager to jump on the latest outrage that those guys had performed against truth, justice, and the American way.

        People are pretty much the same. They like anger, and they like feeling smugly superior. That’s why political blogs are so popular… they feed both needs to a crazy degree

    • rightymouse says:

      Media & the pols would rather have the attention on Rush than the magnifying glass on Obamacare. Obamacare is going to eff people (especially the elderly) & make the country broke if it isn’t stopped. Do we need health care reform?? Yes. But Obamacare isn’t the solution.

      • iSpeakJive says:

        Hear, hear. There were SO many other things we could be doing to address the problems with health care that Obama care just ignores.

  29. garycooper says:

    Yeah, they’re going to get Rush off the air. Then, they’ll shut down Fox News, and the Washington Times, and the Daily Mail Online. You’ll see, you bastards!

  30. iSpeakJive says:

    Liberals want Conservatives to shut up.

    Conservatives want Liberals to keep talking.

    • Claytonia Sibirica says:

      Excepting all the people absolutely salivating at the idea of Santorum or Gingrich wining the primary.

      Also excepting Stewart&Colbert

      • iSpeakJive says:

        Show me.

      • Claytonia Sibirica says:

        hows this, I love the idea, and my friends love the idea. We’re certainly on the left.

        For Stewart et al, they’d be without a job, so yeah.

      • iSpeakJive says:

        You can talk about that scenario all you want. Who’s trying to stop you?

      • Claytonia Sibirica says:

        maybe I misunderstood something?

        I thought you wanted me to show you that people on the left love that idea. I tried to do that :p

        The trick is that there are plenty of elements on the left that think of the right the same way you’re talking about.

        “We want them to talk more because it makes them look so stupid! Hah he got Santorum’d!”

        For every person upset at Rush for poisoning the public discourse, there’s somebody thrilled he put the GOP in a bind.

        And you should really trust me on this stuff, I know waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more about the left than you do.

    • Ispeakjive says:

      No, the point was that the loudest calls for people to be fired, or boycotted for outrageous speech come from the left. I’m generally not in favor of taking someone’s livelihood away from them for having a differing opinion, politicians excepted, so am always surprised when it’s attempted. If your perception is that Righty’s try to shut people up as an organized tactic, please do tell.

  31. GJT via CPH says:

    Chucks current headline is interesting, considering how many times he let the “Slut” word go by.
    In fact, it wasn’t just “sluts” it was “Gutter Sluts” if I’m not mistaken.

    “Fauxnews sluts” were in there too I’m sure.

    Maybe the BRC could check it out,

    BTW where is Ludwig. I demand Ludwig come back out of hiding and defend then term sluts!

    Did you know the word slut in Danish means ending or Closeout? So it’s all over the Fields mall for closeout sales.

    “Slutter, 50% off” in the mall, makes a man wonder, with the scenery around here… cause the scenery is awesome!!!

    • CJ’s called Tim Blair a ‘slut’ a handful of times:

      8422084 36482 69 Charles Fri, Jun 4, 2010 11:29:03pm

      Tim Blair thinks people have only started leaving anti-Israel comments at LGF since my new “leftish conversion.” He says these are my “new friends.”

      [Link: blogs.news.com.au…]

      Blair, you ignorant slut. People have been leaving anti-Israel comments at LGF for many years. It happens every time there’s a phony international incident like this. The more excitable anti-Israel people get all stirred up and start posting comments anywhere they can.

      Some of them are leftists, but by no means all. See: Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan. And those would be your old friends, Timmy boy.

      It’s been happening since the blog started, and it never stopped. And when they do post their strange little rationales for violence against Israel, they get their asses kicked here.

      Nothing new about any of this, Blair, you freaking brain-dead right wing moron.

  32. beed says:

    Wifey’s comments on Bunk’s tit-link in chronological order:

    1. That’s like soft porn.
    2. That’s like porn.
    3. You people are low class.

    She did not agree to rate the four pairs.

    • snowcrash says:

      Why are you showing your wife pictures of other womens breasts? It just isn’t done. How long have you been married?

  33. Claytonia Sibirica says:

    rightymouse :
    What’s the big deal? Mine are just fine & hubby tells me that all the time. It’s a ‘neener, neener’ moment for me.
    What’s wrong with Beed’s wife??

    Northern Europe is known for its prudes!

    (except, my memory says she’s from Canada which actually is known for its prudes, thus ruining the joke)

  34. snowcrash says:

    Comment #7 is as described too. Getting a little too rowdy in here.

  35. livefreeor die says:

    Someone should let Dark Falcon know that Amelia Earhart, Jimmy Hoffa, and the crew of the Mary Celeste all post here too.

  36. beed says:

    rightymouse :
    What’s the big deal? Mine are just fine & hubby tells me that all the time. It’s a ‘neener, neener’ moment for me.
    What’s wrong with Beed’s wife??

    You girls are sending mixed signals here… Is it ok for a married man to bask in other women’s breasts or not?

    I say it’s not ok. Not ok.

    • iSpeakJive says:

      Everything in moderation, my dear.

    • rightymouse says:

      Why not? My hubby has been searching since 1854 for breasts that competed with mine & he’s still looking. I consider that a compliment. 🙂

      • Zappa Would Be Vomiting says:


        Is this his pic?

      • TreBob says:

        He’s been looking for 158 years and found none to even compete?

        I hope you uploaded a picture of those puppies to the internest for posterity’s sake.