Tech Note: Boiler Room Quick Reference

There’s been some discussion behind the scenes here that a) newbies aren’t aware of our past work, and b) said past work is hard to find with the standard wordpress search feature. I figured that this problem was solvable, so I busted out a little more html basics and added some things into our sidebar…

First, when you click on our icon, you’re now directed to “the boiler room” tag:

The Boiler Room Crew™

Second, I decided to steal an idea from the LGF sidebar (only appropriate, right?), and have a short list of our “hits” for quick reference, and a summary for newbies:

Boiler Room Hits
Saint Pancake? (part 2)
LGF’s special “tweet” counter
oops: the “millionth” mistakes
the defective “views” counter
the rigged “views” counter
stats: LGF’s comments decline
stats: LGF’s registrations decline
“LGF Links of Ill Repute”
Rescued from the LGF memory hole

That should save quite a bit of time if you’re in the heat of a tweet battle, or if you just want to relive some past LOLs.

SpaceJesus: Republicans going after the Black fellow in the White House

Charles Johnson claims that LGF is a center of intellectual discourse. As readers of DoD know,  Little Green Footballs is a center of ignorant bigotry and propaganda. SpaceJesus is one of the biggest bigots at LGF and like most bigots, he projects his racism onto others. The bigot claims Republicans want to criticize Obama because he’s black.

This is racist on the part of SpaceJesus. He is stating that because Obama is black, he can’t be criticized for his failures. This is an admission that he believes blacks can’t be competent at their jobs and therefore, no one may criticize a black person because they can’t be expected to be as competent as a non black. This racist attitude on the part of SpaceJesus and others at LGF is not only un-American but is just disgusting.

Obama is a human being and any criticism of him should be expected.

BRC Document Leaks: The LGF Archives, Articles 4000-4999

Here’s the next batch:

In this one we continue to see more familiar classic LGF themes, like the sighting of “Arafish!” (#4709), and a shift to more vitriolic anti-Muslim “Religion of…” headlines like “Religion of Hate” (#4162), “Religion of Amputation” (#4238), “Religion of Murder” (#4459), “Religion of Slavery” (#4765), “Religion of Slaughter” (#4780), and “Religion of Submission” (#4949):

And the list, for reference, below the fold:
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