Mass-Blocking Thousands of Accounts to Deal With LGF’s “Sleeper Epidemic”?

In last night’s thread, Sergey brought up the fact that Sharmuta was banned (we’ll assume this was prompted by some recent lurking over here, ’cause it sort of came out of the blue), forcing Johnson to address the issue. After initially denying that Sharmuta was banned, he admitted that she had in fact fallen victim to his never-before-announced 6 month account dormancy rule:

While our analysis showed that the bulk of the 10,000 plus accounts that were blocked in the past 12 months were relatively dormant, we should probably do some fact-checking to see if this 6 month claim seems plausible (a quick glance at our graphs, and you get a whiff of something).

Naturally, Johnson felt compelled to explain the reasoning behind this (from the average loozard’s perspective) rather surprising revelation, and up came the funny part:

Um….yea…that’s the ticket. A “sleeper” epidemic! An epidemic so out of control that, instead of dealing with trolls on a case-by-case basis (like every other blog on the planet), Johnson had no other choice but to auto-block ten thousand accounts! Of these, many were undoubtedly regular readers who chose not to log in, or casual commenters that hadn’t been around in a while (along with some veritable legends like Sharmuta).

Needless to say, it doesn’t make too much sense. You could tell that the loozards knew it, too (it killed the thread).

(we know the real reason)

Try Not To Laugh…

…and we advise you to swallow whatever you might be chewing/drinking:

I’m not a Stalker!

Charles Johnson denies being a stalker. Yet he harasses people on twitter and doesn’t multiple posts smearing him. Liberty Chick retweets Old Line Texan’s comments about Charles. Chucky gets mad being called a stalker and then calls his opponents stalker.

Charles, you are the real stalker.

We Have Comment Stats!

It’s been a while since our last update, and this time I suppose we can report a bit of good news for the LGFers. Don’t get us wrong, the decline continues, but overall we’re beginning to see the descent level off! From Engineer No. 5:

In the next graph -the closeup-, note that they’re rebounded slightly from those alarmingly low numbers we reported back in January, but the 12 month trend is still unmistakably downward:

Since our analysis revealed that Johnson largely targeted dormant accounts in the great lizard holocaust, we don’t believe that it had a significant effect on the decline.  It’s the departures of prolific commenters (like albusteve), along with the plummet of the registration rate that are the primary factors here. Trending….downward…

Charles Johnson Juche!

Juche is a North Korean Philosophy/Cult that stresses the divinity of the Kim family. Little Green Footballs is cult that resembles North Korean Juche.  Here is a video dedicated to the glory of Charles Johnson Juche!

Little Green Footballs Juche!!!!!!!

(Hat Tip: The Emperor)

Charles Johnson Aids the Race Baiters

Charles is part and parcel in aiding the race baiters.

The Real Racist

The left is LOSING all the political credibility they thought they had with the Trayvon case and so is Charles. At first, it appeared that they had found a new messiah, someone who they could put on a pedestal and abuse as a symbol of the contrived rampant white on black crime and racism that permeates ever facet of our white dominated society. But with in days of the “I am Trayvon” campaign, the lefts narrative started to unravel. They had to use a a term that is rarely used in media or in the Latino community, a “white Hispanic.” This is not an unknown designation, but it is also not commonly used. I was married to a Hispanic for 15 years, my brother was married to a Mexican for 26 years and neither of us had ever heard that term. And as quick Google search will show you, that except for the recent press on Zimmerman, that term is almost absent from the journalistic record.

Since the police were just wrapping up the investigation into the killing, there was not much public information on exactly what happened on that night. We had Zimmerman’s account and a few neighbors who had information after the fact. So the left ran with the spotty first look account and built a case against Zimmerman and threw it at the public. Our national race-baiting national treasures Jackson and Sharpton jumped on the proverbial bandwagon and began beating the racism drums… and the media followed the beat and built a picture of a puppy-faced angel who looked like the male child that the Obama never had. Unfortunately that picture was 3-4 years old (and the media knew that) and showed Trayvon in a light that had nothing to do with his present look or demeanor. But it served it’s purpose. Zimmerman just killed the boy-next-door.

And with in days the race-baiting-team whipped up a conference in Washington DC. How did they do that in under a week’s time? You can’t even find a taxi cab without preplanning in Washington… on a good day. Of course our President chimed in, fully ready willing and able to use this killing to his political “advantage”. He asked us to search our souls, as if we all, inclusively, are tinged with racism, even if we don’t know it ourselves (shades of Critical Race Theory).

But all this has now begun to unravel. The police released some of the information that they were submitting to the grand jury. It appears that much of Zimmerman’s account has been verified by at least one eye witness. And transcripts of the 911 tapes reveal collaborating evidence as to the time line and sequence of the events. And further information about Trayvon (and this information actually being recent) shows that their messiah is a stained messiah, someone who doesn’t look so very good on a pedestal.

None of these facts makes Zimmerman any more or less guilty of a possible crime. He may have overreacted, he may be in the least guilty of manslaughter and Trayvon death is tragic no matter how you look at it. And Zimmerman is going to have to live with this the rest of his life. The laws of Florida that allows this kind of self defense may have to be reconsidered. But try as they may, the left is loosing the manufactured narrative on this incident. It’s not working out for them in the least, and over the last 36 hours, the race-baiters on the left have been very silent.

Maybe they have shut their divisive mouths for a while and we can get along with examining the real issues, such as black on black murders, true intentional racism and real racial violence and the true intentions of race-baiting politics.

Someone has to shine a light on racist comments!

The Race Detective has revealed why he is obsessed with racist comments. Charles feels its his job and no one else will do it!

Yes Charles, you alone will expose these horrible comments. Without you, no one would know about this horrible evil. Charles Johnson really believes he is saving the world. Talk about having delusions of grandeur.