BRC Document Leaks: The LGF Archives, Articles 2000-2999

…and we keep marching on:

This batch ushers in 2002, and we begin to see the kind of threads that would come to define the site for the better part of the decade. We’ll feature article #2091, the coining of “anti-idiotarian”:

Those threads, for reference:
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Anti-Southern bigotry at LGF

Charles Johnson condemns what he considers bigotry,. Yet he is silent at bigotry at his own blog. Chuck even encourages hatred of groups he doesn’t approve of. One of LGF’s favorite targets are Southerners. In the latest hateful comment, imp_62 calls the South backward.

Why does the census shows why Americans from the north, moving to Southern states? This ignorant bigot will have no answer for that.