Charles describes himself while attacking Santorum!

On any given day many, conspiracy theories abound at LGF. Charles Johnson himself has pushed conspiracy theories involving Nazis, Tobacco Companies, Ron Paul, The Catholics Church, Andrew Breitbart, The Koch brothers and whoever else is his object of hate at the moment. Th only group left out of the Sage of Culver City’s theories is the Illuminati. That’s why his lasted attack on Santorum is very ironic.

Change the players and Charles just described himself and LGF perfectly.

Don’t have Kids Mr. Twig Arms

Chuck’s pet Islamic covert, ProLIfeLiberal aka Mr. Twig Arms, discusses having kids. He then admits, he wouldn’t know how to raise them.

Well, don’t have kids please. There are already enough dysfunctional children in this society. But I’m not worried, what women would want to hook up with a man who has twig arms?

B_sharp fantasizes about killing Canadian PM Stephen Harper

LGF is a hateful blog full of violent comments. B_sharp fantasizes about killing Canadian PM, Stephen Harper, by letting him freeze. That’s right, he would let a man die because of political differences.

If this was said about Obama Charles would have banned b_sharp. Since it involves a Conservative politician Chuck approves of this comment. Yet, the Jazz Guitarist loves to point out violent comments on other blogs. Clearly, he has a double standard since his blog is full of hate and violent comments daily. LGF has denigrated into a cesspool!

(Hat Tip: Emperor)