I am Spartacus!

LGF is a blog full of college students who think they are political and military experts. They act as if they are online revolutionary leaders. Charles Johnson loves this crowd since he is mentally still in his 20’s.

Tonight the Loozards played a game online. They all changed their display names to Spartacus.

Charles was not too pleased with the Spartacus game.

Know that LGF’s readership is low, Charles walks back from the brink and does what he does best. Chuck does a  whatever man!

Seeing that mentor is upset, thedopefishlives  kisses butt!

Charles allows them to play political experts, military strategists, economic experts and online Jihadists. He enables their anti-Christian bigotry. They better love Chuck!

Charles Johnson mad at CNN for not asking questions that interest him

Charles is mad at CNN. He is pissed that at last night’s Arizona Republican debate, no questions of importance to him were asked. Charles wanted questions about science, global warming and evolution asked.

With gas prices rising and our debt increasing, I’m sure Republican voters are worried about science education, evolution or climate change. These are important issue only to unemployed losers, like Charles, who stay in front of a computer all day.