He Who Fights With Girls™ attacks Dana Loesch again

Pam Geller is breathing a sigh of relief. He Who Fights With Girls™ has a new obsession. Charles Johnson goes after Dana Loesch once again. He now attacks her for mocking the White House misspelling Rhode Island as Road Island.

Charles doesn’t address the point of the post. Dana Loesch was showing the media’s double standard with gaffes made by Democrats. Chuck links without reading the post or is, most likely, outright lying.

Charles Johnson calls Conservatives cowards!

The following comment is from a man who smears people and then hides in obscurity.

Charles blocks contrary tweets and calls others cowards. What’s wrong with this picture?

(Hat Tip: John Difool)

ProLifeLiberal makes a threat against Santorum

Charles Johnson is once again silent on violent comments on his blog. In his latest online Jihadi rant, ProLifeLiberal says Santorum has a punchable face. This is a clear threat against a Presidential candidate.

Charles would not allow this type of talk about Obama or any prominent Democrat. Yet, he’s OK with violent rants against Republicans. Chuck wonders why people mock him. Mr. Johnson is a hypocrite who condemns others for what occurs at his own blog.

(Hat Tip: John Difool)

Gas prices don’t matter at LGF!

When George W. Bush was President, the Progressives attacked him for high oil prices. They would claim Bush, Cheney and Halliburton kept prices high to make money. Now that Obama is President, expensive gas prices don’t matter. Sattv4u2 brings up this hypocritical view on the part of the Left, the Loozards reacted in anger!

Gus802 and Alouette chime in with Marxist rhetoric.

The logic at LGF is as follows, high fuel prices don’t matter if it’s a Democratic President. If a Republican is President then its bad .No wonder these fools follow Charles Johnson. They are all intellectually dishonest like him.

Gus802 says GOP views woman as property

When he’s not leaching off his people for handouts he pretends to be a political expert. Gus802, who is an anti-American Argentine bum, claims Republicans view women as property. Where he draws this conclusion Gus doesn’t say.

Gus is not the greatest thinker. Only Chuck’s pet Mountain Lion thinks he’s some great intellect. Most people view him as a Marxist fool.

Charles Johnson publishes the Heartland Institute’s email.

After wrestling with a decision, Charles Johnson has decided to publish the Heartland Institute’s cease and desist order. Chuck smears this as a threatening email. He even calls it intimidation.

Charles Johnson better heed this letter. This is not a joke and no amount of smears will get him out of this. Icarus once again is getting ready to fly to close to the sun and have his wings melt. This crash will be the most painful.