Charles claims this video is racist and shows a racist attitude!

As an ex Hip-Hop DJ I loved it that Conservatives decided to use a rap video to make a political point. I saw the video and applauded. However, General Seti/Atlantis Build, also known as “Charles Johnson” of LGF, claims it’s racist.

Here’s the video, you be the judge.

So the online wannabe black militant, who is really paler than Casper the Ghost, is angry about this one verse.

Yeah but right now you’re high, ain’t you big hitter
But I’m back from the dead now bringing back all my knickers

Man you think I’d say that, come on what’s wrong with you
I’m just talking about my short pants that tuck into my shoe

This is racist?

Charles Johnson then makes a very racist claim of his own.

And they’re doing it while mocking a specifically black American musical genre. Any questions about the “context” here?

Charles, I was a rap DJ, and you are a racist. When I was involved in the Hip-Hop scene in the early 90’s, yes, the rappers were mostly black. But many of the producers, DJs and record executives were not. Most of the rap fan base is not black. You are showing your racist attitude. Look in the mirror when you call people racist, Charles.

Greetings From CPAC

Okay, the postcard is satire but the message isn’t, because it was Tweeted to @Lizardoid yesterday by Pamela Geller with the caption:

Breitbart, Geller, Spencer – we’re coming to get you, Chuckie! @AndrewBreitbart@jihadwatchrs@lizardoid

And then Charlie went into a Twitter spaz for the rest of the day. He just ain’t got no sense of humor. Just ain’t got no. Just ain’t.